First day of the long weekend

Today my dad came over to do some work on our garden, then we (James, Andrew and I) headed downtown to the mil’s place.  We took Andrew to English Bay and it was SO CUTE watching him play by the water.  Last summer we used to go to the beach more often since we were living so close by, and Andrew reeeeally hated getting his hands dirty so sand was a bit of an issue for him!  Today he seemed to not LOVE the sand being all caked onto his hands, but he played a lot, and even dipped into the water far enough to get his shorts wet!  He looked SO cute in his sun hat, it killed me a little bit that I left my camera at my bro’s house by accident (we had stopped by his place on the way into town and Andrew was having such a huge tantrum there that I completely forgot I’d got my camera out).  Too bad, because I could have got some really great shots today. 

BUT it was nice being downtown for a change (though I would take Burnaby over downtown just about any day, which would sound crazy to some, but it’s like a sanctuary to me!)  After the beach we had planned on using the pool at the mil’s apartment building, but it happened to be closed unfortunately.  So James and I ended up going on a date to a restaurant in Yaletown called the Hamilton Street Grill.  We just had the Gorgonzola Fondue, which was sooo delicious!  We LOVE fondue.  We decided not to get anything else because it was quite rich and we were already full from eating before that so we didn’t want to over do it.  We did, however, want coffee, but decided to venture somewhere else for it.  We really liked the HSG and would likely go back sometime, but we just felt like going for a bit of a walk and seeing what else we could find.  Our idea was hitting up a coffee shop and walking for a bit, but we ended up a short distance away at Subeez, where we sat outside and had double Cappuccinos and Americanos.  It was strong, but yummy, and gave us the jolt we needed since we were getting to our tired point of the day!

Tonight was the first fireworks (Celebration of Light) so you’d think my day would end with oohing and aahing at the awesome ‘works, but if that’s what you thought, you’d be wrong!  James stayed for the fireworks because the mil’s apartment looks out to English Bay so it’s a perfect viewing spot for them.  I, on the other hand, being the fireworks snob that I am (it’s true, I’m not going to deny it) didn’t feel like fighting the crowds to get home.  (The mil offered for us to stay over for the night, but obviously there’s no way I would do that either, I’d fight the crowds before that would ever happen!!)  We lived downtown for 5 years, and for 2 of those years I saw just about all the fireworks displays, and on other years I also saw a few.  I really don’t feel the need to ever see them again, truthfully.  Not saying I never will, but I don’t really feel inclined to!  So while 400,000 people were gearing up to watch the fireworks show, I headed to the skytrain and left Vancouver!  And it was glorious!  I actually enjoyed how quiet it was on the train and was very happy I WASN’T one of the people going in the opposite direction, like sardines trying to get on and off the skytrain. 

I ended up stopping by my parents’ place for a visit before heading home, and we had a lot of laughs and reminisced on some things and it was a really nice visit.  I’ve been feeling kind of sad at times lately, thinking still about Emma and the house and getting pangs of wow, it really happened etc, so it was nice to just be chatting about things that made us laugh in my childhood and whatnot. 

So the boy is staying at his Nana’s tonight.  James should be home pretty soon, since he booted it out of there as soon as the fireworks ended to get to transit.  I’m so happy I chose to come home, as while he’s bussing home no doubt with a full busload of other people, I am fresh out of the shower and cozy in my pj’s!  Yay me!  Who would have thought NOT participating in city events would be so fun!  Ha!

Anyway, we have part of the day to ourselves tomorrow so it should be relaxing.  Not sure what we’ll do, maybe a bike ride, or maybe we’ll just laze around.  I guess it depends on the weather.  Which was SO nice and hot today, the way summer SHOULD be, but then the clouds rolled in later in the afternoon.  What is UP with that?!  Seriously, we cannot get 24 straight hours of blue sky here this summer, it just seems impossible.

We’ve been eating out a bit more than usual what with having my parents and James’ mom eager to watch the boy for us…and we’ve also been milking the ability to have them take Andrew for a night here and there.  Well, I wouldn’t say ‘milking’, in that it’s not like we’re taking advantage or anything, but we do take up on the offer to have him stay when given the option!  We were talking about it tonight and I said we should probably cut back on the eating out and whatnot (not so much the nights to ourselves, although generally when we have them we eat out!)  But James made a VERY good point, which is that pretty soon we plan to be pregnant and have child #2, and once that happens it’ll be that much harder to have time to ourselves OR eat out or any of that sort of thing – it can be hard enough now so with 2 kids?  I think that’s a good point, so we might as well enjoy it now while we can!  I like the way my husband thinks =)

I even had a few drinks today, which normally I don’t, but I figure if I want to be pregnant pretty soon, it makes sense to splurge a little and do things I won’t be able to do for much longer!  So it’s time to live it up, or at least ‘live it up’ to the extent a mother of a 2 ½ year old can!! 


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