Long weekend day 3

On Monday (BC Day, yay for long weekends!) we really wanted to do something outdoors and just the 3 of us. It ended up being a perfect day, weather-wise and all around.

We just took it easy in the morning, had our breakfast while sitting out on the patio, and spent some time playing in the yard. Well, Andy played, and I bossed James around getting him to organize our patio a bit better. I had to get him to do some of it because of my spider issues. It looks a little less cluttered out there now, I feel like it’s really coming together.

Once we were ready, we biked over to the grocery store and I popped in to get some picnic food. Then we made our way, biking to Hume Park in New Westminster.

James and I used to go there every now and then when we lived closer to Lougheed Mall quite a few years ago now. We loved it then, so it’s special to us to be taking our child there all these years later. It’s a really great park.

We didn’t time ourselves but my guess is that it took about half an hour to bike there. It was mostly down hill so while strenuous at times, nothing unmanageable. I was actually surprised by how quickly we got there.

It was a bright and beautiful, sunny summer day – just the way it should be this time of year. I loved it. While the boys hit up the playground, I got our picnic set up in a part sun/part shade area, and read a bit more of The Help while I waited for them. I ended up finishing the book while we were there. I really liked it and was a bit sad to have it end because I wouldn’t have minded reading more of it!

We had a nice picnic together, although Andrew of course didn’t want to sit still for very long. Too much to do between a big playground area, the water park, the pool to look at. James and I took turns watching him on the playground, and I tried to get him into the water park but the water was soooo cold compared to the hot hot sun, so he only got sprinkled a little bit! It was refreshing nonetheless!

James and Andrew even played a little Frisbee, and I think Andy’s going to be a natural because he was practically throwing the thing better than I can! Not that that’s saying much, I’m not the greatest at Frisbee…

We were there for a few hours. Near the end Andy mentioned about the ice cream truck, since of course we were expecting it to come by. Maybe it already had before we got there. We ended up going to the little Goodies shack in the park and they had ice cream so Andrew picked out a chocolate drumstick. He was so cute eating it. By that point he had taken his swim suit off and was just wearing his diaper and shoes!

We had planned on bussing home but I suggested that we try riding our bikes back. On the one hand, bussing would have been so much easier, but on the other I thought biking wouldn’t be as bad as I’d initially thought.

Well, shortly into it I realized that while it’s not uphill as in San Francisco type hills. (If it was, I would still be standing at the bottom of the first hill!!) But there was nonetheless a steady incline, enough to make my legs feel like they were burning about 2 minutes into the trip. I realized I was quite exhausted already, and then I noticed how HOT it was and I just wasn’t sure if I was going to make it!

BUT I kept my mind focused and reminded myself when I needed to that I’ve birthed a child, so I could do anything!! Although I will admit that in the heat of the moment (literally) I did at one point say I’d rather be giving birth than doing this bike ride…which thinking about it further I no longer agree with! LOL BUT after all was said and done, we biked all the way home! It probably took 45 minutes or more but we did it! And I felt pretty exhilarated afterwards. It felt pretty amazing to have accomplished that ride because I really wasn’t expecting to do it.

Andrew, the lucky bum that he is, got to have a little snooze in his bike seat on the ride home! I wished so badly I could have traded places with him just for a few minutes!!

It was such a great day, I’m so glad the weather gods allowed us a day of sunshine, especially for the holiday Monday. It was a great way (and a great place) to be celebrating living in beautiful BC =)


And how could I forget, Andy had his very first Ring Pop!


Anonymous said…
lol, I love how he is crashed out in the last picture.
he is just the cutest and I seriously cannot believe how fast he is growing.. well I can, because I see how fast my boy is growing and well, it's just NUTS!!
Elizabeth said…
I know, I've been looking at your pictures of Cade (ADORABLE!) and I can't believe he's 9 months old already! Time goes way too fast!!

Andrew is really getting to be a big boy - in fact, when I call him my 'baby' he laughs and says, 'Just kidding Mommy! Big boy!' Awww, he really doesn't even think of himself as a baby! Although I don't think he ever really did!!

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