My Spidey

When we were at Playland, Andrew really wanted to get his face painted.  The first time we went, we actually got into the line-up so he could have it done, but it was taking soooo looooong and none of us wanted to stand in a line for ages.  So he was fine with not having it done there (for a ridiculous price, like $8 or $10!) after I promised to find some face paints and do it for him myself, at home.

A week or so ago I came across a little face paint packet in a store and snapped it up for $1.25!  I may not be professional at it, but this was my very first ever attempt at painting a face!  Andy was thrilled to be Spiderman.  Next time I want to turn him into The Joker!

It was fun to do, I just found a picture online of a Spiderman face-paint and did my best to copy it.  I think once he’s a bit older and will sit still for longer (although he was awesome at having patience for this!) I will be able to practice and get better at it.  We both had a lot of fun with it!  And I’m soooo glad the line-up at Playland was too long for us, because it would have been stupid to spend so much when realistically it doesn’t last very long.  Every time he rubbed his eyes or face at all, he’d get make-up on his hands and then he’d be upset because he thought Spidey’s face needed a touch-up.  I was worried he wouldn’t ever want to take the paint off, which would become an issue at bed time, but a few hours after he had it put on he said, ‘Take it off now, Mommy.  Done, bit itchy now!’  LOL  He’s so cute.

I love being able to do these kinds of things with him!  It’s a definite joy of motherhood for me.  Here he is, my little Peter Parker turned Spider Man!


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