Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Party time!

On Sunday we took Andrew to a toddler birthday party.  The son of one of James’ co-workers was turning 3.  He was a cute little guy, and it was fun watching Andrew play with the other kids at the party.  Well, at their age they don’t really play together, per se, but there was some interaction!  The birthday boy gave us kisses when we got to the party, and gave Andrew a hug.  Well, Andrew likes kisses too, so he leaned in and kissed N on the lips and N went, ‘Blaaaaaaaah!’  LOL  It was pretty funny.

The party was at the Fun 4 Kids play center at Park Royal in North Van and I highly recommend it for kids aged about 2 ½ and up.  Andrew thought he’d died and gone to heaven there!  He LOVED it!  Both James and I went through the whole thing with him and a word of warning – it’s exhausting!!  Especially because it’s built for little ones, so adults have to do everything crouched down and after a while I found it started to get uncomfortable.

The party theme was Spiderman, so again Andrew was pretty thrilled!  It was right up his alley.  So cute to go to a little friend’s birthday party!

Before the party we went to my bro and sil’s – we hadn’t been there for a long time so it was nice to have a visit with them and the bulldogs.  Andrew had fun playing soccer with Gertie =)  And my brother made us an amazing brunch, we were really impressed.

It was a really long day - fun, but it made me realize how I’m not used to spending entire days outside of the home.  Not that I’m home ALL the time or anything, but we don’t usually go somewhere for 8-9 hour stretches.  I was pretty beat when we got home, but the good news is that Andrew slept pretty well, and so did I.  I actually went to bed early and vowed to try to start doing that more regularly, although I have been unsuccessful at it the past few nights…

PS I just finished reading another book, called Warning of Gales by Annie Sanders.  At first I wasn’t sure about it, but then I got into it and really couldn’t put it down.  I was sad when it ended, because like with any good book, you know it’s over and you don’t get to learn any more about the characters.  Definitely a great, easy and fun summer read.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I still can't believe he's gone...

Today was Jack Layton’s funeral.  I hadn’t really planned on watching the entire thing, but it ended up that way.  Boy, was it ever emotional.  You’ve gotta hand it to the guy, he really did so many good things, for so many people, and his positive spirit was so evident throughout the ceremony.  He touched so many lives and has had such a strong impact on Canada.  I think he would be very pleased with how his life and character were described.  As was said today, Jack was the same person politically and in every day life, and I think that’s something we all respected so much about him – the fact that he was so politically trustworthy, just a naturally kind and generous soul.

I liked what someone wrote in chalk some days ago in remembrance of Jack Layton – that he was ‘the best prime minister we never had.’  I truly believe that myself.  I always had hope that he would one day become our prime minister, I know he deserved it and would have served our country well in that position.  It’s a shame that it never came to fruition, but he still undoubtedly served our country well despite it.

I think what touched me the most was listening to his children speak, hearing of his love for and relationship with his young granddaughter, the fact that he has another grandchild on the way.  One he will never get the chance to know.  It made me feel so sad, and it hit so close to home after my dad’s brush with death at the beginning of this year.  I hate to think of being in that same position, losing my dad when my children’s lives are just beginning.  I feel so fortunate to still have both my parents here, and I cherish the time that we get to have together.

Rest in Peace Jack Layton, it is indisputable the impact you have had on so many of us.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sky high grocery bills

One of the biggest challenges I have is trying to stay within a grocery budget each month.  We currently spend over $600 A MONTH on groceries alone (often getting closer to $800, which seems INSANE to me)  This includes everything bought at the grocery store, so not just food but toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.  Still, most of that is spent on food and I find it insane (and stressful) that we consistently spend so much on our grocery bills each month.

I’m curious what other people are spending, relative to the amount of people in their household of course.  I am finding it particularly challenging lately because Andrew is ALWAYS hungry – ‘Andrew huuungy’ – and running for the fridge or pantry cupboard to decide what he wants.  In typical toddler fashion, there are times where he’ll eat just about anything and relatively large quantities (given his miniature sized belly!) and then there are the other times where he seems to eat very little but it’s actually still a lot, just of a few select things that he has decided are ‘it’ for that day or week.  I’m finding that it’s easier to stock a whole variety of options than to feel stuck trying to get nutrients in him but not having anything on the go that he’s really into at the moment.  (Which is not to say that he isn’t ‘forced’ to eat things he otherwise wouldn’t sometimes…Not that he is literally force-fed, but for example he can’t go to the park in the evening with Daddy if he doesn’t eat x number of bites of his dinner, that sort of thing).

We usually shop at IGA and Safeway – Safeway being my preference above all other stores actually.  Not so much because of the price (although it’s certainly better than IGA) but the selection is great, I’m used to their products, I like the store layout, atmosphere, etc.  However, I recently was introduced to the Walmart Megastore (or something to that effect) and was FLOORED by the difference in pricing there compared to regular grocery stores – with Walmart of course being the cheapest.  AND they even have a produce section, they’ve basically got everything you could possibly need there, the definition of one stop shopping.

Now I have boycotted Walmart for many years because we don’t care for the big American box store and it’s so annoying shopping there (busy, not attractive, warehousey, etc)…BUT I’m at a point where maybe saving the money on groceries would be worth the nuisance aspect of it.  And I don’t really feel like not caring for the ‘big American box store’ is a valid argument anymore, given that almost ALL stores here are big, American, and boxy!

I don’t know for sure how I feel about that yet, but I’m considering next month trying something new.  Doing a big shop at Safeway on the first Tuesday of the month, because it’s Customer Appreciation Day and you get 10% off, and then another shop mid month at Walmart Megastore to stock up.  In between we’d have to visit another store for things like milk and fruit/veg, but otherwise we should be good.

I’m not sure if this will change what we’re spending but I want to give it a try.  One thing I tend to find difficult to account for his how often we have people over for meals.  Whenever we have people over we splurge in terms of what we prepare, and we buy extra drink options, desserts we wouldn’t otherwise purchase or make.  These things can really add up!

Something I’ve been meaning to try but haven’t is taking out cash at the beginning of the month, or each week, and being really strict about ONLY spending that designated cash on groceries.  It’s so easy to over spend when using a debit card because you’re not ‘really’ thinking about what the bill is, you’re just punching in your pin code and off you go.  I think having a much stricter enforced budget for groceries is the way to go.

