A long overdue trip to Victoria

It feels like we’ve been so busy the past little while. 

James took Friday off instead of Labour Day so we could spend a bit of extra time in Victoria visiting his dad and family.  It takes about 6 hours to get from our house to theirs (CRAZY – we could be in Hawaii in the same amount of time!), so it makes sense to maximize the amount of time we actually get to spend visiting.  It’s a really exhausting trip, so it’s not surprising we don’t do it often.

Andrew was really good travelling there, though, so that at least made things easier on us.  I had an absolute migraine headache that started Thursday afternoon and it was torture travelling for 6 hours complete with migraine!  James even had to get me an ice pack from the Chief Steward’s office on the boat, a first for me.  Even though I wasn’t feeling entirely spectacular, it was nice to finally arrive at our destination.

We basically spent Friday night visiting with my fil and his significant other, not my mil but would it be step-mil?!  Anyway, we had a good time and then went to bed.  It was interesting figuring out the sleeping arrangements.  My step-mil knew we were working on transitioning Andrew to sleeping solo, so even though we were in the same room she set up a mattress just for him beside our bed.  I honestly didn’t think for a second he’d take to it.  But I was pleasantly surprised when we went to read him some books and get him settled for sleep, he said, ‘No, not this bed, Andrew’s ooooown bed!’  (He loves to emphasize what he’s saying!)  He got himself cozied up on the mattress set up just for him, and within a few minutes was sound asleep.  He did make his way into our bed in the night, which I expected, but I thought it was pretty cool that he wanted to be in his ‘own’ bed to start off.

I continued to have a migraine through the night and barely slept, so I wasn’t doing so well by the next morning.  After breakfast I ended up going online to find out if there’s anything one can take for a headache while pregnant.  With my first pregnancy, I stuck firmly to not taking ANYTHING other than Diclectin (my life saver, I could not have survived without that!) and once I was administered some gravol but that was when I had to go to the hospital for dehydration, and I don’t think you’re SUPPOSED to take gravol but when it’s a dire situation they give it to you.  Anyway, I never once took a Tylenol or anything of the sort no matter how bad things got.  I honestly don’t remember, though, if I had any severe headaches during my first pregnancy.  I think I had maybe one or two and then not a single one for almost 2 years, actually – which is amazing, since I used to suffer from occasional migraines pre-first-pregnancy. 

So far I have had MANY headaches.  I even felt one coming on tonight, but it has since tapered on its own, so hopefully it’s gone for good.

Anyway, online I found information that basically said Tylenol is OK to take – although enough studies haven’t been done to reeeally say either way.  There haven’t been many, if any, reports of Tylenol being bad during pregnancy, but that doesn’t 100% say that it’s all good.  But I eventually decided that the pros outweighed the cons, and I took 2 Tylenol and took a nap, and within a couple of hours my headache was pretty much gone.

I wouldn’t take any pills like that during pregnancy unless I felt like I was going to die otherwise, but seriously, it was getting so debilitating that I had to make the decision to do it.  I wouldn’t if I got a headache again until it got to that really rough point again, because truthfully I really would prefer to work through it without medication where possible.  But especially when I still have to be ‘on’ in terms of caring for Andrew, it can be really difficult to hold out and suffer.

My bil and sil came over that afternoon, so I was glad to have my headache gone so we could all go to Beacon Hill Park.  We’ve made it an annual tradition to take Andrew to the petting zoo there, both other years we took him in June but at least we were only a few months off this year!  He of course gets more out of it each time we go, and this year he absolutely loved everything about it!  There were some adorable miniature pigs and the black and white one named Daisy ran right up to him.  He screamed (loud!) with delight.  Then he was laughing at the funny looking goose with the ball of white feathers on his head (I thought it was pretty funny, too!) and practically cackled at the sight of the turkeys (which are probably the ugliest animal on the planet, no?!)

The most fun, of course, was had spending time with the goats.  Andrew enjoyed brushing them, and trying to feed them little bits of hay.  He was really taken with them.  We happened to be there at the end of the day so when they started closing up they asked that everyone go stand near the entrance to the zoo, and then as we all clapped really loud, the goats were released and they ran full force into the barn for the night.  It was quite the sight to see!  Hilarious!!  Andrew shouted out, ‘More!’ when it was over.  LOL

From there we walked over to this water park that basically consists of a giant watering can, which is such a cool design.  Andrew wanted to strip down to his diaper as if he was going to partake in the water-park aspect of it, but when it came down to getting wet he sort of chickened out.  I’m sure the water was really cold!  He was doing such a good job of avoiding the water, but then this kid came up to him with a water gun and shot him with it!  He was NOT happy!  Many tears and sobs ensued.  But then he was happy again, and we walked through more of the park to a big kids playground so he could run around some more.

I think Beacon Hill Park could quite possibly be my favourite park that I’ve ever been to.  It’s so pretty and there are so many nice areas where you can stroll or picnic or what have you.  Lots of little ponds, lots of ducks, beautiful flowers, etc.  I definitely recommend going there if you’re ever in Victoria (at least in the spring/summer months!)

The rest of the time we basically just all visited at the fil and step-mil’s house.  Yesterday some more family came over to visit that we hadn’t seen since last Xmas and we had a nice visit with them, but before we knew it, it was time to head to the ferry for the trek home.  My parents were kind enough to not take no for an answer and demanded to pick us up at Tsawwassen (where the ferry docks on our side of the water) so we at least didn’t have to deal with the long over-two-hour bus ride (or should I say 2 buses and 3 sky trains…seriously).  It still felt like a really long trip though.  We were so tired when we got home, but also kind of relieved.  We enjoy visiting with the fam, but the to and from just knocks us right out.

Even though I wish I’d been feeling better, it was a good trip, and I’m glad we went.


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