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Long weekend day two is pretty relaxed

We had a nice night to ourselves last night, and this morning we sat outside for a little while.  The weather is kind of crummy again (we even had a huge downpour at one point this morning!) but it’s not TOO cold so at least we can still sit outside even when it’s cloudy.  Still not summery enough for my liking, but oh well!
It was nice sitting outside with our coffees and cereal this morning.  I do like that we can do that!  Then later in the morning we made eggs benny’s and then got ready and went for a walk (after the rain).  We explored a new trail area nearby that I didn’t even know existed, and then picked up a few groceries on our way home.  We’re having my aunt and uncle over tonight after dinner and we needed vanilla ice cream to go with the Rhubarb Crisp I made for the occasion.  It smells so good, I can’t wait to eat it (but I will!)
Now James is picking up Andrew from the mil’s.  Apparently she took him to the Gay Pride Parade today, but he fell asleep!  LOL  He’s so funny, …

First day of the long weekend

Today my dad came over to do some work on our garden, then we (James, Andrew and I) headed downtown to the mil’s place.We took Andrew to English Bay and it was SO CUTE watching him play by the water. Last summer we used to go to the beach more often since we were living so close by, and Andrew reeeeally hated getting his hands dirty so sand was a bit of an issue for him!Today he seemed to not LOVE the sand being all caked onto his hands, but he played a lot, and even dipped into the water far enough to get his shorts wet!He looked SO cute in his sun hat, it killed me a little bit that I left my camera at my bro’s house by accident (we had stopped by his place on the way into town and Andrew was having such a huge tantrum there that I completely forgot I’d got my camera out).Too bad, because I could have got some really great shots today.
BUT it was nice being downtown for a change (though I would take Burnaby over downtown just about any day, which would sound crazy to some, but it’s …

Say Cheese!

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture pictures of Andrew smiling NATURALLY.  I do get them from time to time – he smiles a LOT so it IS possible to capture on camera!  BUT in general when I ask him to smile for the camera, he says, ‘CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!’ and I end up with the most unnatural smile ever!
He’s still cute, even if he’s fake-smiling…!...but it can be frustrating when I know how truly ADORABLE he is when he smiles ‘fo real’!  I know it’s just a phase, and it’s a rather funny one, but at the same time…!#%&!(!)#^#@!!!
Here are some pictures from the past few days, some with fake smiles, others with no smiles.  Maybe one or two with at least a partial ‘fo real’ smile?!
He's proud of himself here, the way he's got his toys set up on the toilet.  He told me all these characters are best friends.  He really seemed genuinely pleased, and if I do say so myself his smile is cute, but it's definitely leaning toward 'fake'! Here's a more genuine smile, …

Another Playland adventure!

Today I took Andrew back to Playland.I asked him this morning what he wanted to do today, and his reply?‘Go mall!’Well, I knew if we went to the mall we’d spend more than the ticket price into Playland, and we’d be spending it on stuff he DOES NOT NEED.I am really wanting to deter him from frivolous spending.You might wonder, then, why I took him to Playland!LOLIt’s not exactly conducive to saving money!BUT we did it right, and ended up spending a total of $20 for nearly 3 hours of F-U-N! Which I actually think is a really good deal.Certainly not something we would do on a regular basis, I mean I much prefer 3 hours of F-U-N for F-R-E-E!But, seriously, the Disneyland addict in me loves going to Playland with the boy, and it’s only open a short time of the year!!$12.95 gets us everything we need, throw in some popcorn and donuts and it’s a day at the fair =)
Anyway, he was pretty pleased that we were going back.He wanted to do things differently this time around though.We ended up going…

Four years of wedded bliss

Four years ago today, James and I joined hands in holy matrimony.HA!Maybe I wouldn’t put it quite like that.We tied the knot!
I am so glad we got married this day four years ago and not today.It is cloudy today.CLOUDY on July 27th, when statistically speaking this date is hot and very sunny.On our wedding day, I don’t believe there was a cloud in the sky to really speak of.It was perfect. It feels like we’ve been married a lot longer than 4 years, not because we can’t stand being together so time’s just dragging us along – quite the contrary! – but because we’ve been together for almost 13 years, and essentially lived together since the moment we first met!I honestly have a hard time thinking about the fact that there was a large span of time in my life when I didn’t even know James existed.I sometimes wonder if deep down inside I subconsciously knew he did, because I can’t imagine that we weren’t meant to be together.As in, really, truly, ‘meant to be.’I don’t know if I believe in the…

What a nightmare...