It’s just so HARD to do.  I try to stick to my list and not splurge on too many extras, but even when I’m going by my list, it’s crazy how quickly $100 worth of groceries will add up!

I think it would be amazing if we could save money each month on groceries compared to the excessive amount we’ve been spending lately.  If you have any tips on how to save, let me know! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rest in Peace Jack Layton

I only just heard the news of Jack Layton passing, so it’s only natural that I can’t shake the sadness of the news.  I just can’t believe it.  Well, I can, actually, because when he announced that he was battling yet another cancer, he looked nearly identical to my grandfather who died of prostate cancer at 63.  He looked just the way he did when he was very close to the end, so I had a feeling he wasn’t going to improve.  Still, I, like many Canadians (and of course Jack and his family) was hopeful.

I have been a supporter of the NDP since I was first able to start voting.  While I don’t agree with everything they stand for, I am definitely a person who believes socialism is the best thing to strive for.  I have never felt than any politician could be ‘trusted’, and yet Jack Layton seemed an exception.  He was a genuinely thoughtful and caring person.  No, I didn’t know him personally – the closest I ever got to him was waving as a he rode past us in a car during the Gay Pride Parade in Vancouver a few years ago!  But from everything I’ve read and seen of what he did for Canadians, I am positive he had a strong desire to make this country better for its citizens.  Not because he sought to benefit himself above everyone us – he really genuinely did seem to want to make things right for all.

It’s a sad day hearing of his passing.  I can’t help but think what a shame it is.  So much potential lost.  But I know he would want us to take something positive from this, to continue to strive for betterment, and that is what we must do.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Andy's Life in 2011...

I’m trying to get an early start on creating Andrew’s yearly ‘book.’  Last year it was the first one I created and it made for an excellent Christmas gift for family, called ‘Andrew’s Life in 2010.’  I detailed all the major events in his life, as well as not so major everyday things that would share a glimpse of what his 2nd year of life was all about. 

This year I want to go with the same sort of thing of marking important events, but I want to take a bit of a different spin I think.  I’m not sure yet how I want to go about it, I just know it can’t go quite the same as last year’s.  Mainly because of how this year started off.  While I’m sure there will be mention of it, part of me finds it hard to start the book off (after a quick recap of last Xmas/Andy’s new year’s eve bday) with his Papa having a heart attack on January 1st.  Not to mention losing the house in Nanaimo, etc…

Going through all the pictures last night from the past 8 months was more difficult than I’d anticipated.  I didn’t cry, but I felt like it was almost hard to breathe at times.  Seeing the house in Nanaimo, pictures of things that were sold off, Emma in the background.  It was somewhat heart breaking, and also hard knowing that as much as my parents are going to love getting a book with tons of Andrew pictures, it’s going to be painful for them to look through parts of it.

That’s why I want to take a different spin on things this year.  I don’t want the book to just be compared to the first one, it has to be unique.  I’m contemplating maybe doing it in poems, telling the stories but through rhymes.  That could be quite difficult though!  I’m not really sure.  Or maybe just have it in sections as opposed to chronological order, such as ‘days at the park’, ‘grandparents’, etc etc…Not sure yet.

At least I have the pictures mostly dealt with, so I know what I have to work with.  I’m actually fairly upset with my pictures this year.  Not that I don’t have any good ones, because I do, but I feel like my picture taking has been sub par this year.  In part I feel like maybe I need a new camera, but mostly I think I wasn’t taking as many pictures or putting as much care into the ones that I did because of the moods I was in with everything that was going on.  I really want that to change, I need that to change, because I love having so many pictures to look back on. 

I’m definitely going to make something of this project, but for now I think I’ll go sit outside in the yard and enjoy the sun.

Footloose and fancy free

Last night Andrew stayed over at his Nana’s, and tonight he’s camping with his Daddy and Nana on the Sunshine Coast.  I would have liked to have seen the Sunshine Coast, but I’m not huge on camping…though the main reason I chose to stay home is because I don’t think it would be healthy for me to spend that much time in a row with my mil.  We get along best by not spending too much time together at all…

This is the first time I’ve been away from my boy for 2 nights in a row.  And it’s the first night I’ve had on my own in at least 3 years!  Which is CRAZY but true!  I’m always with my boy, what can I say.

I was a bit apprehensive about him staying over at the mil’s and then going camping the next night, and expressed that it could be an issue in terms of fussiness from him.  And lo and behold earlier this evening James called and Andrew was absolute sob central on the phone screaming MOMMY MOMMY, SEE MOMMY MOOOOMMMMMMYYYYY!  Awwwwww!!  My poor baby boy missed me so much.  It definitely tore at my heart strings, but at the same time it was good for me to talk to him and tell him I love him and that he can tell me all about his fun trip tomorrow.  He’s asleep now in the tent with his Dad and it puts my mind at ease a little bit to know he’s asleep.  James probably won’t get much sleep given they’re sharing a single air mattress, meanwhile I am planning on sprawling out in our cozy queen sized bed tonight!  Ha!!  I deserve it though, since I can honestly say sharing a single sized mattress with the boy would be more than enough room for us both since I basically have learned to take up as few inches of the bed as I have to in order to accommodate him!!  So it’s nice for me to have a night of freedom in that regard.  I do miss him a lot though, I am in withdrawal for kisses from my sweet little guy.

Today I introduced my parents to the farmer’s market at the Burnaby Village Museum, and the museum itself.  My dad did some gardening for us in the afternoon while my mom and I went out for a bit.  Then I had the evening to myself, so I had a bubble bath, watched a movie, ate a yummy supper, and then got started on a project I’ve been wanting to work on for a while.  I also rearranged our bedroom a little bit and enjoyed that process – and while I do plan to do a few chores tomorrow, basically I am doing my best to use this time for things I want to do that are more ‘fun’ or different than my usual chore-obsession.  I really want to be making the most of this time that I have.  For all I know it could be another 3 years or MORE before I have another night entirely to myself, gotta live it up while I can!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Andrew was SUCH a good boy for his mommy today, a complete switch from yesterday!  What a good thing, too, because I came down with a sudden headache and was throwing up it was so bad.  If he had been in the same ‘mood’ he seemed to be in all day yesterday, I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through the day.

