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The things he says...

Andrew never ceases to amuse me with the things he says.He’s constant entertainment, that kid!I love the way toddler minds think, in particular, of course, my boy’s!
For example, about a week or so ago, James and I were both up with him at 6 in the morning.Usually Andy is all about his Momma – ‘Mommy do’ continues to be a favourite statement of his – but on this particular morning he wanted DADDY to take him back to bed.I said, ‘What, you don’t want your Mommy?!’ and he said, ‘No, Daddy’s a fun guy!’LOLI said, ‘Oh, so Daddy’s the fun one now, is he?!’Andrew was heading for the door to his bedroom, but he turned around to face me, paused, put his hand up in the air in this sort of declaration pose that he often does, and said, ‘Daddy’s bornin (boring) sometimes, but right now he’s a fun guy!’James and I both burst out laughing, which of course threw Andrew into hysterics.He LOVES it when we think he’s funny!
My dad always has some sort of mints on him, usually tic tacs.Andrew thinks of i…

Counting down till my boys are home

I wasn’t expecting Andrew to go to his Nana’s today because he went there on Tuesday this week. He was SUPPOSED to go today, but when she took him Tuesday due to both James and I not feeling well, I figured today he’d be with me.James and I hadn’t discussed it last night so I didn’t at all have it in my head that I’d be on my own today.
I woke up at 8:30, saw what time it was on my alarm clock, and immediately thought, ‘This is weird.’Usually when James leaves for work, Andrew runs to get me, or at the very least gets into bed with me, has a little morning snack, (yogurt or ‘Hulk food’) and if I’m really lucky, goes back to sleep with me for an hour or so.This usually happens around 7am or just after.So 8:30?!I didn’t think at first that he might have gone downtown, so I was thinking, WOW, OK, so the boy had me up twice through the night…but at least he’s sleeping in his own bed till this time of the morning!
Then reality sunk in because there’s NO WAY my boy would do such a thing!LOLHe…


James hinted at the possibility ‘as a treat’ (for me!) of having someone come in to do some cleaning.A maid, essentially – though I don’t know if that’s politically correct to say these days?
I’ve fantasized about having someone doing cleaning for me, mainly the stuff that I really can’t stand doing or at the very least would rather not have to do.I’ve never actually looked into it, mainly because I’d rather not pay someone else to come in to do something I can obviously do myself.I also, when not totally exhausted, enjoy cleaning, so it’s generally not that much of an issue.
James said it might be nice as a one-off, just while I’m feeling so tired and without the energy to be cleaning a whole lot.Which is not to say I DON’T clean a whole lot, because I actually do.And our place is fairly clean…Though ultimately I feel as though it’s impossible to ever keep fully on top of one’s own filth.As soon as you have one thing spotless and shining, you notice dust collecting somewhere else.Sigh.

Heading into fire log season!

It has actually been quite muggy here the past little while.  Even on really rainy days, it has generally felt quite warm outside.  But there was one night several days ago where I felt a bit chilly in our condo, it was raining, and I wanted my boys to feel warm and cozy when they got home.

So I lit our first fire log of the season!
I laid a blanket out in front of the fireplace with the idea that I would lay in front of it while Daddy read Andrew some books after dinner.  I DID manage to lay on the blanket long enough to take a picture of me and the boy together...
But as soon as I snapped the picture, the boy basically stole my spot entirely and cozied up to watch one of his shows!
But he looked so cute laying there with his (not so) little legs crossed, arms behind his head.  Priceless!

AND luckily there was still some heat left when he DID go to bed, so I got my turn in front of it, too =)

Now we need to do some research on getting some 'real' firewood delivered so we can hav…

One of those days...

Today I felt extremely tired, but luckily my mom came by around 1 and picked Andrew up.He’s still at his grandparents’ place now, so James and I were even able to have a quiet, peaceful dinner together. (I made ‘Spinach Lasagna Rolls’ from a recipe I found through Pinterest – yes, I recently signed up and think it’s pretty cool!)The rolls turned out really well and went great with a salad and yummy cheese bread.
I had a bit of a rough start to the day in that I was feeling sooooooo tiiiiiiiiiired and when Andrew figured out that it would be easy to get me in a mood, he was ALL IN trying to get me angry.Sometimes he can be sympathetic, at least as much as a 2 ¾ year old can be.He’s fairly sensitive to when people aren’t feeling quite right.But other times, such as today, he decided it would be FUN to make my life a living hell, and the fact that I was tired and easily upset meant he could have EXTRA fun with it.
He did everything from kick me (trying to act as if it wasn’t on purpose), …

No chance you'll see me on that show 'I didn't know I was pregnant'!!

