Blogger ad links...

I noticed in my last post that random words have links to ads...I will have to look into how to stop that from happening in future posts, because I had nothing to do with placing those ads there and I don't want them there. Maybe it's a 'new feature' of blogger or something...I will have to look into it. I just wanted to suggest NOT clicking on the links, since they have nothing to do with me or 'my' blog!

Looking closer, I am seeing these things all over my blog now...Ugh...Anyone have any tips for stopping it??


Lojo said…
I'm not sure if you've already figured out the issue and removed them, but if not, I'm not seeing any on your main page. Hmmmmm. Since I haven't used Blogger in awhile I have no insights, but I just wanted to let you know that as a viewer I am not seeing any. Weird, nonetheless!

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