Kids say the darnedest things!

Andrew likes it when his toys talk to him.  He will bring me random toys, sometimes dolls, sometimes Transformers, it doesn’t matter really.  He’ll hand me a toy and say, ‘This one talk Andrew?’

This morning he handed me my old Ken doll from when I was little so I became Ken, and told him how AWESOME he was for sleeping in his own bed ALL NIGHT last night (to which Andrew grinned, obviously proud thinking that KEN thought he was awesome!)

Then I had Ken say, ‘Hey Andrew, did you know that you’re the smartest boy?!’

He looked at Ken and said, ‘No, cuuuuutest!’


Kids say the darnedest things! 

Ken then made the point that it’s TRUE, he IS the cutest, but he’s also the smartest, in addition to most amazing, and perfectest =)

I love my boy!


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