Sunday, July 31, 2011

Long weekend day two is pretty relaxed

We had a nice night to ourselves last night, and this morning we sat outside for a little while.  The weather is kind of crummy again (we even had a huge downpour at one point this morning!) but it’s not TOO cold so at least we can still sit outside even when it’s cloudy.  Still not summery enough for my liking, but oh well!

It was nice sitting outside with our coffees and cereal this morning.  I do like that we can do that!  Then later in the morning we made eggs benny’s and then got ready and went for a walk (after the rain).  We explored a new trail area nearby that I didn’t even know existed, and then picked up a few groceries on our way home.  We’re having my aunt and uncle over tonight after dinner and we needed vanilla ice cream to go with the Rhubarb Crisp I made for the occasion.  It smells so good, I can’t wait to eat it (but I will!)

Now James is picking up Andrew from the mil’s.  Apparently she took him to the Gay Pride Parade today, but he fell asleep!  LOL  He’s so funny, he’ll sleep through anything when it’s sleep he’s decided he wants!  He’s been to the pride parade before, although I thought he’d enjoy it more this year with being a bit older, but I guess it wasn’t enough to hold his attention!  Or he was just really tired and needed the nap because he probably can’t keep up with his Nana’s energy!  I swear she’s got more energy than him, which is insane.

I got a bunch of chores done and now I’m going to chillax till the boys get home.  I’m STILL reading The Help but I’m just about done.  I guess I’m a slow reader, although in my defence I only really read when it’s quite late at night so I tend not to read a whole lot before I start falling asleep.  I like the book though, and I still want to see the movie once I’ve read the whole thing.

We’re HOPING to have a family day tomorrow, just the 3 of us.  We always seem to have so many plans with other people, which is great, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to spend time with the rest of our family!  But it’d be nice for the 3 of us to do something together and not have any other obligations.  Not sure yet what that’s going to entail, I guess it will be weather depending, but HOPEFULLY it’s going to mean something outdoors...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

First day of the long weekend

Today my dad came over to do some work on our garden, then we (James, Andrew and I) headed downtown to the mil’s place.  We took Andrew to English Bay and it was SO CUTE watching him play by the water.  Last summer we used to go to the beach more often since we were living so close by, and Andrew reeeeally hated getting his hands dirty so sand was a bit of an issue for him!  Today he seemed to not LOVE the sand being all caked onto his hands, but he played a lot, and even dipped into the water far enough to get his shorts wet!  He looked SO cute in his sun hat, it killed me a little bit that I left my camera at my bro’s house by accident (we had stopped by his place on the way into town and Andrew was having such a huge tantrum there that I completely forgot I’d got my camera out).  Too bad, because I could have got some really great shots today. 

BUT it was nice being downtown for a change (though I would take Burnaby over downtown just about any day, which would sound crazy to some, but it’s like a sanctuary to me!)  After the beach we had planned on using the pool at the mil’s apartment building, but it happened to be closed unfortunately.  So James and I ended up going on a date to a restaurant in Yaletown called the Hamilton Street Grill.  We just had the Gorgonzola Fondue, which was sooo delicious!  We LOVE fondue.  We decided not to get anything else because it was quite rich and we were already full from eating before that so we didn’t want to over do it.  We did, however, want coffee, but decided to venture somewhere else for it.  We really liked the HSG and would likely go back sometime, but we just felt like going for a bit of a walk and seeing what else we could find.  Our idea was hitting up a coffee shop and walking for a bit, but we ended up a short distance away at Subeez, where we sat outside and had double Cappuccinos and Americanos.  It was strong, but yummy, and gave us the jolt we needed since we were getting to our tired point of the day!

Tonight was the first fireworks (Celebration of Light) so you’d think my day would end with oohing and aahing at the awesome ‘works, but if that’s what you thought, you’d be wrong!  James stayed for the fireworks because the mil’s apartment looks out to English Bay so it’s a perfect viewing spot for them.  I, on the other hand, being the fireworks snob that I am (it’s true, I’m not going to deny it) didn’t feel like fighting the crowds to get home.  (The mil offered for us to stay over for the night, but obviously there’s no way I would do that either, I’d fight the crowds before that would ever happen!!)  We lived downtown for 5 years, and for 2 of those years I saw just about all the fireworks displays, and on other years I also saw a few.  I really don’t feel the need to ever see them again, truthfully.  Not saying I never will, but I don’t really feel inclined to!  So while 400,000 people were gearing up to watch the fireworks show, I headed to the skytrain and left Vancouver!  And it was glorious!  I actually enjoyed how quiet it was on the train and was very happy I WASN’T one of the people going in the opposite direction, like sardines trying to get on and off the skytrain. 

