No zoo day for us :( Yes, I'm a big kid and this upsets me greatly!!

I’m a little bummed by how today turned out.  We had planned to go to the Greater Vancouver Zoo today in Aldergrove.  I sooooooo wanted to go.  We took Andy last year and he loved it so I just know he’ll enjoy it even more now.  It was overwhelmingly hot when we went last year in August, so I thought September would be good – kids back to school, temps decent but not too hot, perfect – right?  Wrong.  Because of course this weekend would decide to be a rainy one.  OF COURSE!  I should have known.

It ended up clearing up a little bit in the afternoon but it still wasn’t all that nice, and by that time we’d already decided to do something else so it just wasn’t meant to be.  Sucks, sucks, sucks.

I hate it when you’re really looking forward to doing something and then those plans fall through.  I felt kind of depressed after we came up with a new, totally lame in comparison plan.  (It really was lame – we went to the mall to run a few errands, and took Andrew to Red Robin for lunch, where he was cute and good at first, but then decided it would be more fun to run around the restaurant than sit in his seat…so James had to wander around with him for a while).


Oh, and why not put some icing on the cake – my mil was on the other side of the country for almost 2 weeks…And I found out this morning during breakfast that she not only was back in town today, but she wanted to see us!  She should be here in about 10 minutes.  AWESOME…I can think of no better way to spend a Saturday evening.


I know it could be a lot worse, I just felt like grumping about it.  It was still an OK day in some ways.  We TRIED to make the most of it, it just kind of fell short on greatness for me.  But OH WELL.  We will get to the zoo again sometime.  And we still have something fun-ish planned for tomorrow, so fingers crossed the weekend won’t be a total bust!


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