Already nesting and I'm not even pregnant! lol

I’ve been really tempted to paint our condo, but I resist because I know it would be quite expensive, and since we don’t own the place I don’t know that I want to invest that much in it.  I’d basically want to paint it a very similar colour to what it already is, because I like it – it’d just be nice to get rid of all the holes in the walls that aren’t ours, and to make it look fresh and clean.  I guess it wouldn’t hurt to talk to the owner of our place – maybe she’d be willing to chip in a bit since we’d be doing something good for her place.  We’ll see...On the other hand, I might just paint the bathroom and nothing else!  It’s small so it wouldn’t cost much, and it would give me a better idea of whether or not I’m even up for painting anything else!

I’m getting ahead of myself – we’re not pregnant yet – but I’ve been giving some thought as to what to do re: ‘baby’s’ room.  This place seemed so spacious and perfect when we moved in as a three-some.  But there’s no room for one more bedroom-wise!  I have to admit, I feel a little bit sad at the thought of not getting to decorate ‘baby’s’ room, like we got to do for Andrew.  Even if his bedroom WAS just a large storage closet, we were really able to make the most of it and it was a very functional nursery!  I loved putting the border print up and getting it all sorted with all his little things before we had any clue who he would even be!

Luckily our bedroom is quite spacious, so ultimately if we had to, we could put baby’s crib in our bedroom.  But I know that that’ll only work for a certain length of time, and ultimately we’re eventually going to want some privacy at times, which we’ll never have if baby has taken over our bedroom!  Even if the baby IS in our room, it’s not going to be decorated nursery-style because, come on, it’s OUR bedroom, too! 

It’s a conundrum.  I don’t want to move so obviously that’s out of the question, I love everything about this place aside from not having an extra bedroom (and perhaps the noise when anyone walks around upstairs – THANK GAWD ONLY ONE PERSON LIVES UPSTAIRS AND ISN’T HOME MUCH!!)

I don’t really know what solution there is.  I’m thinking perhaps once ‘baby’ outgrows being in our room all the time, Andrew would probably be big enough to be able to handle being in a bunk bed.  I’ve always hated bunk beds and am sort of against them from a safety point of view.  But if it had a really great side on it to prevent falling when he’s asleep, I might consider it.  There are some pretty cool ones these days, it could even be one of those bunk beds where there’s just him up top and the bottom is open, so his desk or play area could be under there, and then the crib could be on the other side of his room.  It’s a small bedroom to begin with, though, so I’m worried that it’s just going to shrink to nothing with 2 beds…

I know we’ll figure something out.  And ultimately we will only be able to live here for a few years, because as much as I adore it here, it will only seem smaller and smaller the bigger the kids get.  And I would really prefer Andy and his sibling each have their own room, I really think it’s important to have privacy sometimes and also not have someone potentially disturbing your sleep a lot, which I imagine a younger child would do to an older one.  Especially if baby #2 wakes up through the night as much as Andrew did – and still does!!

Ahh, the things I think about.  I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I can’t help it.  I like to be really organized and have an idea in my mind of how things are going to work out.  I currently enjoy how our place looks and while I think it’s going to be time soon to do a purge of stuff because it’s borderline getting cluttered in places, I think it works the way it is right now.  But all the extra stuff we’re going to inevitably have in here is sure to heighten my insanity levels!  Luckily we already have a lot of stuff – we kept Andrew’s bassinet for example, and play mats and whatnot.  But, ugh, where are they going to go??!  I currently love their stuffed-in-storage-downstairs status!

Ok, ok, I’ll stop thinking about it.  I have a while yet to worry about such things, for all I know it could take us a really long time to get pregnant (I hope not, but it’s possible), so why do I torture myself with such worries?!


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