I ended up stopping by my parents’ place for a visit before heading home, and we had a lot of laughs and reminisced on some things and it was a really nice visit.  I’ve been feeling kind of sad at times lately, thinking still about Emma and the house and getting pangs of wow, it really happened etc, so it was nice to just be chatting about things that made us laugh in my childhood and whatnot. 

So the boy is staying at his Nana’s tonight.  James should be home pretty soon, since he booted it out of there as soon as the fireworks ended to get to transit.  I’m so happy I chose to come home, as while he’s bussing home no doubt with a full busload of other people, I am fresh out of the shower and cozy in my pj’s!  Yay me!  Who would have thought NOT participating in city events would be so fun!  Ha!

Anyway, we have part of the day to ourselves tomorrow so it should be relaxing.  Not sure what we’ll do, maybe a bike ride, or maybe we’ll just laze around.  I guess it depends on the weather.  Which was SO nice and hot today, the way summer SHOULD be, but then the clouds rolled in later in the afternoon.  What is UP with that?!  Seriously, we cannot get 24 straight hours of blue sky here this summer, it just seems impossible.

We’ve been eating out a bit more than usual what with having my parents and James’ mom eager to watch the boy for us…and we’ve also been milking the ability to have them take Andrew for a night here and there.  Well, I wouldn’t say ‘milking’, in that it’s not like we’re taking advantage or anything, but we do take up on the offer to have him stay when given the option!  We were talking about it tonight and I said we should probably cut back on the eating out and whatnot (not so much the nights to ourselves, although generally when we have them we eat out!)  But James made a VERY good point, which is that pretty soon we plan to be pregnant and have child #2, and once that happens it’ll be that much harder to have time to ourselves OR eat out or any of that sort of thing – it can be hard enough now so with 2 kids?  I think that’s a good point, so we might as well enjoy it now while we can!  I like the way my husband thinks =)

I even had a few drinks today, which normally I don’t, but I figure if I want to be pregnant pretty soon, it makes sense to splurge a little and do things I won’t be able to do for much longer!  So it’s time to live it up, or at least ‘live it up’ to the extent a mother of a 2 ½ year old can!! 

Say Cheese!

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture pictures of Andrew smiling NATURALLY.  I do get them from time to time – he smiles a LOT so it IS possible to capture on camera!  BUT in general when I ask him to smile for the camera, he says, ‘CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!’ and I end up with the most unnatural smile ever!

He’s still cute, even if he’s fake-smiling…!...but it can be frustrating when I know how truly ADORABLE he is when he smiles ‘fo real’!  I know it’s just a phase, and it’s a rather funny one, but at the same time…!#%&!(!)#^#@!!!

Here are some pictures from the past few days, some with fake smiles, others with no smiles.  Maybe one or two with at least a partial ‘fo real’ smile?!

He's proud of himself here, the way he's got his toys set up on the toilet.  He told me all these characters are best friends.  He really seemed genuinely pleased, and if I do say so myself his smile is cute, but it's definitely leaning toward 'fake'!
Here's a more genuine smile, giving Donald Duck a hug!  He was so happy to have a ride in this thing because my usual response to MOMMY MOMMY, ANDREW RIDE THIS ONE RIIIIIGHT NOOOOW?! is Oh, sorry sweetie, I think it's broken.  Too bad, maybe next time!  LOL

He has a genuine smile here, but his eyes are closed.  That's another one I forgot to mention - often I get a perfect picture...if only his eyes were open!!  Sometimes I will ask him to open his eyes after getting several with them closed, but that just eggs him on and he forces them shut and throws me a fake smile to go with it!  (Gotta love 2 year olds!!!)
Slight fakeness here but mostly real.  He LOVED that there was a bunny on the carousel, he got bored of the horses!  He thought this MUST be Peter Rabbit =)
Totally fake smile, complete with closed eyes.  AWESOME!
Gratuitous 'creepy montnay (monster)' shot from Playland today!
Juuuust making sure he's not escaping from the window or anything...!
Totally fake.  Totally cute, too, right?  But fake nonetheless.
Refusing to look at the camera, but after 3 tries I gave up, and this was the best of the 3!
Enough of the boy!  Here is a beautiful flower that bloomed in our garden over the past few days.

