Heading into fire log season!

It has actually been quite muggy here the past little while.  Even on really rainy days, it has generally felt quite warm outside.  But there was one night several days ago where I felt a bit chilly in our condo, it was raining, and I wanted my boys to feel warm and cozy when they got home.

So I lit our first fire log of the season!
I laid a blanket out in front of the fireplace with the idea that I would lay in front of it while Daddy read Andrew some books after dinner.  I DID manage to lay on the blanket long enough to take a picture of me and the boy together...
But as soon as I snapped the picture, the boy basically stole my spot entirely and cozied up to watch one of his shows!
But he looked so cute laying there with his (not so) little legs crossed, arms behind his head.  Priceless!

AND luckily there was still some heat left when he DID go to bed, so I got my turn in front of it, too =)

Now we need to do some research on getting some 'real' firewood delivered so we can have the added element of stoking the fire and listening to the crackle.  There's something I do enjoy about the winter...


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