(I told him I had to go throw up and he said, 'Andrew watch?'  (He's seen me throw up once, MAYBE twice in his life) and I said, 'Well, Mommy wouldn't mind a little privacy, why don't you go play in your bedroom or something?'  He took about 3 steps out of the bathroom, turned back to face me at the toilet then pointed at the floor and said, 'Andrew stand right here and watch.') =D

Despite feeling deathly ill at some points of the day, we actually did a lot!  I made a batch of Welsh Currant Cakes in the morning, during which time Andrew watched some Caillou and then requested a ‘sink tub.’  He’s getting to the point where he can barely sit comfortably in the sink for a tub, but he still likes to hang out in there from time to time while I’m doing stuff in the kitchen!

I was just about finished making the ‘cakes, when he took the stopper out and let the water drain from the sink, stood up, and announced, ‘Andrew get out of tub, or turn into prune!’  It was the funniest thing!

He has this routine where he loves to be wrapped up after his tubbies.  And preferably ‘mommy do’ – if James or anyone else was to do it, they wouldn’t do it the way MOMMY does!  He stands facing away from me, I wrap the towel around him and tell him he’s my ‘little pupa’ (a silly pet name that James started for him a while back!) and then I have to carry him to the living room where he gets his diaper put on.  He’s so funny, so stuck in his ruts and routines.  But I love it just the same!

We also went to the store for a few things, and I refused to purchase anything that wasn’t on our list.  He asked for all sorts of things, and normally I’d probably give in to at least one snack food of some kind, but NO WAY, I said he didn’t need anything today, I’m sticking to my guns on this I’m-not-raising-an-ungrateful-little-consumer thing!  And it worked – he may have cried a bit at the till when he couldn’t have a Kinder Surprise (which I’ve rarely ever bought him anyway!) but he got through it and forgot all about it seconds later!  He’s a smart cookie and did mention it once again later in the day, but moved on after another few seconds of frustration!!  It really is important to just lay down the law and not let a toddler walk all over you.  Sounds simple enough, but so much easier said than done at times!

Anyway, we also made Eggplant Parmesan (soooo yummy) and another eggplant pasta dish that I’m probably going to freeze for a night when I don’t feel like cooking.  Andrew was an awesome helper, he dipped all the slices of eggplant into the flour – both sides – and then piled them on a plate for me.  After showing him one, he did all the rest of them himself, and after a while I didn’t even watch him do it, I was able to work on something else.  So proud of my boy!  And he seemed quite proud of himself, too!

We played outside in the yard and also watched some shows together, I told him some stories.  We actually had a really great day together, aside from me getting sick.  I love it when we have an ‘easy’ day like that.  We accomplished quite a few things (the Eggplant Parmesan took a LONG time so in and of itself it felt like a huge accomplishment!  So worth the effort though, it’s a delicious meal).  I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be as good a day, only better because please please please don’t let me have a headache!!

Tonight my parents dropped by for a little visit because I wanted to give them some of the Welsh Currant Cakes (they are in particular one of my dad’s faves!) and give them some of the other meals I made since the recipes made waaay more than what we can eat before it would go bad.  We ended up sitting out in the yard and it was so nice and peaceful, I lit some candles and it just felt so good to be able to do that.  I miss the yard in Nanaimo and the nights where we’d sit out there till late, and our yard certainly doesn’t compare to what we had there, but it’s still a comfort to know we have something that’s enjoyable.  It sort of feels like a bit of a sanctuary to me I think.

Anyway, then I got started on the giant pile of ironing that just taunts me almost daily.  I HATE ironing, it is actually one of my biggest pet peeves.  I would rather take the garbage out than iron, or do the dishes, clean the toilet, you name it, it beats ironing!  I hate ironing so much that I have stopped wearing clothes I actually like simply because they needed an ironing and I wasn’t about to do it.  I went some years where I literally only pulled the ironing board out, like, twice in the entire year – no joke!  But with James’ new job he has to be dressed up every day and so his shirts can’t be a little wrinkled like they would have been in the past.  And for some stupid reason I feel as though it’s my duty to do the ironing.  Which it’s not, and James doesn’t ‘expect’ it, but I don’t know when he’d be able to do it so I feel like I have to.  I can’t iron when Andrew’s awake because he tends to want to bug at it and I worry about him getting burnt, or me getting burnt, or something bad happening.  So it has to be done either on days when he’s at his Nana’s, or late at night.  I tend to get the urge to just get ‘er done, but then the pile is so huge and I only do a portion of it, then stuff the rest away and sigh because it’s still a dark cloud hanging over my head.  I swear it’ll never be done!!  I did 7 shirts tonight and it doesn’t even look like I did a single thing.

I even went so far as to call a drycleaners and as how much they charge for ironing.  But I decided against it because they said shirts ‘start’ at $2.95 (which I think is relative fair) and pants start at $7.95 (which is outrageous – pants are generally easier than shirts, aren’t they?!)  I just thought for how much that would end up costing, James could have gone out and bought another pair of pants…for me to iron…le sigh!!  Eventually it will get done…Maybe I’ll work on it again a bit tomorrow.  Then again, maybe I won’t =P

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A day from hell

I feel soooo blaaaaaaaaah tonight.  I’m just way beyond exhausted, Andrew really had me beyond the end of my rope today.  Nothing was right for him.  I brought him water, he wanted milk.  So I got the milk, then he’d want juice.  I practically had a buffet of snack options offered to him but he didn’t want anything I could provide.  It went like that the whole day.

We went to IHOP for lunch because we were out with my mom and we were all hungry, and the few times Andrew has been there he loves the kid’s pancake because it has a face on it.  Well, he ate 2 bites and then poured salt all over it before I realized he had the salt shaker in his hand.  Tantrum after tantrum, it was a nightmare of a day.

He’s going on his very first camping trip this weekend, and it is also going to be the first time I am alone for an entire night for probably 3 years or more.  I think it has been over 3 years!  So I’m looking forward to an entire night to do what I want, and after the hellish day that was today, I am more than ever just trying to look forward to Saturday…Sad as that sounds, but seriously, I NEED A BREAK.