Just to give an idea of where I'm at....

First, let's look back at what I looked like back in 2008 when I was 14 weeks pregnant with Andrew:

Barely even a bump, right?!

And here I am at 18 weeks pregnant with Andrew, in July of 2008:

Definitely a baby in there!!  But I was nearly at the halfway point in the pregnancy...

Now let's go back to present day, shall we?  Here I am, today, at 9 weeks + 1 day pregnant with Baby#2:

Thank goodness I wasn't hoping to hide this pregnancy from friends and family till the 12 weeks mark like a lot of people do, because that wouldn't be possible!!  At this rate, I'll be waddling by 3 months!!

Preparing Andrew for what's to come...if that's even possible (I know it's not!)

I’ve been working on getting Andrew excited about having a sibling.I know there are many months left to get him more accustomed to the idea, and I also know that just as new parents have no idea what kind of ride they’re in for till the baby’s born, neither will Andrew truly be able to understand what having a sibling is going to be about until he or she has arrived!
But I at least want to get him past saying, ‘I don’t want a brother or sister.You keep it, Mommy.’He asked for a sibling (mostly a sister) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. practically, for several MONTHS.Then the moment we find out we’re giving him one (a sibling, that is, with 50% chance of being a sister!), he doesn’t want it!Go figure.
I think once he thought about it more, he’s not too keen on sharing.Sharing Mommy, sharing Daddy, even sharing Fifi and Moorka, his beloved kitty cats! He doesn’t want to share his toys, his room (although he won’t have to share his room, not until baby#2 is big enough to share a bunk bed with him!) et…

The sick parade

Well, it seems to have officially started.  Morning sickness seems to want to stick by me, morning, noon, and night. 

Actually, it seems worse late at night and in the morning more so than afternoon.  Though of course it likes to be predictably unpredictable, so could strike at any moment.
Last night I was quite sick, and just now I had something to eat and then barfed it all back up again.  I want to be positive and say it’s a one off (or two, or three) but how can I not compare this to what I went through while pregnant with Andrew?  It’s the exact same symptoms.  I feel compelled to eat something, usually something specific, and I can’t even get half of it down before it’s being brought back up.  And I don’t feel all that much better after getting sick.  Now I’m tired, my throat is sore, and I wonder how I’ll ever eat again!
Luckily today Andrew is with his Nana, as I honestly don’t know how I’d cope on my own with him all day.  But then again, I’m going to have to, aren’t I.  I’m n…

Talking a mile a minute

It’s amazing how quickly little ones change.I sometimes don’t notice how much Andrew has changed over x number of days or weeks, because I’m with him pretty much all the time.But even people at the grocery store that we see every so often will comment on the changes they notice since they saw him last!
One way he has progressed big time in the past several weeks that even I have noticed in a big way, is with his speech.In particular his use of pronouns, prepositions and articles.He used to always leave out the ‘little’ words, so his sentences were never quite full.But now he’ll ask full blown questions, such as, ‘Can I have some juice?’Of course, he can still be lazy about it at times, such as, ‘Have juice?’But that’s just because he knows he can get away with it, I now know it’s not because he doesn’t know how to form the full sentence for asking!
It’s amazing the way kids learn language.The things they pick up on, and their usage of certain terms that you just wouldn’t expect a toddle…

So far, so good on the health front!

Knock on wood, as I don’t want to jinx myself here, but so far my immune system is proving to be awesome!No cold for Lizzie.

Andrew is doing a lot better, still plugged up but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him, and it’s not nearly as bad as it was the other day.James, unfortunately only seems to be getting worse.He was basically in bed all day today.I think it’s the worst cold he’s had in years.
So I’m doing my best to avoid him, because the idea of getting a cold when I’m already feeling run-down and dealing with early pregnancy symptoms makes me cringe!I really need to stay focused on staying healthy.I looked it up, and it seems people believe that during pregnancy the woman’s immune system goes down in order to give all the good stuff to the baby.But I am choosing instead to believe that my immune system is UP, because if I’m feeling better I’ll be able to better look after the little one!
As I lay in bed writing this, I can honestly feel some movement in my belly.And it doesn’t fe…

Early signs of pregnancy, indeed!

I feel like some of my pregnancy symptoms are far more exaggerated than they should be for 8 weeks.Yet I am NOT exaggerating them, not on purpose, they truly are what I claim them to be!
The ‘biggest’ one (no pun intended) is how huge my tummy is getting.I can’t suck it in, and I’m not trying to push it out! It’s just ‘there.’And in the past few days it has seriously grown larger.I was looking at pictures from when I was pregnant with Andrew, and I am going to hazard to guess that I am looking more like 16-17 weeks along, not 8!
I know it’s normal to start showing sooner in consecutive pregnancies, but this is ridiculous!
I just hope and pray that it’s not twins!!!!They do run in the family…on both sides.Haven’t happened in quite a while so SOMEONE is due for them eventually.But let it not be me, ok, pregnancy gods?!Because I don’t think I was made for handling twins on a daily basis!!!Along with Andrew!I don’t even want to think about it.
But, yes, it is VERY obvious now that I am pregna…

So much for being such a grand day...

