An adventure with the boy

Despite Andrew waking me up a million times through the night last night, I felt relatively energetic this morning.  I knew that I wanted to take Andrew out on an adventure, and I wanted it to be outdoors since the weather looked fairly decent.  I thought it would be fun to go somewhere we’d never been before, but I wasn’t feeling sooo ambitious as to want to go on multiple transit rides. 

So we hopped on one bus and went to Sperling skytrain station.  There’s a huge overpass right by the station and James and I have always thought it would be fun to bike over it and check out the area on the other side of it.  I don’t have the bike seat for Andrew on my bike, so we walked over the overpass to check things out.  It basically goes to a path that leads to Burnaby Lake, and also the Burnaby Sports Complex where James played soccer last week.  Perhaps not the most exciting area (which is not to say I don’t enjoy Burnaby Lake because I do!) but it was a fun outing for us.  I carried Andrew on my shoulders a lot of the way so I was definitely getting a workout! 

He had a whole thing in his mind that The Joker was going to be there and he even picked a leaf that he was going to give to him!  So I had to go along with the story for the duration, which was fun, even though I knew in the end there would be no actual Joker sighting!

There was a playground across from the sports complex so I took Andrew to that and he was happily playing when a big group of kids at a camp came to play there.  They were all at least 3 times Andrew’s age.  Andy did NOT want to share the park with them, and wasn’t letting anyone go down the slide.  Then he started putting rocks in the kids shirts (or trying to) if they tried to get past him to go on the slide, so I coaxed him down and we left.  He agreed that he wasn’t playing nicely!  We went and found a little spot that looked like a little golf green in the middle of the field (random, I know) and had our little picnic lunch there.  Then we headed back to the skytrain station the same way we came, and luckily our bus was there within a few minutes. 

My plan was to just go home but along the way Andrew spotted a park we’d never been to before and yelled out on the bus, ‘PARK!  Mommy, look at it!  MOMMY, MOMMY, LOOOOOOK AAAAAAT IIIIIIIT!’  Someone happened to be getting out at the stop right by it so I grabbed Andrew up off the seat and we got off the bus a few stops early to check out this new park.

We ended up staying there for close to an hour, AND he played amazingly well with all the kids there!  One little girl was annoyed by him, but that’s because he was obsessing over her Dora shirt and shoes!  LOL  He kept pointing and saying, ‘Andrew have it, one day?’  He is too funny.

When we came home I was a little worried he might want to nap because we’d been out for 4 hours in the fresh air and he did a lot of running around.  I put Caillou on and he watched a few episodes while having various snacks (he is ALWAYS hungry, it’s practically a full time job JUST coming up with what he’s going to eat next!!) but he didn’t fall asleep, and when he looked like he might be close to drifting off, I’d talk to him about what was happening on the show or something and he’d perk up again.  Then he got his infamous second wind and it’s after supper and he and his Daddy have headed off to our usual park!  Phew!!  Thank goodness for his Daddy being more than happy to give me a break!  I actually did amazingly well today energy-wise, so I never got to a zombie stage surprisingly, but it’s still SO NICE to have just a little peace and quiet in the evening before it’s time to get the boy to sleep!

It felt good to get out today, and to go somewhere new.  I have a few ideas for other places I’d like to take him this week, too, if the weather holds up.  Here’s hoping it does, it would be nice to finally get some summery activities on the go!


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