Early signs of pregnancy, indeed!

I feel like some of my pregnancy symptoms are far more exaggerated than they should be for 8 weeks.  Yet I am NOT exaggerating them, not on purpose, they truly are what I claim them to be!

The ‘biggest’ one (no pun intended) is how huge my tummy is getting.  I can’t suck it in, and I’m not trying to push it out!  It’s just ‘there.’  And in the past few days it has seriously grown larger.  I was looking at pictures from when I was pregnant with Andrew, and I am going to hazard to guess that I am looking more like 16-17 weeks along, not 8! 

I know it’s normal to start showing sooner in consecutive pregnancies, but this is ridiculous!

I just hope and pray that it’s not twins!!!!  They do run in the family…on both sides.  Haven’t happened in quite a while so SOMEONE is due for them eventually.  But let it not be me, ok, pregnancy gods?!  Because I don’t think I was made for handling twins on a daily basis!!!  Along with Andrew!  I don’t even want to think about it.

But, yes, it is VERY obvious now that I am pregnant.  How DO people hide it till at least 12 weeks?!  I couldn’t if I wanted to.  People who know me would be like, why are you carrying a small watermelon around in your shirt, Liz?!  Seriously!

I’m OK with it, but it’s intense because I KNOW what I’m going to be going through in the coming months.  Months that are arguably still quite a ways away.  And it worries me slightly that I’m ALREADY plagued with so much…stuff…Already uncomfortable in ways, not able to get comfy for sleep positions…How the heck will it be a couple of months from now when I really, truly, AM big?!

I have a severe back ache as of today to top it all off.  I’m not sure if it’s because of my belly popping out so much all of a sudden (I swear this morning it was noticeably bigger than just yesterday!) or having carried Andrew around for several hours today…Possibly a combo of both…But whatever it is, my back is killing me, I have slight little twinge-y pains in my uterus (normal – same type I had first pregnancy so I’m not worried), and I kid you not I have felt sudden movements, not like a fluttering but definitely like something moved in there.  Which is BIZARRE because I don’t think I should be feeling those things till at least around 16 weeks…Maybe a LITTLE earlier with being my second pregnancy, but at 8 weeks?!  I doubt my due date would be pushed up sooner, maybe by a little bit but likely not at all, and certainly not enough to warrant all of THIS!

It’s all good, even though parts of it seem ‘plaguing’ at the time, it’s really not SO bad, and in a lot of ways it’s enjoyable just because it’s all part of the magical experience of being pregnant.  But still.  I think I could do quite nicely without the burning sensation of my new best friend, heartburn. 

I was quite vomit-y for a while last night, but I think it’s because I hadn’t eaten for a while and then I took my multivitamins.  I couldn’t keep them down.  I’ve done awesome with them this time around though.  The trick that seems to have worked for me is taking them at night just before I go to bed.  When I was preggers with Andrew I took them in the morning and I ended up only taking them for a grand total of about 2 or 3 WEEKS!  That was it!  Because they made me barf so much, it just wasn’t worth it to me to take them at all.  And Andrew turned out, well, PERFECT, so I hopefully don’t have to worry about the prenatal vitamins and extra dose of folic acid tooo much.  Still, if I can get it in me and keep it down, why not do so.  And so far so good on that front, for the most part!

I’m already at 2-3 diclectin a day, with the odd day where I don’t take any.  But I tend to find later at night if I don’t take any, I really start to feel sick.  Or if I don’t take them at night time I sometimes feel more sick in the morning when I first get up than I do if I had it the night before.

Sorry about some of these extra details, a lot of this is for my own records so I can look back after the fact, possibly to compare my two pregnancies or just to remember what I went through with little Baby#2.  Who, incidentally, I would like to come up with a better name for than that.  Andrew was ‘Baby’ when he was in my belly, and that worked for him, but it doesn’t feel right to refer to this baby with the same nickname we gave Andrew, however unoriginal it may have seemed.  I am at a total loss for a nickname that works though.  I don’t like ‘Sprout’ or ‘Bun’ as I’ve heard some people use.  It needs to be something…different.  But I haven’t come up with anything yet that sticks.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated, should you have any!


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