I wish sleep could cure my tiredness!

Last night Andrew slept in his own bed till quarter to 6 in the morning.  From about 9:30pm till 5:45am I’d say is PRETTY DARN GOOD in the progress department, especially considering that the night before he didn’t venture to our room (to be taken back to his own) till about 4:30.  It’s a vast improvement from making his way to our room between 12:30 and 2:30am every night!  AND I am proud to note that not only have we not once caved and let him sleep in our bed when he’s come in at night, he is also ASKING to be taken back to his own bed.  He definitely WOULD curl up and go to sleep in our bed, but he is showing preference in being in his own, which is AMAZING.

James went to bed early last night, and was already awake when Andrew came calling on us.  (Interestingly, if Andy wakes up when it’s still quite early in the night, such as 2 or 3am, he calls MOMMY, MOMMY!  But if it’s past about 4-4:30 he has now taken to calling for DADDY, DADDY!)  So James rolled over toward me and said he’d get up, I could go back to sleep.  Awesome!  Andrew woke me up at about 7:10, got into bed with me and drank some juice, and we went back to sleep till almost 10.  (I am totally fine with him sleeping in our bed after James goes to work – he knows it’s ‘morning’ already and I very much welcome the extra possible zzz’s!) 

So I got more, WAY more, than my usual amount of sleep last night.  You’d think I’d have been competing with my little man as to who could bounce higher off the walls, right?!  I should have been bursting with energy, getting more sleep in one night than I usually due in 3 or 4 nights combined!  But, sadly, no – I felt exhausted.  ALL. DAY.

I have to chalk it up to one thing:  Pregnancy.  There is no other explanation!  I can’t seem to fight the tiredness no matter what I do. 

What gets me is reading pregnancy sites the second time around…They all say that the best thing is to just rest when you’re tired, sleep extra, nap often.  LOLOLOLOLOLOL!  OBVIOUSLY they are talking about people without any other children.  IF ONLY I could shut my eyes at 2 in the afternoon and snooze until supper time, IF ONLY!  I want to go back to when I was pregnant with Andrew and give myself a big kick in the rear for EVER complaining I was so tired when I could literally sleep whenever I felt the need to!  (Of course, I know hindsight is a wonderful thing…And it’s all relative because I can’t minimize how tiring pregnancy is whether or not any other children are involved!)

I’m plugging along though, and for the most part I’m doing quite well.  I’ve been taking a few Diclectin each day but not a full dose, and I do feel nauseous on occasion just about every day, but not to the point of actually throwing up usually, which is great.  I’m pretty sure last time around I was barfing a lot already by this point, but maybe that happened a little further along, I can’t remember.  Scrap that – I just looked through my journal from then and I think I was doing about the same as I am now, maybe a little more nauseous than I am this time, but that’s hard to gage really because this time I got a prescription for Diclectin several weeks early than last time!

Anyway…I’m tired, lazy, and in need of a snack (which I will also blame on pregnancy, haha!)  I think I’ll just go veg for a while, I need to zone out.


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