There is no sleeping bag for Andrew on this trip so one of the main objectives today was to find him one.  I decided I wanted to find one of those kids ones where it’s a blow up mattress/sleeping bag all in one.  I’ve seen them online and I thought it would be good for his overnight stays at my parents’ place, since otherwise it’s been happening that my mom and Andrew get the bed, and my dad gets the couch.  I don’t think that’s fair to my dad so I thought the blow up bed for Andy would be a fabulous plan.  Everyone agreed…Everyone except Andrew, that is…

I went to 2 stores at Lougheed Mall and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I went to Brentwood Mall and found a Cars one at Zellers.  I had hoped for Spiderman but Cars was all there was, and I didn’t know where else I could look for something like that so I got it.  Well, I’m returning it, because Andrew was totally ungrateful when he saw it.  He just whined and said, ‘Don’t want it, take it back’ because he wanted a Spiderman one.  It just made me really angry.  A 2 year old should not act so entitled to everything he fancies.  I know it’s partly my fault – we (those who love him the most) have just wanted him to have things and enjoy things, but ultimately the term ‘ruined’ is coming to mind now.  I don’t want to raise a totally spoiled BRAT.  So I have firmly decided as of today that the boy is not getting any presents for a while.  We’ll stay away from malls and stores where he’ll feel the urge to want something and where I’ll feel the urge to indulge him.  I want him to have things, but I don’t want him to feel entitled to all of it.  He needs a bit of an attitude adjustment, and sooner rather than later!

He’s a good boy (most of the time) – one who says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ a lot of the time without being asked.  My dad will reach into his pocket and give him a mint, and he’ll make a noise like he’s sooooo grateful to be getting such a wonderful gift.  Things like that are awesome to witness.  But I paid $60 for a camping/overnight bed and he basically scoffed at it!  THAT IS NOT OKAY and I am not going to allow that behaviour to continue!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We were at my parents’ house for dinner and when James got home I was talking to him on the phone about how no good very bad and terrible our day was – and he asked me (totally random), ‘You wouldn’t happen to know anything about the tiger outside our door, would you?!’  I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about!  Apparently someone in our building left a big rocking tiger in front of our door as a gift for Andrew!  I think I MIGHT know who it was, as there’s a woman who gives him toys once in a while, ones that the kids she looks after have outgrown or won’t miss or whatever.  Usually it’s some little plastic thing, well this is pretty big!  It’s really quite cute and I actually think Andrew will be thrilled to have it (for a short while, as ultimately we don’t have room for it) BUT I told James to hide it because he was such a bad boy today that he did NOT deserve to come home to a rocking tiger!  No freaking way!  It’s just funny how the day I decide NO MORE STUFF, HE NEEDS TO APPRECIATE THE THINGS HE HAS! someone goes and leaves him what will appear to him to be a pretty extravagant present!

I’ve also decided that this weekend when he’s away, I’m going through everything in his bedroom and once and for all I am going to purge a lot of his toys.  It has to be done, it’s not going to be easy for me by any means, but he does NOT need the amount of stuff that he has, and I just can’t take this consumerism thing right now, it’s making me feel sick how over-indulged he’s been.  Time to nip that in the bud, sorry Andy – I’m sure one day he’ll be annoyed to hear that but COME ON!  I feel that especially at his age, if he acts like a spoiled brat, it’s going to reflect badly on ME, and I really am not cool with that happening, so I’ve got to do something about it, and that starts right NOW!

Tonight, tonight

Tonight I went to see the movie The Help.  (With my mil, of all people, if you can believe it)  I KNOW!!!  Not my idea, obviously, but it went a lot better than expected.  We are two very different people, but in the short amount of time we were alone together I actually thought it went a lot better than I’d anticipated.  Which is not to say we are now all buddy buddy, I definitely still think it’s best for me to keep my distance from her for the most part, and usually I do, which has been working well over all.

Anyway…I loved the movie, I thought it depicted the book very well.  There were a few modifications in the movie but I think they made sense because it would have taken a lot longer to explain things the same as in the book…And the movie had to be able to make sense to people who wouldn’t have read it.  Over all, I recommend it – read the book and then check out the movie!

I guess I tend to dwell on the morbid side of things, so forgive me for making this post more about what we saw BEFORE the movie as opposed to the movie itself.  We saw it at Tinseltown, so beforehand we met up at the playground across the street so Andrew could play for a while before heading back home with his Daddy.  Once James arrived, he and his mom wanted to show me this other area of the park, just up a bit of a hill, because they’d been there before and apparently Andrew quite likes the water feature/cement block thingy there.  Anyway, so we go up the hill and just as we’re about to get to where the cement blocks are that Andrew likes to walk on, I noticed a guy shooting up, literally RIGHT THERE, like 2 feet in front of me.

I was the only one of us who saw it happening, and so I was the only one having a reaction.  I am not generally one to be very vocal unless a situation really calls for it, but in this one I was just so shocked.  (More on that in a minute).  My first reaction was to quickly grab Andrew and prevent him from going closer – of course he was oblivious to what the guy was doing, but I just didn’t feel comfortable going over there anymore.  I said quite loudly, ‘No, I’m sorry, I’m not allowing him over there, there’s someone shooting up RIGHT THERE, we’re not going that way!’  Or something along those lines.  I probably said, ‘Oh my god’ a few times too, just something I tend to say when I’m in shock…I just felt a sort of pit-in-my-stomach feeling and didn’t want to be there anymore.

Now the thing is, I am fully aware that it’s not uncommon for drug addicts to be in this area.  In fact, not far from where we were, apparently there’s one of those safe drop box thingy’s for used needles.  So it’s not so much that in my mind I’m ‘surprised’ that this was happening, it’s just honestly something I have never once seen happening right in front of my face, and I’m sorry if I over reacted but I think I’d react the same way if I saw it again, truthfully.

My degree is in Criminology, I’ve learned a thing or two about drug addiction/the Vancouver East Side – I volunteered a few years back for a women’s shelter in the worst area of Hastings – I certainly am not ignorant to the city’s drug issues.  I guess it’s just that despite my ‘knowledge’ on the subject, that doesn’t mean I’m totally desensitized to it.  It gave me a really eerie feeling to see the guy injecting himself with heroine like that.  I can’t help but react that way.

