Never underestimate the power of New Clothes!

Today I took advantage of Andrew being at his Nana’s by going out shopping with my mom!  We haven’t gone out shopping together AT ALL (grocery shopping doesn’t count as fun shopping) since they moved here in May, which is ridiculous.  When I used to visit in Nanaimo we’d often go for a girl’s shopping trip while my dad looked after Andrew at the house.  So it seems weird that they now live 5 minutes away and we never go anywhere.  But today we made it happen, and we hit up Coquitlam Centre.

Which I must say is, I think, my new favourite mall.  Well, Woodgrove excluded.  I still love Woodgrove a lot, but given it’s in Nanaimo and I can’t see myself going there for a very, very long time, well, it’s sort of off the map for me.

But WOW, Coquitlam Centre has just about everything!

I ended up completing my ‘new wardrobe’ more than I ever could have hoped to.  I went a little crazy at Motherhood Maternity, which was by far my preference over Thyme, which is funny because last time around I think I liked Thyme better.

I got so many cute mix and match outfits, I’m pretty ecstatic about it!  Everything is so comfy yet also quite stylish.  I actually feel really good in all the clothes.  I got stuff I didn’t think I’d look good in, but I think that I actually DO!  I love it.

And now that I have the right clothes for it – even though I AM still in that in-between stage of not looking super pregnant yet – I have to say that I LOVE being pregnant!  It feels good on, does that make sense?!  Once I get through the stage where I’m a bit self-conscious of my body changing, I embrace the change and love it. 

So I feel pretty pumped – there’s nothing quite like retail therapy, is there?!  It’s been a long time since I did that, I kind of forgot how it felt.  LOL

I’m going to go light our first fire log of the season and get my boys’ dinner on the table because they’ll be home in a few minutes.  I think I will do a fashion show for them later with all my new stuff =)  And the Modern Family season premiere is on tonight, I’ve gotta say this is a pretty good day!


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