Come on sun, show yourself

Yesterday we had planned on taking Andrew to Playland.  I was so excited because I KNOW how he loved the small fairs we took him to at Lougheed Mall and in Nanaimo this spring.  I’ve also totally pumped up Disneyland and he can’t wait to get himself there.  So…Playland is going to be so awesome for him.  He can’t go on many of the rides but it looks from their website like there are at least a few that he can go on.  And besides that he’ll enjoy looking at the rides he can’t go on, and eating cotton candy and mini donuts! 

But, alas, our non-summer weather decided to rear its ugly head for the majority of the day.  So my dream of taking the boy to Playland for the first time ever was dashed.

I am so sick and tired of our non-summer.  We had such a non-spring this year, I at least thought summer would be amazing, but we have a nice day here and there and then crappy weather for a much longer stretch than necessary.  When’s it going to clear up so we can do summery things on a daily basis?  It annoyed me to no end that we had to have an ‘indoor day’ yesterday.  How lame is that when it’s the middle of July, to be cooped up indoors because it’s too wet outside?!

James had already made plans to get together with his mom today, so it looks like Playland will have to wait at minimum several weeks now, since we have plans for next weekend already.  Although I am looking forward to those plans…Andy is staying with his Gommy and Papa and James and I are going to the spa for a couple’s massage!  I can hardly wait!  I’ve felt like I could use a professional massage for ages, it’s going to be so relaxing.  Our 4 year wedding anniversary is the following Wednesday, so we decided to celebrate the weekend before.  We were toying with the idea of going to Seattle for a night or something along those lines, but then we decided that for the same money we’d spend on a hotel, we could instead spend at the spa.  We still get the night to ourselves at home, so it just makes more sense to do it that way.

BUT Playland IS in our future, and I can hardly wait to see the boy’s reaction when we’re there!


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