I wish the weekend wasn't over

Yesterday we rode our bikes to a playground we’ve always seen from the skytrain and said we would one day ride our bikes to so the boy could play there.  It’s near Gilmore skytrain station and it was a pretty good park.  Andrew loved it.  It’s a bit close to a noisy road but still enjoyable, and had some different features than some of the parks we go to.  I brought along a little picnic for our lunch so we sat and ate and then Andrew played while James and I sat and watched him.  Then James played with him while I read some of Room on the book reader.  I’m still not 100% sold on the kobo, but I have to say something I like about it is when you’re reading outside you don’t have to get annoyed by the book pages flapping in the breeze because there are no pages to flap!  I did find that the thing got pretty hot though, since I was sitting in the sun.  But it works great, over all I think I do like it.

After the park our original plan was to bus home but somehow James convinced me to ride bikes back.  I felt like I knew my limits for the day, and I didn’t feel biking home all the way was in my best interest, but I went with his plan and we rode.  It was VERY hot, pretty much the hottest point of the day, and I was tired already and just didn’t have a great feeling about it, but I did it anyway.  I made it home, but not without having to walk my bike up some of the hills!  James said I could have made it up them if I’d really put my mind to it, and perhaps that’s true, but I just felt like I was already getting heat stroke or something and to push myself that much harder would just make me sick.  As it was I ended up getting a pretty horrible migraine later in the day, so I probably should have listened to myself and bussed home, truthfully.  I’ve been doing better each time (for the most part) when we go for our rides - James has a far better bike than I do and he also rode his bike to work and back every day when we lived downtown.  But I’ve definitely noticed a difference in what I can do, and we’ve been trying to get out for bike rides several times a week so I know it has been making a difference.  But yesterday it just got to be a bit much on the way home, what can I say?!  The boys ended up stopping off at another park near our place and I headed home to have a cool shower, which felt soooo nice after being so stifled outside.  I love the summer weather but I was a tad over heated!  My face looked like a lobster that had been thrown into a pot.  Not good!

Anyway, it was a fun day nonetheless, though I could have gone without the stupid headache I got.  I ended up not getting any of the chores and things done I’d planned to do in preparation for today, since we were having people over.

We were expecting James dad and significant other to come for a visit in the afternoon, but they didn’t.  And that’s a whole story on its own that I won’t even get into because it upsets me too much (suffice it to say, they don’t show a whole lot of interest, or make much attempt, to ever see Andrew…)  But we were still going out for dinner with them and the bil and sil (they got married recently, also a story I won’t get into) so we were having some friends look after the boy for us.  They don’t have much experience with kids but they’ve spent time with Andrew before at our place and theirs, so we knew they’d be great with him.  He also happens to love W and thinks he’s hilarious like his great uncle!  They ended up having a great evening together, which is awesome because it means they’ll be more likely to look after him for us again in the future!! 

Anyway, we went to Cloud 9 at the Empire Landmark Hotel on Robson.  James and I have been before, usually just for drinks since it’s pretty pricey food-wise and tends to not have a lot of vegetarian options since it’s ‘fine dining’ and most places like that seem to only have one veggie dish on the menu, if that.  It’s a great place given it’s a revolving restaurant 42 storeys in the sky!  It ended up there were a few options for us and we had a good time, I just wish Andrew could have been more involved in the visit.  Or involved in any way at all, I should clarify.  Sigh.  Oh well, I keep reminding myself that he DOES have grandparents who adore him and can’t seem to see him enough.  My parents of course would drop anything and everything to spend time with him, I have no qualms there.  And I have to say, for all the issues I have with my mil, she certainly loves Andrew and it’s obvious to me how much she enjoys spending time with him.  So it’s pretty bad when I don’t even have qualms with her on the matter.  But I can’t force anyone to show interest in Andrew, even if it seems like they SHOULD be showing it.  Thankfully he does have a lot of people who adore him and he is enriched with the experience of many relationships in his life already, it’s just astounding that anyone would choose not to be one of those people in his life, but I’ll end that there.

I had a few drinks with dinner and was feeling good when we left on our way home.  We had to leave before dessert because we’d said we’d be back around 9pm and we were already running late as it was.  As we were heading to the skytrain I saw a Yogen Fruz and decided on a whim to pop in and get a frozen yogurt.  My mom and I used to get them sometimes from Woodgrove Mall in Nanaimo, waaay back in the day when I was little and it brought so many memories back to be at a Yogen Fruz.  I love when something seemingly so simple has that effect.

Anyway, better get to bed – Andrew fell asleep before 8pm apparently so it could be a very early morning for me tomorrow!


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