And the gorgeous hydrangeas in our garden - I love love love them!  Especially given they were our 'wedding flower' of choice, it makes me happy that we now have some of our own to enjoy!
Andrew knows how to take a picture to the next level - I have him to thank for the droplets of water, as he decided to water the garden just before I took the picture =)
An odd mix of pictures, I know, but I felt like posting them all in one post!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Playland adventure!

Today I took Andrew back to Playland.  I asked him this morning what he wanted to do today, and his reply?  ‘Go mall!’  Well, I knew if we went to the mall we’d spend more than the ticket price into Playland, and we’d be spending it on stuff he DOES NOT NEED.  I am really wanting to deter him from frivolous spending.  You might wonder, then, why I took him to Playland!  LOL  It’s not exactly conducive to saving money!  BUT we did it right, and ended up spending a total of $20 for nearly 3 hours of F-U-N!  Which I actually think is a really good deal.  Certainly not something we would do on a regular basis, I mean I much prefer 3 hours of F-U-N for F-R-E-E!  But, seriously, the Disneyland addict in me loves going to Playland with the boy, and it’s only open a short time of the year!!  $12.95 gets us everything we need, throw in some popcorn and donuts and it’s a day at the fair =)

Anyway, he was pretty pleased that we were going back.  He wanted to do things differently this time around though.  We ended up going on the helicopter ride 3 times in a row, on the roller coaster only once, and the Super Slide twice!  We also went on the carousel a few times, the train ride, and I’m possibly forgetting a ride or two.  The Super Slide ended up being fairly thrilling (for me, at least!)  We had just been on some other ride and I said to Andrew, ‘What do you want to go on next?’ and his reply, ‘Ummm, how about Super Slide?’  I didn’t even know that’s what the ride was called – he had gone on it with his Dad the last time we were there.  Well, I knew what he was talking about and when we got to the ride, lo and behold he had the name right!  I thought that was so funny.  The things he remembers!!

We spent a lot of time just standing and looking at the Haunted Mansion, and Andrew said hi to the creepy monsters there that he named Frank, Henry, and George the last time we were there.  We also looked at all the crazy rides and Andrew said he would go on them all one day.  ‘Not now, no, later!  Few years!’  LOL

It’s great that you can take your own stuff in there.  I wonder how they deal with the possibility that people are bringing in alcohol?  I obviously wouldn’t be someone who would, as I’m going there with my little boy!  But I’d imagine a lot of people WOULD want to do that.  Maybe in the evenings they check bags, because evenings would be more likely to involve drinking?!  I don’t know – but I saw someone taking a whole cooler in with them as we were heading out!  I like that they don’t demand you buy everything there for top dollar.  Andrew and I wouldn’t have gone back if I’d have had to pay for an overpriced water, for example.  So it’s cool that they make it cost-effective if you want to do it that way.  Of course the goodies are enticing, though, and I’m sure they realize that most people aren’t going to be able to contain themselves!

Yes, I do love a good fair, I just can’t help it =)  I don’t think we’ll go again this year though.  Maybe we’ll check out the PNE when it’s here but I don’t know too much about what that entails so we’ll have to see.

The sun finally burst through the clouds today.  It was warm but cloudy when we headed out, but luckily I did put sunscreen on us before we left.  When the clouds parted it felt really hot – mostly, I’m sure, because we’re really not used to feeling that kind of heat what with having the crappiest summer in history weather-wise (or at least it has seemed that way!)  It got a little too hot to stay much longer so that’s why we left when we did.  I didn’t want Andy to get a burn, and given he’s so fair like me (well, and James for that matter!) he easily could!  We caught the bus but JUST missed our connection, so we had to walk for 20 minutes to get home, which was a bit of a drag since Andrew wanted me to carry him the entire way, but we made it!  I felt so tired though, not so much from the walk since it’s not a bad walk, just because we’d been walking around essentially for hours and it was HOT.  I’m NOT complaining about the weather, I want it to be summery!  I think we left at a good time though, I don’t think it would have been good to over do it.

Luckily I managed to keep the boy from napping when we got home, and then when James got home we sat outside for supper – which is soooo nice to be able to do!  And then the boys went off for a bike ride so I could have a few moments of peace, and here I am.  I just feel so zonked, I need to sleep so I’ll have energy for the weekend!