The guy definitely heard me, and while it’s no laughing matter I said later that I wonder if I gave him a bad high, because it was too late by the time I was saying something but he was trying to sort of turn around a bit to hide his arm with the rubber band on it etc.  Not that I want the guy to feel bad – while the heroin was no doubt making him feel very good, I’m sure he DOES feel bad in his situation.  That sort of desperation, to be shooting up in a very public area like that, it just makes me feel that the person is quite caught up in their addiction at that point.  I obviously feel sorry for the guy…In some ways I hope that he heard my reaction and maybe would try to get some help and not continue with that lifestyle anymore…

I was thinking about it later and I wish it was a scenario where I could have asked him out of curiosity, what had brought him to make that decision in his life.  Why was he in that place at that time.  I really am interested to know, as at first glance he certainly didn’t look like he’d be an addict.  He was probably my age, or thereabouts.  The whole thing makes me feel sad to think about it, since it was obviously unfortunate from every way it can be looked at.  I think it was the right thing to remove Andrew from that environment though.  I don’t feel good about wandering about when people are shooting up right beside us.  It makes me feel really uneasy. 

Anyway…this is a heavy topic so to finish this post I will switch things up to share a really cute/funny moment that happened when we first arrived at the park.  There’s a little basketball court by the playground, and when we were going past it Andrew was watching some guys play.  When they missed the basket, he would laugh hysterically and yell out, ‘Ha, MISSED!’  LOL  I said, ‘People don’t tend to like to hear how they ‘missed’, how about saying something else like, ‘Maybe next time’?!’  Andrew’s response was to throw his hands in the air and say, ‘Ah, I never know!’  In a tone like, I never know what to say!  LOL  It was absolutely priceless.  I love the little expressions he comes up with.  His Nana took him out for breakfast one day last week, and when the bill came to the table he actually looked at it and said, ‘Forgot my wallet!’  I’m telling you, I should write a book of Andrewisms!  He’s a 2 ½ year old comedian!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Already nesting and I'm not even pregnant! lol

I’ve been really tempted to paint our condo, but I resist because I know it would be quite expensive, and since we don’t own the place I don’t know that I want to invest that much in it.  I’d basically want to paint it a very similar colour to what it already is, because I like it – it’d just be nice to get rid of all the holes in the walls that aren’t ours, and to make it look fresh and clean.  I guess it wouldn’t hurt to talk to the owner of our place – maybe she’d be willing to chip in a bit since we’d be doing something good for her place.  We’ll see...On the other hand, I might just paint the bathroom and nothing else!  It’s small so it wouldn’t cost much, and it would give me a better idea of whether or not I’m even up for painting anything else!

I’m getting ahead of myself – we’re not pregnant yet – but I’ve been giving some thought as to what to do re: ‘baby’s’ room.  This place seemed so spacious and perfect when we moved in as a three-some.  But there’s no room for one more bedroom-wise!  I have to admit, I feel a little bit sad at the thought of not getting to decorate ‘baby’s’ room, like we got to do for Andrew.  Even if his bedroom WAS just a large storage closet, we were really able to make the most of it and it was a very functional nursery!  I loved putting the border print up and getting it all sorted with all his little things before we had any clue who he would even be!

Luckily our bedroom is quite spacious, so ultimately if we had to, we could put baby’s crib in our bedroom.  But I know that that’ll only work for a certain length of time, and ultimately we’re eventually going to want some privacy at times, which we’ll never have if baby has taken over our bedroom!  Even if the baby IS in our room, it’s not going to be decorated nursery-style because, come on, it’s OUR bedroom, too! 

It’s a conundrum.  I don’t want to move so obviously that’s out of the question, I love everything about this place aside from not having an extra bedroom (and perhaps the noise when anyone walks around upstairs – THANK GAWD ONLY ONE PERSON LIVES UPSTAIRS AND ISN’T HOME MUCH!!)

I don’t really know what solution there is.  I’m thinking perhaps once ‘baby’ outgrows being in our room all the time, Andrew would probably be big enough to be able to handle being in a bunk bed.  I’ve always hated bunk beds and am sort of against them from a safety point of view.  But if it had a really great side on it to prevent falling when he’s asleep, I might consider it.  There are some pretty cool ones these days, it could even be one of those bunk beds where there’s just him up top and the bottom is open, so his desk or play area could be under there, and then the crib could be on the other side of his room.  It’s a small bedroom to begin with, though, so I’m worried that it’s just going to shrink to nothing with 2 beds…

I know we’ll figure something out.  And ultimately we will only be able to live here for a few years, because as much as I adore it here, it will only seem smaller and smaller the bigger the kids get.  And I would really prefer Andy and his sibling each have their own room, I really think it’s important to have privacy sometimes and also not have someone potentially disturbing your sleep a lot, which I imagine a younger child would do to an older one.  Especially if baby #2 wakes up through the night as much as Andrew did – and still does!!

Ahh, the things I think about.  I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I can’t help it.  I like to be really organized and have an idea in my mind of how things are going to work out.  I currently enjoy how our place looks and while I think it’s going to be time soon to do a purge of stuff because it’s borderline getting cluttered in places, I think it works the way it is right now.  But all the extra stuff we’re going to inevitably have in here is sure to heighten my insanity levels!  Luckily we already have a lot of stuff – we kept Andrew’s bassinet for example, and play mats and whatnot.  But, ugh, where are they going to go??!  I currently love their stuffed-in-storage-downstairs status!

Ok, ok, I’ll stop thinking about it.  I have a while yet to worry about such things, for all I know it could take us a really long time to get pregnant (I hope not, but it’s possible), so why do I torture myself with such worries?!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Only a few weekends left of summer, it's hard to believe

I feel like time is going by way too fast lately.  Mostly because it doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer weather-wise and I really, REALLY was hoping for more of one before the fall would set in once again.  There are things I love about fall, but I think it’s harder to envision enjoying it when it can feel like it’s already fall on summer nights that should be hot, or at the very least WARM.  It hasn’t been horrible all around, but it’s frustrating how little heat we’ve actually got in our neck of the woods.

On Saturday my dad came over in the morning to fix our washing machine and do a bit of stuff in the garden.  Then James, Andy and I got on our bikes and rode to a great park that we discovered off Hastings St.  There’s a little kiddie pool that’s open 3 days a week (tho next week is the last week since summer is almost over already, boooo) and a great playground, big open field and nice view of the water.  We had a picnic and played at the pool and playground, then James and I got our Frisbee out.  I haven’t played much Frisbee for a few years and was a little rusty at first but then got into the groove of it and was loving it!  It felt like old times, because James and I used to love playing Frisbee up on Burnaby Mountain, and also at Hume Park back in the day.  Andrew was really entertained just by watching us throw it back and forth, and took pleasure in laughing at us when we missed!  LOL

Then a little girl about 4 or 5 coaxed her dad into asking if she could play, and then we were all playing Frisbee together.  I ended up playing for a bit and then sat and read and also watched everyone else play.  Andrew was a little frustrated by the whole thing – he didn’t seem to have a problem with the adults playing, but he seemed concerned that the little girl was going to steal his Frisbee!  He kept usurping it before she could throw it and then he’d run back to me and throw it on the picnic blanket, so I’d pass it back.  Finally, for a short while, he got into it and was passing it nicely, but then he reverted back to NO THIS IS MYYYY FRISBEE, AAAAANNNDDDDRRRREEEEWWWWW’SSSSS!  Of course, normal for his age, and everyone was forgiving of him being that way, even the little girl!  It was pretty cute how they played together and for the most part got along.

