Rest in Peace Jack Layton

I only just heard the news of Jack Layton passing, so it’s only natural that I can’t shake the sadness of the news.  I just can’t believe it.  Well, I can, actually, because when he announced that he was battling yet another cancer, he looked nearly identical to my grandfather who died of prostate cancer at 63.  He looked just the way he did when he was very close to the end, so I had a feeling he wasn’t going to improve.  Still, I, like many Canadians (and of course Jack and his family) was hopeful.

I have been a supporter of the NDP since I was first able to start voting.  While I don’t agree with everything they stand for, I am definitely a person who believes socialism is the best thing to strive for.  I have never felt than any politician could be ‘trusted’, and yet Jack Layton seemed an exception.  He was a genuinely thoughtful and caring person.  No, I didn’t know him personally – the closest I ever got to him was waving as a he rode past us in a car during the Gay Pride Parade in Vancouver a few years ago!  But from everything I’ve read and seen of what he did for Canadians, I am positive he had a strong desire to make this country better for its citizens.  Not because he sought to benefit himself above everyone us – he really genuinely did seem to want to make things right for all.

It’s a sad day hearing of his passing.  I can’t help but think what a shame it is.  So much potential lost.  But I know he would want us to take something positive from this, to continue to strive for betterment, and that is what we must do.


Lojo said…
Layton seemed like a pretty rad dude. I, too, was surprised by the news, even though I recently heard that he was battling cancer again. Very sad, indeed.

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