Andrew, the Science Kid

Today we took Andrew to Science World.  We decided to get a family membership because it’s so expensive to go just one time, that we figured just going a few times over the course of the year would more than pay for the membership.  I was a bit worried at first that we (mainly Andrew) wouldn’t like it enough to want to go back a bunch of times, but it turns out getting the membership was a VERY good idea!

Andrew LOVED it from the minute he said, ‘Cheese!’ to have his photo taken for his very own membership card.  He loved the interactive displays and the fact that he could just run around and explore.  We took him to an Omnimax show on the Hubble, which James and I thought was great but Andrew I think was a tad overwhelmed by how huge the screen is.  He ended up watching the beginning part in awe of it, then he said he ‘didn’t want to be in it’ (which is why I think he thought the screen was overwhelming, since he thought we were actually IN the show!), then he cried because he wanted some apple juice but we didn’t have any, and then he fell asleep!  So it actually worked out fairly well, considering I KNEW it would be a gamble taking him in there.  We didn’t have to pay for him to be there so it didn’t matter that he missed the majority of it. 

There’s also a really great kids play area that Andrew loved, and I can see us whiling away an afternoon in there on rainy days this fall/winter.  But his FAVOURITE part of Science World was the dinosaur exhibit.  He wanted to be held the entire time we were in there, James said when they first went in he got very tense suddenly, but he still loved being there!  When he went to bed tonight he started chatting away about it, about the big T-Rex and how he was sooo creepy and he loooooved him sooooo much!  I asked him what he thinks the T-Rex would like to eat, and Andrew replied, ‘Crackers and cheese!’ lol

So today was definitely a success, I’m really glad we decided to go there.  I think this is a good age to introduce a child to something like Science World because even though there’s a lot about it he doesn’t get, he’s old enough and big enough to enjoy it and get something out of it. 


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