Say Cheese!

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture pictures of Andrew smiling NATURALLY.  I do get them from time to time – he smiles a LOT so it IS possible to capture on camera!  BUT in general when I ask him to smile for the camera, he says, ‘CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!’ and I end up with the most unnatural smile ever!

He’s still cute, even if he’s fake-smiling…!...but it can be frustrating when I know how truly ADORABLE he is when he smiles ‘fo real’!  I know it’s just a phase, and it’s a rather funny one, but at the same time…!#%&!(!)#^#@!!!

Here are some pictures from the past few days, some with fake smiles, others with no smiles.  Maybe one or two with at least a partial ‘fo real’ smile?!

He's proud of himself here, the way he's got his toys set up on the toilet.  He told me all these characters are best friends.  He really seemed genuinely pleased, and if I do say so myself his smile is cute, but it's definitely leaning toward 'fake'!
Here's a more genuine smile, giving Donald Duck a hug!  He was so happy to have a ride in this thing because my usual response to MOMMY MOMMY, ANDREW RIDE THIS ONE RIIIIIGHT NOOOOW?! is Oh, sorry sweetie, I think it's broken.  Too bad, maybe next time!  LOL

He has a genuine smile here, but his eyes are closed.  That's another one I forgot to mention - often I get a perfect picture...if only his eyes were open!!  Sometimes I will ask him to open his eyes after getting several with them closed, but that just eggs him on and he forces them shut and throws me a fake smile to go with it!  (Gotta love 2 year olds!!!)
Slight fakeness here but mostly real.  He LOVED that there was a bunny on the carousel, he got bored of the horses!  He thought this MUST be Peter Rabbit =)
Totally fake smile, complete with closed eyes.  AWESOME!
Gratuitous 'creepy montnay (monster)' shot from Playland today!
Juuuust making sure he's not escaping from the window or anything...!
Totally fake.  Totally cute, too, right?  But fake nonetheless.
Refusing to look at the camera, but after 3 tries I gave up, and this was the best of the 3!
Enough of the boy!  Here is a beautiful flower that bloomed in our garden over the past few days.

And the gorgeous hydrangeas in our garden - I love love love them!  Especially given they were our 'wedding flower' of choice, it makes me happy that we now have some of our own to enjoy!
Andrew knows how to take a picture to the next level - I have him to thank for the droplets of water, as he decided to water the garden just before I took the picture =)
An odd mix of pictures, I know, but I felt like posting them all in one post!


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