Only a few weekends left of summer, it's hard to believe

I feel like time is going by way too fast lately.  Mostly because it doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer weather-wise and I really, REALLY was hoping for more of one before the fall would set in once again.  There are things I love about fall, but I think it’s harder to envision enjoying it when it can feel like it’s already fall on summer nights that should be hot, or at the very least WARM.  It hasn’t been horrible all around, but it’s frustrating how little heat we’ve actually got in our neck of the woods.

On Saturday my dad came over in the morning to fix our washing machine and do a bit of stuff in the garden.  Then James, Andy and I got on our bikes and rode to a great park that we discovered off Hastings St.  There’s a little kiddie pool that’s open 3 days a week (tho next week is the last week since summer is almost over already, boooo) and a great playground, big open field and nice view of the water.  We had a picnic and played at the pool and playground, then James and I got our Frisbee out.  I haven’t played much Frisbee for a few years and was a little rusty at first but then got into the groove of it and was loving it!  It felt like old times, because James and I used to love playing Frisbee up on Burnaby Mountain, and also at Hume Park back in the day.  Andrew was really entertained just by watching us throw it back and forth, and took pleasure in laughing at us when we missed!  LOL

Then a little girl about 4 or 5 coaxed her dad into asking if she could play, and then we were all playing Frisbee together.  I ended up playing for a bit and then sat and read and also watched everyone else play.  Andrew was a little frustrated by the whole thing – he didn’t seem to have a problem with the adults playing, but he seemed concerned that the little girl was going to steal his Frisbee!  He kept usurping it before she could throw it and then he’d run back to me and throw it on the picnic blanket, so I’d pass it back.  Finally, for a short while, he got into it and was passing it nicely, but then he reverted back to NO THIS IS MYYYY FRISBEE, AAAAANNNDDDDRRRREEEEWWWWW’SSSSS!  Of course, normal for his age, and everyone was forgiving of him being that way, even the little girl!  It was pretty cute how they played together and for the most part got along.

We rode our bikes home and James had a nap while Andy and I played in the backyard.  I am really loving our outdoor space and love how it’s an extension of our home.  I’m not used to having that to call my own.  A neighbour down the other end of the building actually commented on how nice our garden is looking and it felt nice to hear that, because even though I feel like it has a long way to go, we’ve put a lot of work into it (especially my dad!)  My current project is removing moss from the bricks at the side of our yard, which is somewhat time consuming but will look so much better once it’s all done.  I wish we could use our outdoor area all year round.

Today we puttered about and then went to the store for a few things, then James and the boy stopped by the park while I went home and got lunch ready.  My Nana came over today to see my parents’ new place so they all came over to our place after lunch for a visit.  Nana brought a little bag of treats for Andrew, which he was quite pleased about.  We sat outside and had some strawberry rhubarb pie a la mode.  I wish I could say I made the pie myself – I CAN make pie, but I would have had to put a lot more effort in than what I had the energy for, sad as that sounds, so it was store bought!  Still good though!

My mom stayed at our place while my dad took Nana to the ferry, so we had a nice visit and then James and I went out for a bite to eat while my parents watched the boy for us.  Which was sooo nice, as we were planning to take him with us but he was getting to his little jackass stage where he’s tired but not ready to sleep and Mommy’s tired of dealing with his antics!!  LOL  We went back to my parents’ place for a while after supper and it was nice having a little visit there. 

It was a great weekend, but too short, AS ALWAYS.

Hopefully the weather stays nice through the week, I really, REALLY want to get out and do some fun things with the boy before summer is truly gone…


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