We rode our bikes home and James had a nap while Andy and I played in the backyard.  I am really loving our outdoor space and love how it’s an extension of our home.  I’m not used to having that to call my own.  A neighbour down the other end of the building actually commented on how nice our garden is looking and it felt nice to hear that, because even though I feel like it has a long way to go, we’ve put a lot of work into it (especially my dad!)  My current project is removing moss from the bricks at the side of our yard, which is somewhat time consuming but will look so much better once it’s all done.  I wish we could use our outdoor area all year round.

Today we puttered about and then went to the store for a few things, then James and the boy stopped by the park while I went home and got lunch ready.  My Nana came over today to see my parents’ new place so they all came over to our place after lunch for a visit.  Nana brought a little bag of treats for Andrew, which he was quite pleased about.  We sat outside and had some strawberry rhubarb pie a la mode.  I wish I could say I made the pie myself – I CAN make pie, but I would have had to put a lot more effort in than what I had the energy for, sad as that sounds, so it was store bought!  Still good though!

My mom stayed at our place while my dad took Nana to the ferry, so we had a nice visit and then James and I went out for a bite to eat while my parents watched the boy for us.  Which was sooo nice, as we were planning to take him with us but he was getting to his little jackass stage where he’s tired but not ready to sleep and Mommy’s tired of dealing with his antics!!  LOL  We went back to my parents’ place for a while after supper and it was nice having a little visit there. 

It was a great weekend, but too short, AS ALWAYS.

Hopefully the weather stays nice through the week, I really, REALLY want to get out and do some fun things with the boy before summer is truly gone…

My Spidey

When we were at Playland, Andrew really wanted to get his face painted.  The first time we went, we actually got into the line-up so he could have it done, but it was taking soooo looooong and none of us wanted to stand in a line for ages.  So he was fine with not having it done there (for a ridiculous price, like $8 or $10!) after I promised to find some face paints and do it for him myself, at home.

A week or so ago I came across a little face paint packet in a store and snapped it up for $1.25!  I may not be professional at it, but this was my very first ever attempt at painting a face!  Andy was thrilled to be Spiderman.  Next time I want to turn him into The Joker!

It was fun to do, I just found a picture online of a Spiderman face-paint and did my best to copy it.  I think once he’s a bit older and will sit still for longer (although he was awesome at having patience for this!) I will be able to practice and get better at it.  We both had a lot of fun with it!  And I’m soooo glad the line-up at Playland was too long for us, because it would have been stupid to spend so much when realistically it doesn’t last very long.  Every time he rubbed his eyes or face at all, he’d get make-up on his hands and then he’d be upset because he thought Spidey’s face needed a touch-up.  I was worried he wouldn’t ever want to take the paint off, which would become an issue at bed time, but a few hours after he had it put on he said, ‘Take it off now, Mommy.  Done, bit itchy now!’  LOL  He’s so cute.

I love being able to do these kinds of things with him!  It’s a definite joy of motherhood for me.  Here he is, my little Peter Parker turned Spider Man!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out cold

First night without the safety bar thing on the bed that helps keep him in, and already he's basking in the freedom it allows!  Now you can see why I'm practically falling out of bed when he sleeps in between me and James :P

Fly away home

Because he was being such a patient boy while Mommy did a big grocery shop last week, Andrew got to pick out a balloon to bring home.  Of course he picked out one of the biggest ones they had...A giant Tweety Bird!
He even took Tweety into the bath with him!
But then he was playing a little rough with him.  I told him, 'If you keep hitting your balloon like that, you might break it, and remember what happened to your balloon last time (in our old apartment)...It didn't even last a day!'

Well, as it happens, I looked up and noticed that Tweety was losing air...
'Fix it Mommy, FIX IT!!!'  Andrew whined.  And I did...I was able to find the hole and I put tape over it.  But it was upsetting Andy so much that Tweety was sagging.
So, less than 24 hours after we brought him home, we took Tweety out into the backyard.
I explained to Andrew that once he let go of the string, Tweety would fly away and we'd never be able to get him back.  He promised me he was OK with that!
So off Tweety went, up into the sky...
Andrew was sad, he sort of wanted Tweety back once he was gone I think.  But we still talk about where we think Tweety Bird might have ended up.  Andrew still looks up into the sky when we're out in the yard, just to see if he might be there.  You never know!

Beddy byes and book reviews

Last night Andrew and I went over to my parents’ place for dinner so that James could have a few hours to himself, since he so rarely gets that.  As my dad was driving us home later on, Andrew mentioned how dark it was outside.  I told him that’s because it’s night time, and little boys and girls go to sleep at night time, because that’s what night time is for.  I mentioned about his bed, and how he should go night night and sleep in there straight through till morning, rather than making his way into our bed in the middle of the night.  I asked him, ‘Do you think you could do that, sleep in your bed all night long?’  And he thought for a moment, then replied, ‘Not right now.  Be big boy SOON, Mommy, not NOW!’

Part of me (especially in the middle of the night when I’m having my hair pulled and/or feel squished to the edge of the bed to accommodate his need for spreading out while he sleeps) wishes he would take to sleeping solo through the night.  Especially if we’re going to have a baby next year – it would be best for us AND for him if he was already adjusted to being in his own bed through the night.  But there’s still that part of me that enjoys every second (OK, maybe not the hair pulling, although usually he’s just stroking my hair for comfort and that’s not so bad) of having him near us. 

Just like every other stage – although this one has been longer going than most – he outgrows each and every one of them.  My baby is growing up, and obviously he will, as he put it last night, be a big boy soon.  He’s already very driven to be independent.  One day I KNOW that I will lay in bed thinking back on this time where my boy was a babe who wanted nothing more than to be close to his Mommy and Daddy.  These are the times to cherish, because in the grand scheme of things these times don’t last longer than the blink of an eye.

