Fly away home

Because he was being such a patient boy while Mommy did a big grocery shop last week, Andrew got to pick out a balloon to bring home.  Of course he picked out one of the biggest ones they had...A giant Tweety Bird!
He even took Tweety into the bath with him!
But then he was playing a little rough with him.  I told him, 'If you keep hitting your balloon like that, you might break it, and remember what happened to your balloon last time (in our old apartment)...It didn't even last a day!'

Well, as it happens, I looked up and noticed that Tweety was losing air...
'Fix it Mommy, FIX IT!!!'  Andrew whined.  And I did...I was able to find the hole and I put tape over it.  But it was upsetting Andy so much that Tweety was sagging.
So, less than 24 hours after we brought him home, we took Tweety out into the backyard.
I explained to Andrew that once he let go of the string, Tweety would fly away and we'd never be able to get him back.  He promised me he was OK with that!
So off Tweety went, up into the sky...
Andrew was sad, he sort of wanted Tweety back once he was gone I think.  But we still talk about where we think Tweety Bird might have ended up.  Andrew still looks up into the sky when we're out in the yard, just to see if he might be there.  You never know!


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