Andy's Life in 2011...

I’m trying to get an early start on creating Andrew’s yearly ‘book.’  Last year it was the first one I created and it made for an excellent Christmas gift for family, called ‘Andrew’s Life in 2010.’  I detailed all the major events in his life, as well as not so major everyday things that would share a glimpse of what his 2nd year of life was all about. 

This year I want to go with the same sort of thing of marking important events, but I want to take a bit of a different spin I think.  I’m not sure yet how I want to go about it, I just know it can’t go quite the same as last year’s.  Mainly because of how this year started off.  While I’m sure there will be mention of it, part of me finds it hard to start the book off (after a quick recap of last Xmas/Andy’s new year’s eve bday) with his Papa having a heart attack on January 1st.  Not to mention losing the house in Nanaimo, etc…

Going through all the pictures last night from the past 8 months was more difficult than I’d anticipated.  I didn’t cry, but I felt like it was almost hard to breathe at times.  Seeing the house in Nanaimo, pictures of things that were sold off, Emma in the background.  It was somewhat heart breaking, and also hard knowing that as much as my parents are going to love getting a book with tons of Andrew pictures, it’s going to be painful for them to look through parts of it.

That’s why I want to take a different spin on things this year.  I don’t want the book to just be compared to the first one, it has to be unique.  I’m contemplating maybe doing it in poems, telling the stories but through rhymes.  That could be quite difficult though!  I’m not really sure.  Or maybe just have it in sections as opposed to chronological order, such as ‘days at the park’, ‘grandparents’, etc etc…Not sure yet.

At least I have the pictures mostly dealt with, so I know what I have to work with.  I’m actually fairly upset with my pictures this year.  Not that I don’t have any good ones, because I do, but I feel like my picture taking has been sub par this year.  In part I feel like maybe I need a new camera, but mostly I think I wasn’t taking as many pictures or putting as much care into the ones that I did because of the moods I was in with everything that was going on.  I really want that to change, I need that to change, because I love having so many pictures to look back on. 

I’m definitely going to make something of this project, but for now I think I’ll go sit outside in the yard and enjoy the sun.


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