A thing for shoes

Today (well, technically yesterday since it’s well after midnight – another late night, sigh!) I took Andrew to the mall.  I hesitate before ever taking Andrew with me to the mall because he’s a little consumer and he never goes home empty handed when we’re at the mall together. 

I decided that if he was going to get something new, it had to be something that wouldn’t be a total waste, such as a toy he totally doesn’t need because he already has a million toys.  So we got him his ‘fall shoes’!

Andrew LOVES shoes.  As in, absolute adoration.  Some people first notice a person’s eyes, or maybe their hair…Andrew goes straight for the shoes.  ‘Ooooh, nice shoes!  Andrew like them!’ he might say.  Or, ‘Andrew have these one day?’  He sometimes talks about shoes when I wouldn’t expect him to be thinking about them, and when people come over he will grab his favourite pair of shoes to show off, rather than a favourite toy!

So we checked out the shoe selection, which is actually pretty good right now because the stores seem to be getting their back-to-school stock in already.  Now’s the time to get shoes for the kids before they’re all picked over just before school starts again!  Not that Andrew’s size should reflect that, but of course all the sizes come in at the same time, so there they were. 

A brand new pair of Spiderman shoes that have this cool feature of a Velcro spiderweb on top.  He saw them and immediately I knew they were the ones he would pick.  He wears a size 7 right now but I got a size 8 so they’ll last longer.  They’re a little big but not really, he’s growing and is probably a 7-7 ½ already.  I couldn’t believe it when I tried them on him and they fit!

We left the store and he wanted his old shoes off to be replaced with the new ones.  I hope he’ll still wear his summer Spidey shoes sometimes!  He gets so keen on a new pair that nothing else will do.  I put the new shoes on his feet but explained that he’d have to take them off in a few minutes because we were heading to the kids playground and there’s a no shoe policy.  He pointed to his feet and said, ‘But brand new!’  It was like he actually got what I was getting at, that shoes aren’t allowed because they might be dirty, but his point was that his COULDN’T be dirty, because they were brand spanking new.  Sometimes I find it so crazy that he understands things when I don’t know how he possibly could! 

After he played super well with tons of other kids at the play area for about half an hour, we went over and had tea with my mom before heading back home.  So nice that we can do things like that now!  I honestly never thought that would happen.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to walk to and from their place to ours…Even though they live relatively close to us (a 5 minute drive), no thru road means having to take ridiculous detours to walk.  The first time I tried going the route that seemed relatively downhill, but it meant walking on the highway where there’s no sidewalk and it felt totally unsafe.  Not to mention still a fair distance – 45 minutes walking really fast.  This time I tried up hill but I hadn’t expected it to be quite as uphill as it was…or to get up one giant hill only to realize I was going to have to go up several more…with the stroller and a giant backpack full of stuff, might I add.  No way could I have done it if I’d had Andrew without the stroller!

We did at least find an awesome park along the way where he played for another long while before we continued on.  I wish we’d kept a tally of all the parks our boy has been to, I bet it’s been an impressive number already!  He loves to discover a new park.  Today it gave him a chance to break in his new shoes!


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