I still can't believe he's gone...

Today was Jack Layton’s funeral.  I hadn’t really planned on watching the entire thing, but it ended up that way.  Boy, was it ever emotional.  You’ve gotta hand it to the guy, he really did so many good things, for so many people, and his positive spirit was so evident throughout the ceremony.  He touched so many lives and has had such a strong impact on Canada.  I think he would be very pleased with how his life and character were described.  As was said today, Jack was the same person politically and in every day life, and I think that’s something we all respected so much about him – the fact that he was so politically trustworthy, just a naturally kind and generous soul.

I liked what someone wrote in chalk some days ago in remembrance of Jack Layton – that he was ‘the best prime minister we never had.’  I truly believe that myself.  I always had hope that he would one day become our prime minister, I know he deserved it and would have served our country well in that position.  It’s a shame that it never came to fruition, but he still undoubtedly served our country well despite it.

I think what touched me the most was listening to his children speak, hearing of his love for and relationship with his young granddaughter, the fact that he has another grandchild on the way.  One he will never get the chance to know.  It made me feel so sad, and it hit so close to home after my dad’s brush with death at the beginning of this year.  I hate to think of being in that same position, losing my dad when my children’s lives are just beginning.  I feel so fortunate to still have both my parents here, and I cherish the time that we get to have together.

Rest in Peace Jack Layton, it is indisputable the impact you have had on so many of us.


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