I finished reading ROOM last night.  It was SUCH a good book, I read it in a matter of days because I found I couldn’t put it down.  In moments where Andrew was very busily doing something that he didn’t feel I had to participate in, I would steal a few moments to read.  And I must have enjoyed using the Kobo reader, because I purchased a new book last night…

Anyway, the book was written from the perspective of a 5 year old boy, so it was somewhat difficult to get into at first.  But once you get into that, it’s a really great read.  I loved it actually. 

I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s about a mother and her son who are trapped in what they call ROOM, and the boy has been there his entire life.  He knows nothing of the outside world.  I won’t say any more, you should read it, but what I will say is that it really made me think about what I would do in that situation.  I think I would have gotten into this book regardless of whether I was a mother myself, but having a young son of my own, it really resonated with me.  I think I would be similar to the ‘Ma’ character in the book in my approach to teaching Andrew.  I also found it interesting getting some insight into the way the mind of a 5 year old boy might work.  It must have been a difficult book to write, but it was definitely well executed.

Monday, August 08, 2011

I wish the weekend wasn't over

Yesterday we rode our bikes to a playground we’ve always seen from the skytrain and said we would one day ride our bikes to so the boy could play there.  It’s near Gilmore skytrain station and it was a pretty good park.  Andrew loved it.  It’s a bit close to a noisy road but still enjoyable, and had some different features than some of the parks we go to.  I brought along a little picnic for our lunch so we sat and ate and then Andrew played while James and I sat and watched him.  Then James played with him while I read some of Room on the book reader.  I’m still not 100% sold on the kobo, but I have to say something I like about it is when you’re reading outside you don’t have to get annoyed by the book pages flapping in the breeze because there are no pages to flap!  I did find that the thing got pretty hot though, since I was sitting in the sun.  But it works great, over all I think I do like it.

After the park our original plan was to bus home but somehow James convinced me to ride bikes back.  I felt like I knew my limits for the day, and I didn’t feel biking home all the way was in my best interest, but I went with his plan and we rode.  It was VERY hot, pretty much the hottest point of the day, and I was tired already and just didn’t have a great feeling about it, but I did it anyway.  I made it home, but not without having to walk my bike up some of the hills!  James said I could have made it up them if I’d really put my mind to it, and perhaps that’s true, but I just felt like I was already getting heat stroke or something and to push myself that much harder would just make me sick.  As it was I ended up getting a pretty horrible migraine later in the day, so I probably should have listened to myself and bussed home, truthfully.  I’ve been doing better each time (for the most part) when we go for our rides - James has a far better bike than I do and he also rode his bike to work and back every day when we lived downtown.  But I’ve definitely noticed a difference in what I can do, and we’ve been trying to get out for bike rides several times a week so I know it has been making a difference.  But yesterday it just got to be a bit much on the way home, what can I say?!  The boys ended up stopping off at another park near our place and I headed home to have a cool shower, which felt soooo nice after being so stifled outside.  I love the summer weather but I was a tad over heated!  My face looked like a lobster that had been thrown into a pot.  Not good!

Anyway, it was a fun day nonetheless, though I could have gone without the stupid headache I got.  I ended up not getting any of the chores and things done I’d planned to do in preparation for today, since we were having people over.

We were expecting James dad and significant other to come for a visit in the afternoon, but they didn’t.  And that’s a whole story on its own that I won’t even get into because it upsets me too much (suffice it to say, they don’t show a whole lot of interest, or make much attempt, to ever see Andrew…)  But we were still going out for dinner with them and the bil and sil (they got married recently, also a story I won’t get into) so we were having some friends look after the boy for us.  They don’t have much experience with kids but they’ve spent time with Andrew before at our place and theirs, so we knew they’d be great with him.  He also happens to love W and thinks he’s hilarious like his great uncle!  They ended up having a great evening together, which is awesome because it means they’ll be more likely to look after him for us again in the future!! 

Anyway, we went to Cloud 9 at the Empire Landmark Hotel on Robson.  James and I have been before, usually just for drinks since it’s pretty pricey food-wise and tends to not have a lot of vegetarian options since it’s ‘fine dining’ and most places like that seem to only have one veggie dish on the menu, if that.  It’s a great place given it’s a revolving restaurant 42 storeys in the sky!  It ended up there were a few options for us and we had a good time, I just wish Andrew could have been more involved in the visit.  Or involved in any way at all, I should clarify.  Sigh.  Oh well, I keep reminding myself that he DOES have grandparents who adore him and can’t seem to see him enough.  My parents of course would drop anything and everything to spend time with him, I have no qualms there.  And I have to say, for all the issues I have with my mil, she certainly loves Andrew and it’s obvious to me how much she enjoys spending time with him.  So it’s pretty bad when I don’t even have qualms with her on the matter.  But I can’t force anyone to show interest in Andrew, even if it seems like they SHOULD be showing it.  Thankfully he does have a lot of people who adore him and he is enriched with the experience of many relationships in his life already, it’s just astounding that anyone would choose not to be one of those people in his life, but I’ll end that there.

I had a few drinks with dinner and was feeling good when we left on our way home.  We had to leave before dessert because we’d said we’d be back around 9pm and we were already running late as it was.  As we were heading to the skytrain I saw a Yogen Fruz and decided on a whim to pop in and get a frozen yogurt.  My mom and I used to get them sometimes from Woodgrove Mall in Nanaimo, waaay back in the day when I was little and it brought so many memories back to be at a Yogen Fruz.  I love when something seemingly so simple has that effect.

Anyway, better get to bed – Andrew fell asleep before 8pm apparently so it could be a very early morning for me tomorrow!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Summer time, and the livin's easy

I just finished making Smelly Danielly’s Pesto Trapanese sauce that will go over spaghetti for tonight’s supper.  We’re having my parents over so I wanted to make something I haven’t before, and I’m so pleased with how the sauce turned out.  I know everyone will love it – including Andrew.  He loves to slurp up spaghetti noodles!  The sauce tastes very fresh and summery, and I was happy to be using some Basil from my little herb garden.  I also made a Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert.

