What a difference a day makes

Andrew was SUCH a good boy for his mommy today, a complete switch from yesterday!  What a good thing, too, because I came down with a sudden headache and was throwing up it was so bad.  If he had been in the same ‘mood’ he seemed to be in all day yesterday, I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through the day.

(I told him I had to go throw up and he said, 'Andrew watch?'  (He's seen me throw up once, MAYBE twice in his life) and I said, 'Well, Mommy wouldn't mind a little privacy, why don't you go play in your bedroom or something?'  He took about 3 steps out of the bathroom, turned back to face me at the toilet then pointed at the floor and said, 'Andrew stand right here and watch.') =D

Despite feeling deathly ill at some points of the day, we actually did a lot!  I made a batch of Welsh Currant Cakes in the morning, during which time Andrew watched some Caillou and then requested a ‘sink tub.’  He’s getting to the point where he can barely sit comfortably in the sink for a tub, but he still likes to hang out in there from time to time while I’m doing stuff in the kitchen!

I was just about finished making the ‘cakes, when he took the stopper out and let the water drain from the sink, stood up, and announced, ‘Andrew get out of tub, or turn into prune!’  It was the funniest thing!

He has this routine where he loves to be wrapped up after his tubbies.  And preferably ‘mommy do’ – if James or anyone else was to do it, they wouldn’t do it the way MOMMY does!  He stands facing away from me, I wrap the towel around him and tell him he’s my ‘little pupa’ (a silly pet name that James started for him a while back!) and then I have to carry him to the living room where he gets his diaper put on.  He’s so funny, so stuck in his ruts and routines.  But I love it just the same!

We also went to the store for a few things, and I refused to purchase anything that wasn’t on our list.  He asked for all sorts of things, and normally I’d probably give in to at least one snack food of some kind, but NO WAY, I said he didn’t need anything today, I’m sticking to my guns on this I’m-not-raising-an-ungrateful-little-consumer thing!  And it worked – he may have cried a bit at the till when he couldn’t have a Kinder Surprise (which I’ve rarely ever bought him anyway!) but he got through it and forgot all about it seconds later!  He’s a smart cookie and did mention it once again later in the day, but moved on after another few seconds of frustration!!  It really is important to just lay down the law and not let a toddler walk all over you.  Sounds simple enough, but so much easier said than done at times!

Anyway, we also made Eggplant Parmesan (soooo yummy) and another eggplant pasta dish that I’m probably going to freeze for a night when I don’t feel like cooking.  Andrew was an awesome helper, he dipped all the slices of eggplant into the flour – both sides – and then piled them on a plate for me.  After showing him one, he did all the rest of them himself, and after a while I didn’t even watch him do it, I was able to work on something else.  So proud of my boy!  And he seemed quite proud of himself, too!

We played outside in the yard and also watched some shows together, I told him some stories.  We actually had a really great day together, aside from me getting sick.  I love it when we have an ‘easy’ day like that.  We accomplished quite a few things (the Eggplant Parmesan took a LONG time so in and of itself it felt like a huge accomplishment!  So worth the effort though, it’s a delicious meal).  I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be as good a day, only better because please please please don’t let me have a headache!!

Tonight my parents dropped by for a little visit because I wanted to give them some of the Welsh Currant Cakes (they are in particular one of my dad’s faves!) and give them some of the other meals I made since the recipes made waaay more than what we can eat before it would go bad.  We ended up sitting out in the yard and it was so nice and peaceful, I lit some candles and it just felt so good to be able to do that.  I miss the yard in Nanaimo and the nights where we’d sit out there till late, and our yard certainly doesn’t compare to what we had there, but it’s still a comfort to know we have something that’s enjoyable.  It sort of feels like a bit of a sanctuary to me I think.

Anyway, then I got started on the giant pile of ironing that just taunts me almost daily.  I HATE ironing, it is actually one of my biggest pet peeves.  I would rather take the garbage out than iron, or do the dishes, clean the toilet, you name it, it beats ironing!  I hate ironing so much that I have stopped wearing clothes I actually like simply because they needed an ironing and I wasn’t about to do it.  I went some years where I literally only pulled the ironing board out, like, twice in the entire year – no joke!  But with James’ new job he has to be dressed up every day and so his shirts can’t be a little wrinkled like they would have been in the past.  And for some stupid reason I feel as though it’s my duty to do the ironing.  Which it’s not, and James doesn’t ‘expect’ it, but I don’t know when he’d be able to do it so I feel like I have to.  I can’t iron when Andrew’s awake because he tends to want to bug at it and I worry about him getting burnt, or me getting burnt, or something bad happening.  So it has to be done either on days when he’s at his Nana’s, or late at night.  I tend to get the urge to just get ‘er done, but then the pile is so huge and I only do a portion of it, then stuff the rest away and sigh because it’s still a dark cloud hanging over my head.  I swear it’ll never be done!!  I did 7 shirts tonight and it doesn’t even look like I did a single thing.

I even went so far as to call a drycleaners and as how much they charge for ironing.  But I decided against it because they said shirts ‘start’ at $2.95 (which I think is relative fair) and pants start at $7.95 (which is outrageous – pants are generally easier than shirts, aren’t they?!)  I just thought for how much that would end up costing, James could have gone out and bought another pair of pants…for me to iron…le sigh!!  Eventually it will get done…Maybe I’ll work on it again a bit tomorrow.  Then again, maybe I won’t =P


Anonymous said…
I LOVE the little Andrewisms! he is such a little character!

Oh, your eggplant parmesan reminded me of this:

for next time.... ;)

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