James hinted at the possibility ‘as a treat’ (for me!) of having someone come in to do some cleaning.  A maid, essentially – though I don’t know if that’s politically correct to say these days?

I’ve fantasized about having someone doing cleaning for me, mainly the stuff that I really can’t stand doing or at the very least would rather not have to do.  I’ve never actually looked into it, mainly because I’d rather not pay someone else to come in to do something I can obviously do myself.  I also, when not totally exhausted, enjoy cleaning, so it’s generally not that much of an issue.

James said it might be nice as a one-off, just while I’m feeling so tired and without the energy to be cleaning a whole lot.  Which is not to say I DON’T clean a whole lot, because I actually do.  And our place is fairly clean…Though ultimately I feel as though it’s impossible to ever keep fully on top of one’s own filth.  As soon as you have one thing spotless and shining, you notice dust collecting somewhere else.  Sigh.

In some ways I like the idea of having someone come in.  It wouldn’t cost THAT much since I can’t see why I’d need someone here longer than 2 hours.  Our place isn’t big enough to warrant anything longer than that!  But there’s also a part of me that hesitates – and therefore hasn’t been able to say, ‘Yes, please, let’s do it!’  I just think I’d be that type of person who calls on Molly Maid (or whoever) to come in and in preparation for their arrival, I’d go on a cleaning frenzy.  Which totally defeats the purpose!  I don’t get a good vibe inside at the idea of someone coming into my house, looking at how dirty it is (to them), and cleaning it.  I know it’s their job – I actually did a housekeeping job one summer during university so I know what it’s all about essentially.  I just don’t know that I would feel comfortable being on the receiving end.

Am I insane not to say yes, though?!  I could get someone to totally clean the bathroom – something I do, obviously, but for example I hate cleaning the tiles around the tub.  It’d be awesome if someone did that for me!  Or a majorly awesome clean of the floors.  Or the window sills, could I ask someone to clean the window sills?!  They get spiderwebs on them and it freaks me out and I don’t like dealing with it for fear there might be living spiders there, aaahhhhh!  OK, I’m making our house out to be haunted and dirty and disgusting, and it’s really not that bad!  But I guess I CAN think of some things that I could get someone else to do for me.

On the other hand, maybe an even awesomer thing to get someone to do – a different service, not a ‘maid’ – would be to get someone to paint for us.  Even if it was just the bathroom or just the bedroom.  I’d love to have this place painted to make it cleaner and brighter, but I don’t want to have to do it.  Then again, that would probably cost a LOT more than a cleaner for a couple of hours, so that’s probably out…

Oh well, I can still dream about it.  Perhaps I should consider exploring the options…


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