I feel the urge to do some more baking but I don’t really want the oven on too much since it’s such a nice hot day.  I should really be outside, since our apartment is dark-ish, and doesn’t really reflect how beautiful it is outside right now.  I took a stroll over to the grocery store for a few ingredients I was missing for the sauce, and really soaked up the warmth of the day.  It felt so good to be out in the heat, although I know if I was out for too much longer I’d be a sweaty mess!  Still, just not having had much hot sun this summer, I want to enjoy it while it’s here.  I never totally trust the weather reports, but we’re apparently supposed to have a solid chunk of SUNSHINE over the next little while, and I’m SO happy about that. 

Andrew is with his Nana today…So I’m going to think up something fun for him and I to do tomorrow together.  I’m not sure what yet, but I want it to be something good!  Not just our usual.  I should take him someplace new, I’m just not sure where yet.  I love this free time I get about once a week, I have to be honest, it really is good for my psyche.  I went so long without really ever having much of a break whatsoever, and it can really catch up to you without even realizing it.  I don’t tend to relax throughout my ‘free’ days as much as I probably should, since I do a lot of chores and run errands that are easier to do without the boy.  But I do relax in my own way, and I do get a few hours in the day to just do whatever.

Since I finished reading The Help, I’ve been trying to decide what to read next.  I have quite a few books I could read, but I couldn’t decide on anything I was that excited about.  James got a Kobo book reader thingy for his birthday that he doesn’t use.  He likes the idea of it, but he currently has a subscription to Maclean’s and finds it difficult enough to plow through those each week, as there just isn’t the time to read a lot.  He goes to bed earlier than me – I stay up late to read.  He can’t do that because he requires a lot more sleep than I seem to.  Anyway, he hasn’t used the reader much yet and it seems a shame just sitting in a drawer.  So I decided to purchase a book and read it on there as an experiment. 

It took a long time to get it all sorted to actually get the book, since I’d never done it before and I found it REALLY frustrating the way I had to type in the username/password.  It takes a long time and just got on my nerves.  I also typed it in wrong a few times (it was James’ account so I had to guess at what the password was!)  But once I finally got it and started reading it was OK!  I have to get used to it though.  I like it in that I have very small hands and I find often books are so cumbersome and my hands can get kind of sore holding a book for a long period of time.  But there is something about a real-time BOOK that I enjoy and prefer over the reader in some ways.  I don’t really like the fact that I’m plugging myself into yet another electronic device.  So I’m not totally sold on it yet, but in some ways I think I like it!  It would definitely have major advantages while travelling (although I don’t know how often it needs charging or if it comes with an adapter separate from the one that plugs into the computer?!)  Anyway, we’ll see what I think of it!  I’m reading a book called ROOM by Emma Donoghue.  I’ve wanted to read it for a while.  It’s a bit hard to get into at first just because it’s written from the perspective of a 5 year old so it’s kind of strangely worded.  But I think I’m going to enjoy it.  Anyone have any recommendations for some fun and/or interesting summer reads??  

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Long weekend day 3

On Monday (BC Day, yay for long weekends!) we really wanted to do something outdoors and just the 3 of us. It ended up being a perfect day, weather-wise and all around.

We just took it easy in the morning, had our breakfast while sitting out on the patio, and spent some time playing in the yard. Well, Andy played, and I bossed James around getting him to organize our patio a bit better. I had to get him to do some of it because of my spider issues. It looks a little less cluttered out there now, I feel like it’s really coming together.

Once we were ready, we biked over to the grocery store and I popped in to get some picnic food. Then we made our way, biking to Hume Park in New Westminster.

James and I used to go there every now and then when we lived closer to Lougheed Mall quite a few years ago now. We loved it then, so it’s special to us to be taking our child there all these years later. It’s a really great park.

We didn’t time ourselves but my guess is that it took about half an hour to bike there. It was mostly down hill so while strenuous at times, nothing unmanageable. I was actually surprised by how quickly we got there.

It was a bright and beautiful, sunny summer day – just the way it should be this time of year. I loved it. While the boys hit up the playground, I got our picnic set up in a part sun/part shade area, and read a bit more of The Help while I waited for them. I ended up finishing the book while we were there. I really liked it and was a bit sad to have it end because I wouldn’t have minded reading more of it!

We had a nice picnic together, although Andrew of course didn’t want to sit still for very long. Too much to do between a big playground area, the water park, the pool to look at. James and I took turns watching him on the playground, and I tried to get him into the water park but the water was soooo cold compared to the hot hot sun, so he only got sprinkled a little bit! It was refreshing nonetheless!

James and Andrew even played a little Frisbee, and I think Andy’s going to be a natural because he was practically throwing the thing better than I can! Not that that’s saying much, I’m not the greatest at Frisbee…

We were there for a few hours. Near the end Andy mentioned about the ice cream truck, since of course we were expecting it to come by. Maybe it already had before we got there. We ended up going to the little Goodies shack in the park and they had ice cream so Andrew picked out a chocolate drumstick. He was so cute eating it. By that point he had taken his swim suit off and was just wearing his diaper and shoes!

We had planned on bussing home but I suggested that we try riding our bikes back. On the one hand, bussing would have been so much easier, but on the other I thought biking wouldn’t be as bad as I’d initially thought.

Well, shortly into it I realized that while it’s not uphill as in San Francisco type hills. (If it was, I would still be standing at the bottom of the first hill!!) But there was nonetheless a steady incline, enough to make my legs feel like they were burning about 2 minutes into the trip. I realized I was quite exhausted already, and then I noticed how HOT it was and I just wasn’t sure if I was going to make it!

BUT I kept my mind focused and reminded myself when I needed to that I’ve birthed a child, so I could do anything!! Although I will admit that in the heat of the moment (literally) I did at one point say I’d rather be giving birth than doing this bike ride…which thinking about it further I no longer agree with! LOL BUT after all was said and done, we biked all the way home! It probably took 45 minutes or more but we did it! And I felt pretty exhilarated afterwards. It felt pretty amazing to have accomplished that ride because I really wasn’t expecting to do it.

Andrew, the lucky bum that he is, got to have a little snooze in his bike seat on the ride home! I wished so badly I could have traded places with him just for a few minutes!!

It was such a great day, I’m so glad the weather gods allowed us a day of sunshine, especially for the holiday Monday. It was a great way (and a great place) to be celebrating living in beautiful BC =)


And how could I forget, Andy had his very first Ring Pop!

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