It's going to be different this time around

My conversation with Andrew this morning about pregnancy:

Me:  Andrew, do you know what ‘pregnant’ means?

Andrew:  Ummm, yeah.

Me:  What does it mean?

Andrew:  Ummm (pause), fragile?

Too cute!!  I’ve already had to start telling him that ‘You’re probably going to hear Mommy say she’s not feeling well a lot over the next while.  It’s OK though, it’s just part of growing a baby in my belly.  It makes me not feel well sometimes, but it’s nothing to be worried about.’

I remember a friend of mine who had 2 kids already when I was pregnant with Andrew telling me to ‘enjoy being able to rest when you need to etc during this time – because next time you won’t have that luxury.’  I didn’t really think about what that would truly be like till recently.  I’m already finding it a bit of a challenge, and the nausea is still slight and only just beginning!  Ugh.  I feel completely fine one minute, and then all of a sudden nausea takes over and I feel like I just HAVE to sit down…but Andrew doesn’t really have the patience for that.  He’s pretty good, but he’s still got all that energy to burn so we can’t just stop what we’re doing.  Yesterday afternoon I felt desperate for a rest, but I knew if I got him to nap with me he’d be up till so late at night that it just wasn’t worth it. 

So far I’m able to manage it, but even as I write this I’m not feeling so good, and it sort of makes me wonder what kind of day we’re going to have.  I want to be taking Andrew out more – yesterday we did have a nice outing to the park and to pick some blackberries – but I’m starting to think it’s a good thing it’ll be fall soon and an even better thing that Andrew seems to love just staying at home a lot, because as sad as it sounds I don’t know if I’ll be able to do a lot of outings if more nausea and tiredness kicks in. 

All part of the process – and I know we’ll make it work.  I did get a prescription for Diclectin from my doctor for when worse nausea kicks in, should that happen.  It’s not meant to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I presume it WILL kick in, because I just don’t see how I could have one pregnancy with extreme nausea to the extent I had with Andrew and then breeze through the second one – especially when I’m already feeling sick at 5 weeks along!

PS  I am going to go with a midwife again, even though I love my family doctor.  He actually agreed with me that it’s a great option to go with a midwife, he wasn’t the least bit put off, he knew I wasn’t choosing a midwife because I wouldn’t want him to be my doctor during pregnancy!  You just can’t have it both ways.  So the research to finding a midwife in our area begins…


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