What a nightmare...

The other night I had a nightmare about moving.  I think in reality I was worrying that our landlord was going to tell us she had plans to sell her condo (where we live) once our lease is up in February.  (Which, as it turns out, isn’t true, thank gawd!)  Anyway, in the dream, we decided to go back to the ‘new’ place to have a second look, just to suss out where we’d want to put our furniture and that sort of thing.  I was so excited about the prospect of it (even though in reality I love our place so much and DO NOT want to move!)

We got there and it turned out my brother was living there but was moving out, which is partly why we’d decided to snap it up, because the rent would stay at the rate he was getting or something along those lines.  Well, we walked in and I thought I was going to fall over from the disappointment.  Or maybe from the TREE ROOTS that had grown up through the floor boards, making it impossible to walk around.  The place was disgusting – there was mold, the counters in the kitchen were scabbed together and didn’t even match in colour the whole way through.  It was tiny, there was nowhere to put anything (the tree roots pretty much made the place uninhabitable!)  I hated it the minute I saw it and wondered why we’d signed the lease!  To add insult to injury, I realized it was in Horseshoe Bay, and when we walked out the front door, we were right at the ferry dock!  So we’d be listening to the ferry horn going off frequently, and omg what a nightmare to live RIGHT at the ferries!  I was so depressed.  It hit me that my parents had just moved out to Burnaby, so why would I have any need to be so close to the ferry?!  I also had visions of our kitchen here and all the things I love about this place, and my heart sank when I thought how we were giving it all up for THAT.  I was determined to pay them out somehow and stay where we are!

Then I woke up, and luckily realized it was all just a dream.  I hate dreams like that!

I’ve had dreams like it about other places before, when I was happy to be living in whatever apartment.  While I was still attached and thought I could never live anywhere but there.  We know deep down that we can only stay here for another few years at most, because even though it’s a heck of a lot more spacious than our last place, it’s not really big enough for 2 kids as child #2 starts to grow and needs as much space as Andrew.  Ultimately, unless we go the route of bunk beds, which I’m not entirely keen on, there really isn’t room in Andrew’s bedroom for 2 separate beds. 

BUT I also know I’m good at creating space where they really isn’t much, and we will be able to make do with what we have here for as long as we can.  We love it here so much.  I can’t imagine being able to find anything remotely similar to it, it really feels like ‘home’ and I’m so glad that for the time being I can say that it IS!


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