Talking a mile a minute

It’s amazing how quickly little ones change.  I sometimes don’t notice how much Andrew has changed over x number of days or weeks, because I’m with him pretty much all the time.  But even people at the grocery store that we see every so often will comment on the changes they notice since they saw him last!

One way he has progressed big time in the past several weeks that even I have noticed in a big way, is with his speech.  In particular his use of pronouns, prepositions and articles.  He used to always leave out the ‘little’ words, so his sentences were never quite full.  But now he’ll ask full blown questions, such as, ‘Can I have some juice?’  Of course, he can still be lazy about it at times, such as, ‘Have juice?’  But that’s just because he knows he can get away with it, I now know it’s not because he doesn’t know how to form the full sentence for asking!

It’s amazing the way kids learn language.  The things they pick up on, and their usage of certain terms that you just wouldn’t expect a toddler to use – and use correctly! 

Yesterday Andrew was watching Caillou (his current favourite) and when the show ended he said, ‘Oh, I’m a bit disappointed it’s over!’  That’s a seemingly simple sentence, but I find it humourous nonetheless.  The fact that a 2 year old knows how it feels when their favourite show ends, and verbalizes it!  It’s just funny!  And also amazing.  Language seems like such a complex thing – especially for an adult trying to learn a second language, for example (for the record, I’m not in that process, but I know if I was trying to learn another language I would struggle with it a lot longer than what it takes for a baby to learn how to speak!)  It seems incredible to me how quickly a child picks up on and is able to interpret what we’re saying. 

The other day when I was getting dressed, Andrew looked me up and down, smiled, and said, ‘New top?  Mommy, you look soooo pretty!’  LOL  It was soooo sweet to hear him say that to me! 

It’s also funny to hear what’s on his mind.  We were in the car on the way to my parents’ today (to give James some time to rest at home on his own) and Andrew looked a bit spaced out.  I said, ‘What are you thinking about, Sweetie Pie?’  I was only half expecting an answer, but he sort of sat up in his car seat and said, ‘Just trying to get the sick out of my nose.’  And it’s true, because he had been trying to breathe properly out of his nose but it wasn’t working quite right because of his cold.

At my parents’ house, my mom said, ‘Andrew, I’ve poured you a glass of juice!’ and Andrew asked, ‘Is it mango juice?’  As it happens, it was, but how funny is it that he already had it in his head what kind of juice he wanted!

I love hearing him speak full sentences, whether they be short or long.  I love witnessing his speech develop.  But I have to admit, I also love the endearing ‘baby’ words he still uses for some things.  For example, it was just a teensy bit sad when he stopped calling himself ‘Tattoo’ and started saying ‘Andrew’ properly.  He still calls his bedroom his gymroom.  And he still says byoon for balloon.  He also says bornin for boring.  I love these words because they mean that while he’s obviously a smart cookie and learning fast, my baby’s not quite ‘all growed up’ just yet =)


Anonymous said…
I hear you on 'strangers' commenting on the growth! It's funny how people in restaurants we frequent, stores, etc will notice that and comment. It's neat! It gives a real sense of community and I really love that.

It's so adorable how Andrew is saying full on sentences, and totally grasping what they mean, etc. Crazy. He grows so fast. I feel like it was just the other day when you had him and your first posts/pictures about him! Wild :) And now a little one on the way!


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