Preparing Andrew for what's to come...if that's even possible (I know it's not!)

I’ve been working on getting Andrew excited about having a sibling.  I know there are many months left to get him more accustomed to the idea, and I also know that just as new parents have no idea what kind of ride they’re in for till the baby’s born, neither will Andrew truly be able to understand what having a sibling is going to be about until he or she has arrived!

But I at least want to get him past saying, ‘I don’t want a brother or sister.  You keep it, Mommy.’  He asked for a sibling (mostly a sister) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. practically, for several MONTHS.  Then the moment we find out we’re giving him one (a sibling, that is, with 50% chance of being a sister!), he doesn’t want it!  Go figure.

I think once he thought about it more, he’s not too keen on sharing.  Sharing Mommy, sharing Daddy, even sharing Fifi and Moorka, his beloved kitty cats!  He doesn’t want to share his toys, his room (although he won’t have to share his room, not until baby#2 is big enough to share a bunk bed with him!) etc, and so forth.  I get that.  I was the second child so while obviously there was ‘sharing’ involved, I was born into it – and if anything, I just took everything from my brother as I saw fit and he had to deal with it.  Mwahahahahahaha!

I just think it’s important to at least stress to Andrew the benefits of having a younger sibling.  Something I have found to be working, at least to some degree, is having his TOYS tell him what an awesome big brother he’ll be.  He loves it when I talk to him in his toys’ voices, so for example my old Ken doll will tell him how cool it’ll be to have a little brother or sister to play with.  That even though they’ll have to share SOME of the same toys, the younger child will also get new toys, and ANDREW will get to play with those, too, so it’s like getting a whole bunch of new toys HIMSELF!  Or, his Fraggle Rock puppet let him know that HE has a little sister, and he loves how she looks up to him and he gets to look out for her and it’s so cool to have that responsibility.  Etc, etc.  While the toys are talking to him about it, Andrew is generally all smiles, nodding with approval, outright agreeing how great it’ll be to be a big brother.

Then I put the toys down and he says again, in that voice, with that look, ‘I don’t want it.’


He’ll come around, I know he will.  Just seeing him a few weeks back with his little cousin who came to visit, who’s just 5 months old.  He wanted to hold the baby, and was so gentle with him, and even played more carefully around him like he knew he was more fragile than a bigger kid.  It was so heart warming to see him taking on that role of the older boy so…naturally!  I was actually surprised by him because he switched out of his usual all-over-the-place-crazy-kid role and was so taken with the baby.  It’ll be an adjustment for sure – he’s had almost 3 years of being the one and only and pretty much spoiled rotten.  But it’s going to be so good for him, and I really can’t wait to watch him being protective and loving toward his little brother or sister!  It’s going to be the sweetest thing ever.


Smelly Danielly said…
Talking with his toys, that is such a smart idea!

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