World's Best Veggie Casserole!

OK so to follow up on my last post, instead of just roasting the tomatoes and making the rest of the casserole later, I decided to just get at it and do the whole thing.  And the reason I am here now is to say IT IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE TASTIEST DISHES EVER.  I often manage to screw recipes up, or at the very least they don’t turn out QUITE how I would have hoped.  This recipe has seemingly simple ingredients yet there are so many explosions of flavour to enjoy from it!  It is so good that I would have sworn I ordered it in a restaurant, I couldn’t possibly have made it myself.  I don’t usually say such things about what I cook, so it really does mean something for me to say that!

It’s a little more time consuming than I originally thought, mainly because of the caramelizing of the onions, and I had to sauté the zucchini in a few batches so they could be evenly distributed in the pan.  But it really wasn’t so bad, and it is SO WORTH IT for the flavours, seriously.  MAKE THIS DISH!!  And if you make it for guests it is a guaranteed success, I would imagine people would be pretty darn impressed if they were served this. 

I didn’t have quite as much of some of the ingredients as the recipe called for, but I still managed to make it in 2 separate dishes so I can give some to my parents (although I know James is going to fight me on that – not because he wouldn’t want to feed my parents!!  But because he’s not going to want to share this food with ANYONE, I am pretty sure he’s going to be quite impressed!)  I think Andrew will enjoy it too.

So THANK YOU Danielle, you are an amazing cook.  You should write a recipe book (with a large vegetarian section, of course!) 

The only sad part is how quick I know this dish is going to be eaten.  It’s  not the kind of thing you can expect leftovers from, it’s too good to get left over!


tristadawn said…
I TOTALLY wanna make it now! when I first saw her post on it, I wanted to, but now I am FOR SURE convinced! sounds amazing and makes me hungry!
Smelly Danielly said…
Yay! I'm so glad the recipe turned out!!!

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