Andrew's big boy bed

Tonight we borrowed my parents' car and went to Ikea in search of Andrew's big boy bed. 

We really wanted to get him a bunk bed with a cool canopy that looks like stars in the sky...But it would have cost close to $600 once taxes were added on, since the mattress alone was almost $250!  Also it said 'not recommended for children under 6' and Andrew is significantly under that age...As well, it would have pretty much dominated his entire bedroom, which would be ridiculous - he'd need at least a room twice as big as his current one for it to really work.  So given that all odds were stacking AGAINST that bed, we settled for the complete opposite and pretty much got the cheapest bed possible!  It was a steal at $60!  We are going to have to go back for a mattress though - I didn't realize his crib mattress would be so much shorter than what this bed can hold.  It's OK for now since he's too short for it to matter, and I put a pillow at the foot of the bed to fill the empty space.  But I really want the whole look to come together, so we'll have to get a new mattress (which will probably be $120...Sucks to have to buy another mattress, but baby#2 will need the crib one anyway).

We decided to go the really cheap route because ultimately ONE DAY we'd like to get Andy a really 'cool' bed, but it doesn't make sense at this stage of the game, and with his room being the size that it is.  So if we don't spend a small fortune on a bed now, it won't seem like we wasted money on something if we want to get him something different in the not-super-distant-future.  I think the bed we got is great, very sturdy and soooo cute.  A perfect transition bed for our little guy!

Andrew wanted a 'Peter Parker bed' so even though such a thing does not even exist as far as I know, we had to make it sound like this was 'it.'  He seemed pleased about it at the store and said he was 'soooo exciiiiiited' about his new bed while we ate ice cream cones after making the purchase. 

He fell asleep in the car on the way home, so when we got here we put him in his crib-bed, then put together the new one in the living room.  Then we moved him to the couch (while still alseep) and James took the crib-bed apart, which we'll have to put into storage till we need it.  Then we set his new bed up in his room and woke him up to put him in it.  He was so tired that he opened his eyes for 2 seconds to look at the bed and then muttered something and rolled over on the bed and was out cold.  LOL  I really hope he takes to it.  I think he's going to like it, and we'll keep making a big deal about how he has a new bed and it's where he should be sleeping through the night.  Let's hope it works!

I can't believe my BABY is in a proper toddler's bed already.  It feels like yesterday we were preparing his little nursery for him, putting the crib together, and now his crib won't be his anymore, but rather his little sibling's.  It's so crazy the way time flies like that. 

Sweet dreams!


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