The other night I had a nightmare about moving.  I think in reality I was worrying that our landlord was going to tell us she had plans to sell her condo (where we live) once our lease is up in February.  (Which, as it turns out, isn’t true, thank gawd!)  Anyway, in the dream, we decided to go back to the ‘new’ place to have a second look, just to suss out where we’d want to put our furniture and that sort of thing.  I was so excited about the prospect of it (even though in reality I love our place so much and DO NOT want to move!)
We got there and it turned out my brother was living there but was moving out, which is partly why we’d decided to snap it up, because the rent would stay at the rate he was getting or something along those lines.  Well, we walked in and I thought I was going to fall over from the disappointment.  Or maybe from the TREE ROOTS that had grown up through the floor boards, making it impossible to walk around.  The place was disgusting – there was mold, the count…

A thing for shoes

Today (well, technically yesterday since it’s well after midnight – another late night, sigh!) I took Andrew to the mall.  I hesitate before ever taking Andrew with me to the mall because he’s a little consumer and he never goes home empty handed when we’re at the mall together. 
I decided that if he was going to get something new, it had to be something that wouldn’t be a total waste, such as a toy he totally doesn’t need because he already has a million toys.  So we got him his ‘fall shoes’!

Andrew LOVES shoes.  As in, absolute adoration.  Some people first notice a person’s eyes, or maybe their hair…Andrew goes straight for the shoes.  ‘Ooooh, nice shoes!  Andrew like them!’ he might say.  Or, ‘Andrew have these one day?’  He sometimes talks about shoes when I wouldn’t expect him to be thinking about them, and when people come over he will grab his favourite pair of shoes to show off, rather than a favourite toy!
So we checked out the shoe selection, which is actually pretty good ri…

An adventure with the boy

Despite Andrew waking me up a million times through the night last night, I felt relatively energetic this morning.  I knew that I wanted to take Andrew out on an adventure, and I wanted it to be outdoors since the weather looked fairly decent.  I thought it would be fun to go somewhere we’d never been before, but I wasn’t feeling sooo ambitious as to want to go on multiple transit rides. 
So we hopped on one bus and went to Sperling skytrain station.  There’s a huge overpass right by the station and James and I have always thought it would be fun to bike over it and check out the area on the other side of it.  I don’t have the bike seat for Andrew on my bike, so we walked over the overpass to check things out.  It basically goes to a path that leads to Burnaby Lake, and also the Burnaby Sports Complex where James played soccer last week.  Perhaps not the most exciting area (which is not to say I don’t enjoy Burnaby Lake because I do!) but it was a fun outing for us.  I ca…

Finally some sunshine

Yesterday we went to the spa after dropping Andrew off at his Gommy and Papa’s for the weekend.Our spa experience was amazing.We went to the Spa at the Century Plaza downtown as we’ve been there several times before and have always had a great experience there.We had a couple’s massage (since it was our anniversary celebration) so it was nice being in the same room together for it.I wish we could afford the luxury on a weekly basis!!!!!
Our plan afterwards was to hit up a restaurant called the Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown, because we heard it has a yummy cheese fondue.We loooove fondue so we were looking forward to going there…But when we arrived we were disappointed to discover they close in between lunch and dinner =(We ended up going to a Thai restaurant just down the way from it, and it was good, but it wasn’t what I’d been wanting.You know when you have your mind set on a particular place with particular food?But oh well, we still had a nice time out, and it probably ended …