So happy it’s a long weekend, yay for BC Day!  So nice to have James home with us for 3 days.  I think it’s supposed to be sunny the whole way through, wouldn’t it be nice if we finally had a nice stretch of SUNSHINE?!  Here’s hoping it happens!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Four years of wedded bliss

 Four years ago today, James and I joined hands in holy matrimony.  HA!  Maybe I wouldn’t put it quite like that.  We tied the knot!

I am so glad we got married this day four years ago and not today.  It is cloudy today.  CLOUDY on July 27th, when statistically speaking this date is hot and very sunny.  On our wedding day, I don’t believe there was a cloud in the sky to really speak of.  It was perfect.
It feels like we’ve been married a lot longer than 4 years, not because we can’t stand being together so time’s just dragging us along – quite the contrary! – but because we’ve been together for almost 13 years, and essentially lived together since the moment we first met!  I honestly have a hard time thinking about the fact that there was a large span of time in my life when I didn’t even know James existed.  I sometimes wonder if deep down inside I subconsciously knew he did, because I can’t imagine that we weren’t meant to be together.  As in, really, truly, ‘meant to be.’  I don’t know if I believe in the whole idea that everything is already locked in place, our lives mapped out for us.  But I’m pretty sure that whatever our ‘plans’ might have been, the main goal was to get us together and keep it that way!

I won’t deny that there are times when James makes me angry or upset.  It would be unnatural if we didn’t get on each other’s nerves from time to time (mostly him on mine – haha!)  But I can honestly say we are a solid unit, as I can only think of 2 things that upset me about him!  Which is pretty darn good when you think about it, so I won’t bother divulging what those two things are (I’m pretty sure he could guess!) 
 What I love most about James is…Well, it’s hard to pick just one thing.  I love HIM for who he is, collectively as a whole.  But I will say that aside from loving his adorable handsomeness obviously, I love his genuineness.  I love that he is so deeply in love with me and it shows.  I never worry that he doesn’t care about me, because I know he does.  He adores me even more now than he did when we were first going out!  He loves to hug me and kiss me and show affections.  In fact, he does those things even more than I do!  (Which is not to say that I don’t adore him, because of course I do, and I know he knows it!)

I love how loving James is, toward me but also toward Andrew.  I love how connected we are and how much time and energy he WANTS to put in to being with me and with our boy.  I greatly appreciate how willing he is to take the boy out for a while after supper so I can have a break, even though he was at work all day, because he understands how exhausting a full day with the boy is (also wonderful, of course, but exhausting because of his crazy energy levels that we can’t possibly live up to!)  I love James’ sensitive side, I love how philosophical he gets, I like how he’s usually game for just about anything and likes to look at the positive wherever he can.  He and I are very different in many ways, but we complement each other beautifully, if I do say so myself =)

So, yes, while there may be times where he makes me want to rip my hair out, I can safely say there is no other man in the world who could make my heart happy the way James does.  I am forever his, and he forever mine.  For all eternity.  (That’s right, James, ALL ETERNITY, and don’t you forget it!)  =) 
Even though we’ve essentially been ‘married’ a lot longer than our wedding anniversary suggests, I love to think about that special day we shared with the people we care about the most.  It was a wonderful thing, to throw a party to celebrate our love and relationship, to show everyone just how much we shine together.  It was such a special day, and I love what it stands for.  I love what WE stand for!  And I love that we created the most preciously perfect human being together.  Just as I can’t believe there was ever a time when I didn’t know James, I can’t believe for a second that I ever lived without my boy!  There was certainly a void until both my boys came into my life.  And I am so grateful for both of them.

Happy Anniversary Schmoopy!  I love you!  Still?  Always!!!!


What a nightmare...

The other night I had a nightmare about moving.  I think in reality I was worrying that our landlord was going to tell us she had plans to sell her condo (where we live) once our lease is up in February.  (Which, as it turns out, isn’t true, thank gawd!)  Anyway, in the dream, we decided to go back to the ‘new’ place to have a second look, just to suss out where we’d want to put our furniture and that sort of thing.  I was so excited about the prospect of it (even though in reality I love our place so much and DO NOT want to move!)