It’s amazing the difference an hour makes.Or, one text message.
For the record, I really don’t particularly enjoy receiving bad news through text.I think it warrants a phone call.But that’s just me…
So after receiving said text, I have been down in the dumps.I didn’t even SHOW James my new clothes, let alone do the ‘fashion show’ I was all hyped up about in my last post.(Not that I was going to be strutting on a fake cat walk or something, obviously NOT!)But still, I was excited about the day I had, happy, walking on at least a partial cloud just for 5 minutes.Is it really so much to ask that the cloud walking could last an entire evening??Rather than bursting into heavy rain right under my feet?
Yes, I’m being dramatic, but I feel my situation warrants it!!
I don’t want to get into what the news was.No one has died, so I should just be happy and relieved that it could actually be a lot worse, right?But bad news is still bad news, and has to be taken accordingly.So I feel like crap, end o…

Never underestimate the power of New Clothes!

Today I took advantage of Andrew being at his Nana’s by going out shopping with my mom!We haven’t gone out shopping together AT ALL (grocery shopping doesn’t count as fun shopping) since they moved here in May, which is ridiculous.When I used to visit in Nanaimo we’d often go for a girl’s shopping trip while my dad looked after Andrew at the house.So it seems weird that they now live 5 minutes away and we never go anywhere.But today we made it happen, and we hit up Coquitlam Centre.
Which I must say is, I think, my new favourite mall.Well, Woodgrove excluded.I still love Woodgrove a lot, but given it’s in Nanaimo and I can’t see myself going there for a very, very long time, well, it’s sort of off the map for me.
But WOW, Coquitlam Centre has just about everything!
I ended up completing my ‘new wardrobe’ more than I ever could have hoped to.I went a little crazy at Motherhood Maternity, which was by far my preference over Thyme, which is funny because last time around I think I liked Th…

Working on the wardrobe...

Yesterday I got a pair of maternity jeans, as well as 2 new tops – yay!I can wear stylish clothes now, and I vow to ‘let it be’ that I already have a baby bump at 8 weeks preggers!!
I mentioned to the woman at the store that I’m ‘only 8 weeks’ but she was like, ‘That’s OK, trust me, with it being your second you’ll be big – and even BIGGER – in no time!’LOLUmm, thanks, I think!!!
I don’t know why I have an aversion to showing it off, or at the very least just being comfortable with it.As James put it, ‘Don’t you dare apologize for that bump, you’ve got our baby growing in there!’He loves the baby bump already =)

I AM happy about it, and obviously very excited to have our baby in there…I think it’s just the awkward stage where I’m growing but not big enough for people to ‘know’ it’s a pregnancy belly.I’m pretty sure it has got to be normal to go through this?!Over all it’s not plaguing me or anything, I’m not THAT paranoid, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t on my mind!
BUT at least I h…

Time flies when you're having fun!

I find it interesting how we’re constantly searching for ourselves.Who am I?What do I do?What are my hobbies?How would other people describe me?What am I doing with my life?
I found throughout most of my twenties I lived very much in my own head and I was constantly contemplating who I would be and what I would become.I still live very much in my own head, but I don’t dwell QUITE as much on trying to figure it all out.Maybe that’s because of the phase I’m in right now.Ask me again in 5, 10 years, I might feel differently then, who knows.
I still feel a somewhat intense sort of ‘time pressure.’The whole wanting to live life like each day could be my last…It’s tough because if there aren’t enough hours in the day just to keep on top of the household chores, not to mention make sure I’m providing Andrew the most enriching life possible – how on earth can one also be expected to have achieved everything they had hoped to so as to be able to live each day like it would be A-OK for it to be t…

Kids say the darnedest things!

Andrew likes it when his toys talk to him.He will bring me random toys, sometimes dolls, sometimes Transformers, it doesn’t matter really.He’ll hand me a toy and say, ‘This one talk Andrew?’
This morning he handed me my old Ken doll from when I was little so I became Ken, and told him how AWESOME he was for sleeping in his own bed ALL NIGHT last night (to which Andrew grinned, obviously proud thinking that KEN thought he was awesome!)
Then I had Ken say, ‘Hey Andrew, did you know that you’re the smartest boy?!’
He looked at Ken and said, ‘No, cuuuuutest!’

