Love for Spannies

 In my parents’ move, I inherited 2 little porcelain Springer Spaniels, a Tessa and an Emma, if you will.

Tessa passed away almost a year before their big move, but Emma died just a few weeks beforehand.  So it really hasn’t been that long since she passed – about 3 months.  It still feels like yesterday sometimes when I think about it, and of course even though Tessa has been gone longer, there are moments where I still get a huge pang reminding me she’s gone when I swear it was 2 seconds ago we brought her home as a puppy.

Yesterday morning Andrew and I were sitting at the dining room table having breakfast.  If he looks to his right from his chair, he faces the Hutch that the figurines of the Spannies are in.

He pointed at them and said, as if it were the first time he’d noticed them (even though it wasn’t), ‘Ommy and Tossy!’  (Nicknames we had for the girls, that’s not baby talk!) 

I said, ‘There they are!’  and he said, ‘Not real ones, fake!’  I said, ‘Yes, that’s true, that’s not the real Ommy and Tossy, is it?’

He replied in a forlorn tone, ‘No, got old.  Gone.’  Then he put his hand up in this way he sometimes does when he’s saying something matter-of-factly and he added, ‘Andrew still loves them.’

It broke my heart a little, but in a very good way.  I love that he has such fond memories of the girls, and I want to keep them alive in his memory forever.  I know we don’t tend to remember much, if anything, from 2-3 years of age, but maybe if enough stories are told and reminders given, he might have an inkling of memory of the times he spent with his Spaniel aunts in his early years.


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