A day from hell

I feel soooo blaaaaaaaaah tonight.  I’m just way beyond exhausted, Andrew really had me beyond the end of my rope today.  Nothing was right for him.  I brought him water, he wanted milk.  So I got the milk, then he’d want juice.  I practically had a buffet of snack options offered to him but he didn’t want anything I could provide.  It went like that the whole day.

We went to IHOP for lunch because we were out with my mom and we were all hungry, and the few times Andrew has been there he loves the kid’s pancake because it has a face on it.  Well, he ate 2 bites and then poured salt all over it before I realized he had the salt shaker in his hand.  Tantrum after tantrum, it was a nightmare of a day.

He’s going on his very first camping trip this weekend, and it is also going to be the first time I am alone for an entire night for probably 3 years or more.  I think it has been over 3 years!  So I’m looking forward to an entire night to do what I want, and after the hellish day that was today, I am more than ever just trying to look forward to Saturday…Sad as that sounds, but seriously, I NEED A BREAK.

There is no sleeping bag for Andrew on this trip so one of the main objectives today was to find him one.  I decided I wanted to find one of those kids ones where it’s a blow up mattress/sleeping bag all in one.  I’ve seen them online and I thought it would be good for his overnight stays at my parents’ place, since otherwise it’s been happening that my mom and Andrew get the bed, and my dad gets the couch.  I don’t think that’s fair to my dad so I thought the blow up bed for Andy would be a fabulous plan.  Everyone agreed…Everyone except Andrew, that is…

I went to 2 stores at Lougheed Mall and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I went to Brentwood Mall and found a Cars one at Zellers.  I had hoped for Spiderman but Cars was all there was, and I didn’t know where else I could look for something like that so I got it.  Well, I’m returning it, because Andrew was totally ungrateful when he saw it.  He just whined and said, ‘Don’t want it, take it back’ because he wanted a Spiderman one.  It just made me really angry.  A 2 year old should not act so entitled to everything he fancies.  I know it’s partly my fault – we (those who love him the most) have just wanted him to have things and enjoy things, but ultimately the term ‘ruined’ is coming to mind now.  I don’t want to raise a totally spoiled BRAT.  So I have firmly decided as of today that the boy is not getting any presents for a while.  We’ll stay away from malls and stores where he’ll feel the urge to want something and where I’ll feel the urge to indulge him.  I want him to have things, but I don’t want him to feel entitled to all of it.  He needs a bit of an attitude adjustment, and sooner rather than later!

He’s a good boy (most of the time) – one who says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ a lot of the time without being asked.  My dad will reach into his pocket and give him a mint, and he’ll make a noise like he’s sooooo grateful to be getting such a wonderful gift.  Things like that are awesome to witness.  But I paid $60 for a camping/overnight bed and he basically scoffed at it!  THAT IS NOT OKAY and I am not going to allow that behaviour to continue!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We were at my parents’ house for dinner and when James got home I was talking to him on the phone about how no good very bad and terrible our day was – and he asked me (totally random), ‘You wouldn’t happen to know anything about the tiger outside our door, would you?!’  I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about!  Apparently someone in our building left a big rocking tiger in front of our door as a gift for Andrew!  I think I MIGHT know who it was, as there’s a woman who gives him toys once in a while, ones that the kids she looks after have outgrown or won’t miss or whatever.  Usually it’s some little plastic thing, well this is pretty big!  It’s really quite cute and I actually think Andrew will be thrilled to have it (for a short while, as ultimately we don’t have room for it) BUT I told James to hide it because he was such a bad boy today that he did NOT deserve to come home to a rocking tiger!  No freaking way!  It’s just funny how the day I decide NO MORE STUFF, HE NEEDS TO APPRECIATE THE THINGS HE HAS! someone goes and leaves him what will appear to him to be a pretty extravagant present!

I’ve also decided that this weekend when he’s away, I’m going through everything in his bedroom and once and for all I am going to purge a lot of his toys.  It has to be done, it’s not going to be easy for me by any means, but he does NOT need the amount of stuff that he has, and I just can’t take this consumerism thing right now, it’s making me feel sick how over-indulged he’s been.  Time to nip that in the bud, sorry Andy – I’m sure one day he’ll be annoyed to hear that but COME ON!  I feel that especially at his age, if he acts like a spoiled brat, it’s going to reflect badly on ME, and I really am not cool with that happening, so I’ve got to do something about it, and that starts right NOW!


Lojo said…
I bet in the long run he'll be appreciative, not annoyed :)

I know that if I were a parent, this is something that I'd struggle with-- the tough love part.
Anonymous said…
Aww, sorry to hear you've had such a rough day :(

I agree, the tough love part is going to be hard. We're not quite at that stage yet, but I feel like Cade is goin to be one little determined boy, which may result in some tantrum-y episodes! Yikes!

I agrree with Lojo, one day he will appreciate what you've done for him.

The consumerism stuff bugs the crap out of me too. I already feel like Cade has WAY too much stuff and he's only 9.5 months old :( Brutal!

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