Kids say the darnedest things!
Ken then made the point that it’s TRUE, he IS the cutest, but he’s also the smartest, in addition to most amazing, and perfectest =)
I love my boy!

I wish sleep could cure my tiredness!

Last night Andrew slept in his own bed till quarter to 6 in the morning.From about 9:30pm till 5:45am I’d say is PRETTY DARN GOOD in the progress department, especially considering that the night before he didn’t venture to our room (to be taken back to his own) till about 4:30.It’s a vast improvement from making his way to our room between 12:30 and 2:30am every night!AND I am proud to note that not only have we not once caved and let him sleep in our bed when he’s come in at night, he is also ASKING to be taken back to his own bed.He definitely WOULD curl up and go to sleep in our bed, but he is showing preference in being in his own, which is AMAZING.
James went to bed early last night, and was already awake when Andrew came calling on us.(Interestingly, if Andy wakes up when it’s still quite early in the night, such as 2 or 3am, he calls MOMMY, MOMMY!But if it’s past about 4-4:30 he has now taken to calling for DADDY, DADDY!)So James rolled over toward me and said he’d get up, I co…

Wardrobe woes

I’m feeling really depressed about my wardrobe right now.Or should I say, total lack there of.I feel like I’m not pregnant ‘enough’ yet to warrant wearing maternity clothes, but my ‘normal’ clothes are fitting too snug in the belly already so I can’t wear those either. I have lots of summery clothes to wear, but it’s very clearly NOT summer anymore around here.So I basically have ONE pair of pants that are fitting me at the moment, and they are yoga type pants.I feel so unstylish wearing them, which just makes me want to be invisible, and I hate that feeling.
I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get some maternity clothes.They might fit a bit loosely in parts for a little while, but I have a feeling given I can tell I’m pregnant just by looking at my belly at 7 weeks (starting week 8 tomorrow!), it’s probably not going to be long before I’m even bigger and thus filling out the maternity clothes.
I just feel so blah about the way I look right now.I hate the sort of in-between stage o…

Andrew, the Science Kid

Today we took Andrew to Science World.  We decided to get a family membership because it’s so expensive to go just one time, that we figured just going a few times over the course of the year would more than pay for the membership.  I was a bit worried at first that we (mainly Andrew) wouldn’t like it enough to want to go back a bunch of times, but it turns out getting the membership was a VERY good idea!
Andrew LOVED it from the minute he said, ‘Cheese!’ to have his photo taken for his very own membership card.  He loved the interactive displays and the fact that he could just run around and explore.  We took him to an Omnimax show on the Hubble, which James and I thought was great but Andrew I think was a tad overwhelmed by how huge the screen is.  He ended up watching the beginning part in awe of it, then he said he ‘didn’t want to be in it’ (which is why I think he thought the screen was overwhelming, since he thought we were actually IN the show!), then he cried because he wanted …

No zoo day for us :( Yes, I'm a big kid and this upsets me greatly!!

I’m a little bummed by how today turned out.We had planned to go to the Greater Vancouver Zoo today in Aldergrove.I sooooooo wanted to go.We took Andy last year and he loved it so I just know he’ll enjoy it even more now.It was overwhelmingly hot when we went last year in August, so I thought September would be good – kids back to school, temps decent but not too hot, perfect – right?Wrong.Because of course this weekend would decide to be a rainy one.OF COURSE!I should have known.
It ended up clearing up a little bit in the afternoon but it still wasn’t all that nice, and by that time we’d already decided to do something else so it just wasn’t meant to be.Sucks, sucks, sucks.
I hate it when you’re really looking forward to doing something and then those plans fall through.I felt kind of depressed after we came up with a new, totally lame in comparison plan.(It really was lame – we went to the mall to run a few errands, and took Andrew to Red Robin for lunch, where he was cute and good a…

A good day

I really enjoyed today, even though from the outside looking in it might not seem all that spectacular.
It was raining today, which kind of sucked in the sense that we’re soooo not used to the rain after weeks of bright sunshine that FINALLY came our way!I think the issue is more knowing that Fall is looming, and while there are aspects of fall that are wonderful, magical even, there is a very big loss to face when summer is gone.It feels like forever till it will come back, and as much as I like certain things about Fall and even Winter, the Spring and Summer are where I’d rather be.
But despite the rain, I felt enthusiastic about going out in it because we borrowed my parents’ car last night and kept it here, so if we were going to go out we didn’t have to take the bus.When you take the bus as your regular mode of transport, you do get used to checking for bus times and considering the wait times between transfers etc.You deal with it, but for me – especially after living downtown for…