Another Playland adventure!

Today I took Andrew back to Playland.  I asked him this morning what he wanted to do today, and his reply?  ‘Go mall!’  Well, I knew if we went to the mall we’d spend more than the ticket price into Playland, and we’d be spending it on stuff he DOES NOT NEED.  I am really wanting to deter him from frivolous spending.  You might wonder, then, why I took him to Playland!  LOL  It’s not exactly conducive to saving money!  BUT we did it right, and ended up spending a total of $20 for nearly 3 hours of F-U-N!  Which I actually think is a really good deal.  Certainly not something we would do on a regular basis, I mean I much prefer 3 hours of F-U-N for F-R-E-E!  But, seriously, the Disneyland addict in me loves going to Playland with the boy, and it’s only open a short time of the year!!  $12.95 gets us everything we need, throw in some popcorn and donuts and it’s a day at the fair =)

Anyway, he was pretty pleased that we were going back.  He wanted to do things differently this time around though.  We ended up going on the helicopter ride 3 times in a row, on the roller coaster only once, and the Super Slide twice!  We also went on the carousel a few times, the train ride, and I’m possibly forgetting a ride or two.  The Super Slide ended up being fairly thrilling (for me, at least!)  We had just been on some other ride and I said to Andrew, ‘What do you want to go on next?’ and his reply, ‘Ummm, how about Super Slide?’  I didn’t even know that’s what the ride was called – he had gone on it with his Dad the last time we were there.  Well, I knew what he was talking about and when we got to the ride, lo and behold he had the name right!  I thought that was so funny.  The things he remembers!!

We spent a lot of time just standing and looking at the Haunted Mansion, and Andrew said hi to the creepy monsters there that he named Frank, Henry, and George the last time we were there.  We also looked at all the crazy rides and Andrew said he would go on them all one day.  ‘Not now, no, later!  Few years!’  LOL

It’s great that you can take your own stuff in there.  I wonder how they deal with the possibility that people are bringing in alcohol?  I obviously wouldn’t be someone who would, as I’m going there with my little boy!  But I’d imagine a lot of people WOULD want to do that.  Maybe in the evenings they check bags, because evenings would be more likely to involve drinking?!  I don’t know – but I saw someone taking a whole cooler in with them as we were heading out!  I like that they don’t demand you buy everything there for top dollar.  Andrew and I wouldn’t have gone back if I’d have had to pay for an overpriced water, for example.  So it’s cool that they make it cost-effective if you want to do it that way.  Of course the goodies are enticing, though, and I’m sure they realize that most people aren’t going to be able to contain themselves!

Yes, I do love a good fair, I just can’t help it =)  I don’t think we’ll go again this year though.  Maybe we’ll check out the PNE when it’s here but I don’t know too much about what that entails so we’ll have to see.

The sun finally burst through the clouds today.  It was warm but cloudy when we headed out, but luckily I did put sunscreen on us before we left.  When the clouds parted it felt really hot – mostly, I’m sure, because we’re really not used to feeling that kind of heat what with having the crappiest summer in history weather-wise (or at least it has seemed that way!)  It got a little too hot to stay much longer so that’s why we left when we did.  I didn’t want Andy to get a burn, and given he’s so fair like me (well, and James for that matter!) he easily could!  We caught the bus but JUST missed our connection, so we had to walk for 20 minutes to get home, which was a bit of a drag since Andrew wanted me to carry him the entire way, but we made it!  I felt so tired though, not so much from the walk since it’s not a bad walk, just because we’d been walking around essentially for hours and it was HOT.  I’m NOT complaining about the weather, I want it to be summery!  I think we left at a good time though, I don’t think it would have been good to over do it.

Luckily I managed to keep the boy from napping when we got home, and then when James got home we sat outside for supper – which is soooo nice to be able to do!  And then the boys went off for a bike ride so I could have a few moments of peace, and here I am.  I just feel so zonked, I need to sleep so I’ll have energy for the weekend!

So happy it’s a long weekend, yay for BC Day!  So nice to have James home with us for 3 days.  I think it’s supposed to be sunny the whole way through, wouldn’t it be nice if we finally had a nice stretch of SUNSHINE?!  Here’s hoping it happens!!


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