Finally some sunshine

Yesterday we went to the spa after dropping Andrew off at his Gommy and Papa’s for the weekend.  Our spa experience was amazing.  We went to the Spa at the Century Plaza downtown as we’ve been there several times before and have always had a great experience there.  We had a couple’s massage (since it was our anniversary celebration) so it was nice being in the same room together for it.  I wish we could afford the luxury on a weekly basis!!!!!

Our plan afterwards was to hit up a restaurant called the Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown, because we heard it has a yummy cheese fondue.  We loooove fondue so we were looking forward to going there…But when we arrived we were disappointed to discover they close in between lunch and dinner =(  We ended up going to a Thai restaurant just down the way from it, and it was good, but it wasn’t what I’d been wanting.  You know when you have your mind set on a particular place with particular food?  But oh well, we still had a nice time out, and it probably ended up being a far cheaper meal the way we did it!

Then we came home and vegged.  We watched a few episodes of Damages season 3.  SUCH a good show, we love it.  It was so nice to just relax and hang out and have a quiet night to ourselves.  Although at one point I SWEAR TO GAWD I heard Andrew sigh, as he sometimes does in his sleep!  I was SURE of it!  But of course he wasn’t there.  So weird!

This morning we got up early and went for a bike ride to De Dutch Pancake House on Hastings.  We spent over a month in Holland in 2001, so we liked the idea of going to a Dutch Pancake House!  Although it’s funny, because neither of us ended up ordering any Dutch Pancakes!  LOL  Truth be told, I don’t even like them!!  I tried them when we were in Amsterdam, but I found them to be too thin and just kind of weird tasting.  I might like them now, as that was 10 years ago (I can’t believe that was 10 years ago…In fact – we were there RIGHT NOW 10 years ago!)  Anyway, I had a Hash n’ Eggs – and I am only just getting it now how funny that sounds coming from a Dutch restaurant…HASH, get it?!  LOL 

Anyway, it was really good, we sat out on the patio and enjoyed the sun – yes, that’s right, it’s SUNNY today, and…get this…HOT!!!  I know the rest of Canada is suffering a heat wave, but over here on the west coast it has been fairly cold.  The other morning when we were out doing some gardening, I COULD SEE MY BREATH, that’s how cold it was.  So we’ll take a sunny day, please and thank you.  Several in a row would be much appreciated.

After brekkie we hopped back on our bikes and went for a bit of a ride in that area, and discovered a new playground to take Andrew to sometime.  Then we rode home and after a cool shower, I watered the plants and we did a few chores and then sat outside with a glass of wine.  We’ve had a bit of a wasp problem but it seems to be getting better.  Then I saw a GIANT spider, and I’m not kidding, this sucker was HUGE and RIGHT BY OUR BACK DOOR.  I would have fainted except I wouldn’t want to be laying on the ground unconscious where there could be more spiders!  Terrifying.  Anyway, Mr. Giant Hairy Spider is no longer with us.  Here is his last picture (possibly also the first) ever taken:
And some much nicer pictures from the day!!!:

It was so nice and relaxing to just sit outside together and sip our wine.  We let the cats out and they do pretty well as mostly indoor/slightly outdoor kitties.  Fifi is surprisingly the one who ventures further.  Moorka is the one who will cry at the back door as if she is desperate to go outside every day, but when you actually let her out she doesn’t like to stray too far from the back door.  After a few minutes sniffing about, she comes inside and lays down just inside the door, but looks out!  I think it’s because she had a bit of a rough life from the sounds of it, outdoors fending for herself AND her litter of kittens before she ended up at the shelter and then at least one house before ours.  So she doesn’t like feeling vulnerable.  Whereas Fifi was probably outside all of a day if that before she was found and taken to the shelter, she doesn’t understand the harshness of ‘street life’!  So she doesn’t worry so much about checking things out.  We still don’t let her get very far though, as ultimately I don’t want anything to happen to them while they’re in the great outdoors.  Their adoption ‘contracts’ specify that they remain indoor cats, and I intend to stick by that!!

But it’s nice to have the back door open (despite my fear that giant hairy spiders could make their way into my home…oh, don’t even get me started) and be out enjoying our yard space.  I guess because we haven’t had much nicer weather to be out enjoying it, it feels like such a novelty still to be able to walk right outside and sit out there and enjoy our plants and flowers and whatnot.  It’s such a peaceful spot, I consider us very lucky to live where we do. 

My parents dropped Andrew off around 1:30.  We had placed a bucket of ‘new’ toys on the steps in the backyard and thought we’d wait and see how long it took him to notice them.  When we were bussing home yesterday, we noticed a box by the curb outside a house across the street.  It said, ‘FREE TOYS, TAKE WHOLE BOX!  We had a few minutes to spare before the bus would be coming so we popped over to check it out and there were tons of little toys in there, including an Avatar figurine, some Simpsons figurines, Dora and Diego, that sort of thing.  So I snapped up the whole box!  James thought it was hilarious but went along with it, because we both agreed that it’s nice to be able to give Andrew what he thinks of as a ‘present’ but it was free for us!  When we got the stuff home I picked out what I thought was decent and the rest James put by our dumpster so someone else might take it.  I washed all the toys we kept in bleach water and set them out to dry.  So as soon as Andy got to the back yard (my parents brought him around back when they arrived), I heard him go, ‘Ooooooooh!  Sanks you, sanks you, fo-pizes!’  (Which means Thank you, thank you, surprises!)  LOL  He is so funny!  There was even a Buzz Lightyear motorcycle in there, and right away he picked it out and knew exactly what it was, Buzz Lightyear and all!  Too cute.

He apparently was a good boy for his Gommy and Papa, except for when it came to sleeping.  He stayed up ALL NIGHT??!  Slept from 5am-10am.  Not sure what that’s all about, but I’ll tell you right now, if he thinks he’s going to pull a stunt like that one me, he’s got something else coming!!  No way am I putting up with that!!!

Now the boys have gone to the store and the park, so I have time to write this and get some things done around here.  I’m a bit sad that the weekend is almost over, because I’d love it if James could spend more days with us enjoying the weather (assuming it continues to be nice…)  I wish he could take some time off but alas he gets zero vacation days this summer due to just having started his job a few months ago and being on a 6 month contract =(  Booo.

Oh well, we’ll take what we can get – and this weekend has proved to be fantastic!


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