The sick parade

Well, it seems to have officially started.  Morning sickness seems to want to stick by me, morning, noon, and night. 

Actually, it seems worse late at night and in the morning more so than afternoon.  Though of course it likes to be predictably unpredictable, so could strike at any moment.

Last night I was quite sick, and just now I had something to eat and then barfed it all back up again.  I want to be positive and say it’s a one off (or two, or three) but how can I not compare this to what I went through while pregnant with Andrew?  It’s the exact same symptoms.  I feel compelled to eat something, usually something specific, and I can’t even get half of it down before it’s being brought back up.  And I don’t feel all that much better after getting sick.  Now I’m tired, my throat is sore, and I wonder how I’ll ever eat again!

Luckily today Andrew is with his Nana, as I honestly don’t know how I’d cope on my own with him all day.  But then again, I’m going to have to, aren’t I.  I’m not going to have someone else helping me out with him each and every day.  I have no idea how I’ll manage, I mean I know I WILL manage, but it’s not going to be easy.  (It HASN'T been all that easy the past little while).

Adding insult to injury, I think I MAY be getting a touch of the cold that’s been going through this house for the past week.  James has it really bad and hasn’t been able to recover the way he usually does.  So I hope I don’t get it to that extent.  Then again, I think part of why he’s been having a harder time is because in amongst all of this he’s also been helping me more with Andrew through the night.

The boy is stubborn and still gets up through the night.  We won’t let him in our bed and in fact he doesn’t seem to want to go to it, but he DOES want one of us with him.  So it has been really tough, with neither James or I ever getting proper sleep at night.  For pretty much Andrew’s whole life I’ve taken it upon myself to be the one to deal with nearly all his night time issues.  But with being pregnant and more tired than usual, I’ve had a more difficult time taking all that on recently.  So James stepped up to the plate.  It has been an interesting experience actually!  The past few nights he has ‘given in’ and laid on Andrew’s bed with him so he’d fall back to sleep faster, or at the very least because James said he just couldn’t be sitting up awake any longer.  Well, well, well!!  With this whole ‘sleep training’ business, James was quick to tell me that I SHOULDN’T lay down with the boy and all the rest…it seemed easy for me to say that ‘I just couldn’t stay sitting up any longer’ – but now that James has experienced what the sleepless nights can be like, I think he’s going to be more sympathetic!!

It’s a bit of a rough patch, but we’ll be through it soon.  Well, at least James should start feeling better soon and be over the cold.  Not sure where it all leaves me, between a cold sort of coming on but not in full force, which means it’s going to probably last a while…And the dreaded morning sickness that actually lasts 24/7…Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! 

I think I’ll go back to bed for a while and see if I can catch a few zzzzz’s.  I’d better take advantage of this time I get to just lounge when I need to, I can’t be taking it for granted!


Smelly Danielly said…
What does morning sickness feel like? Do you constantly feel like you have to throw up, or does it comes in waves?

If it is constant I don’t think I will be able to handle it! When my stomach is upset and I feel nauseous for hours at a time it is a living hell. I can’t function at all. That’s what scares me the most about being pregnant.
Elizabeth said…
Sometimes it can feel constant, but usually it comes and goes throughout the day. One minute I'll feel perfectly fine, and then all of a sudden I just know I'm going to be sick! Last night, for example - I was reading Andrew some bedtime stories, totally fine, and it just hit me suddenly and I said, 'Sorry Andrew, Mommy'll be right back, I'm going to be sick!!' I didn't feel GREAT still after throwing up, but I was able to go back to reading him stories!

I can't say it doesn't totally suck getting morning sickness because it does...but the Diclectin helps - obviously not always since I'm taking it every day and still throwing up sometimes but...I don't want you to be too scared about it. You 'sort of' get used to it, in a crazy way. And if you DO get it really bad for a while during pregnancy, it might just be for a few weeks and not the whole thing. I will go days where I might feel slightly nauseous here and there, but not throw up.

I don't know if I'm helping with this answer so I'll stop now!! Suffice it to say, you have to keep your eye on the prize and know that ultimately ALL the pain and sacrifice during pregnancy - even the labour part - is soooo worth it once you have your baby in your arms :)

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