Pooh and Playland

Today Andrew had a couple of firsts!  One was going to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie – and it was his very first movie theatre experience.  He went with his Daddy and Nana.  I was a little sad to miss out on his first movie experience, but I realize I do get to be there for most of the first (and second, and third…) things he does, so I suppose I can live with it!  I didn’t think he’d do well at a theatre because of how dark it is and loud, but he actually loved the theatre aspect of it apparently!  He did fall asleep half way through, but up to that point he was enjoying himself.  They gave him a booster seat to use and it had a little cup holder on the side.  James filled the cup holder with popcorn and Andrew would munch away, then when he was done he’d turn to his Daddy and say, ‘Fill it up in heeeeere!’  If you knew the way he talks you’d know how adorable it was to hear him say that!  It’s so funny the way he says things, so darn cute.

Anyway, the first that I am really excited about is Andrew’s first trip to Playland!!!  Also James’ first, and the first time I remember it as I hadn’t been since I was little.  We decided to meet up, just the three of us, after their movie to go to Playland since the weather was…well, I wouldn’t say ‘decent’ but at least it wasn’t raining.  

When the boys arrived meeting up with me, Andrew could not believe his good fortune that we were going inside!  We see Playland from the bus when we go downtown and he’s always stared at it and said, ‘Andrew go here one day!’ so it seemed surreal to him that we were finally there. 

I think you could easily spend a fortune at Playland, but you can also make it a relatively cheap excursion depending how you go about it.  I think we splurged a little with some things, but it didn’t cost as much as I’d thought it would.  Because we were with a young child, we paid $12.95 each for James and me (and Andrew was free).  That got us on all the rides Andrew could go on with us, so it was perfect.  If we’d wanted to do some of the crazier rides we’d have to pay more but I felt we really got the value for what we paid given all we got to do.

Andrew is still under 36 inches tall, so shorter than their shortest minimum height for all of the rides!  LOL  But he is too young to go on rides all by himself anyway, so there were a fair number we could go on with him.  It ended up being SO MUCH FUN.  We went on a car ride, a helicopter ride, the carousel.  Andrew and James went on a big slide together and through an obstacle course for kids several times, we went on a train ride, and saving the best for last, we went on a ROLLER COASTER!  It was some sort of mine, Kettle Creek Mine or something along those lines.  I didn’t see any other kids Andrew’s age venturing onto that ride.  We thought there was a chance he’d freak out and it would be too scary for him, as it is a real roller coaster and actually a lot more thrilling than you might think.  I can’t help but scream bloody murder on roller coasters so I was screaming my lungs out and he was sitting beside me just grinning away!  As soon as the ride ended, he looked at me and said, ‘More?!’ so we got in line and went on again!!
We had cotton candy and also played Hit the Mole or whatever it’s called.  Andrew won a prize at that, a monkey in a baseball uniform (he decided it was Curious George).  THAT was the biggest rip off ever.  I mean, it was OK because Andrew loved it and he likes the toy he ‘won’ but it was a 10 second ‘game’ and it cost a whopping $10!  That’s why I say it’s not really worth it to play the games where you ‘win’ a prize, because what you are in fact doing is paying through the nose for a crappy toy.  BUT it was his first time there and we couldn’t help but indulge.  We all had such a great time!  Nothing about the place or the people got on my nerves, it really was a perfect afternoon.

He also LOVED staring at the outside of the Haunted Mansion.  It wouldn’t have been appropriate to take him inside (and it costs extra, but mainly it’s not recommended for kids under 12 apparently) but he was obsessed with the creepy monsters bobbing around in the windows and whatnot.  We actually went and sat on a bench a few feet away while he stood there and just stared at it for 10 minutes.  He was in awe, and he named all the skeletons and didn’t want to leave it when it was time to go.  After getting some food at White Spot and going on some more rides, we had to go see the Haunted Mansion again before we left the park.  He loved it that much!
(We pretended to be scared, or at least I was pretending!  LOL)

(You couldn't pay me to go on this crazy swing ride!!!  It's SO high up, I think I would panic!)

 (Can't wait till Andrew's big enough to go on the Bumper Cars!!)
(Me and the boy on the roller coaster - Fun!!)
(Wheeeeeeeeeeee!) (OK, more like, Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!) =)
It started to rain just as we’d already decided it was time to go.  I think we were there for probably about 3 hours, which with a 2 ½ year old I’d say is pretty darn good!  I totally recommend going there, it’s a blast. 

I actually got to thinking once we got home, it would be a pretty cheap thing for me to do with Andrew some day during the week if I ever felt so inclined.  Not time and time again or anything, but if one day during the week we went there but brought our own snacks in with us, well it’s only $13 – that’s AWESOME when you consider how much fun it is!  So who knows, there may be another trip to the fair in our near future =)

Today it felt like the perfect afternoon, I feel so happy right now.


Smelly Danielly said…
Looks like you guys had an awesome time! I love looking back at the pictures of when my parents took us to Playland as kids!

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