We got there and it turned out my brother was living there but was moving out, which is partly why we’d decided to snap it up, because the rent would stay at the rate he was getting or something along those lines.  Well, we walked in and I thought I was going to fall over from the disappointment.  Or maybe from the TREE ROOTS that had grown up through the floor boards, making it impossible to walk around.  The place was disgusting – there was mold, the counters in the kitchen were scabbed together and didn’t even match in colour the whole way through.  It was tiny, there was nowhere to put anything (the tree roots pretty much made the place uninhabitable!)  I hated it the minute I saw it and wondered why we’d signed the lease!  To add insult to injury, I realized it was in Horseshoe Bay, and when we walked out the front door, we were right at the ferry dock!  So we’d be listening to the ferry horn going off frequently, and omg what a nightmare to live RIGHT at the ferries!  I was so depressed.  It hit me that my parents had just moved out to Burnaby, so why would I have any need to be so close to the ferry?!  I also had visions of our kitchen here and all the things I love about this place, and my heart sank when I thought how we were giving it all up for THAT.  I was determined to pay them out somehow and stay where we are!

Then I woke up, and luckily realized it was all just a dream.  I hate dreams like that!

I’ve had dreams like it about other places before, when I was happy to be living in whatever apartment.  While I was still attached and thought I could never live anywhere but there.  We know deep down that we can only stay here for another few years at most, because even though it’s a heck of a lot more spacious than our last place, it’s not really big enough for 2 kids as child #2 starts to grow and needs as much space as Andrew.  Ultimately, unless we go the route of bunk beds, which I’m not entirely keen on, there really isn’t room in Andrew’s bedroom for 2 separate beds. 

BUT I also know I’m good at creating space where they really isn’t much, and we will be able to make do with what we have here for as long as we can.  We love it here so much.  I can’t imagine being able to find anything remotely similar to it, it really feels like ‘home’ and I’m so glad that for the time being I can say that it IS!

A thing for shoes

Today (well, technically yesterday since it’s well after midnight – another late night, sigh!) I took Andrew to the mall.  I hesitate before ever taking Andrew with me to the mall because he’s a little consumer and he never goes home empty handed when we’re at the mall together. 

I decided that if he was going to get something new, it had to be something that wouldn’t be a total waste, such as a toy he totally doesn’t need because he already has a million toys.  So we got him his ‘fall shoes’!

Andrew LOVES shoes.  As in, absolute adoration.  Some people first notice a person’s eyes, or maybe their hair…Andrew goes straight for the shoes.  ‘Ooooh, nice shoes!  Andrew like them!’ he might say.  Or, ‘Andrew have these one day?’  He sometimes talks about shoes when I wouldn’t expect him to be thinking about them, and when people come over he will grab his favourite pair of shoes to show off, rather than a favourite toy!

So we checked out the shoe selection, which is actually pretty good right now because the stores seem to be getting their back-to-school stock in already.  Now’s the time to get shoes for the kids before they’re all picked over just before school starts again!  Not that Andrew’s size should reflect that, but of course all the sizes come in at the same time, so there they were. 

A brand new pair of Spiderman shoes that have this cool feature of a Velcro spiderweb on top.  He saw them and immediately I knew they were the ones he would pick.  He wears a size 7 right now but I got a size 8 so they’ll last longer.  They’re a little big but not really, he’s growing and is probably a 7-7 ½ already.  I couldn’t believe it when I tried them on him and they fit!

We left the store and he wanted his old shoes off to be replaced with the new ones.  I hope he’ll still wear his summer Spidey shoes sometimes!  He gets so keen on a new pair that nothing else will do.  I put the new shoes on his feet but explained that he’d have to take them off in a few minutes because we were heading to the kids playground and there’s a no shoe policy.  He pointed to his feet and said, ‘But brand new!’  It was like he actually got what I was getting at, that shoes aren’t allowed because they might be dirty, but his point was that his COULDN’T be dirty, because they were brand spanking new.  Sometimes I find it so crazy that he understands things when I don’t know how he possibly could! 

After he played super well with tons of other kids at the play area for about half an hour, we went over and had tea with my mom before heading back home.  So nice that we can do things like that now!  I honestly never thought that would happen.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to walk to and from their place to ours…Even though they live relatively close to us (a 5 minute drive), no thru road means having to take ridiculous detours to walk.  The first time I tried going the route that seemed relatively downhill, but it meant walking on the highway where there’s no sidewalk and it felt totally unsafe.  Not to mention still a fair distance – 45 minutes walking really fast.  This time I tried up hill but I hadn’t expected it to be quite as uphill as it was…or to get up one giant hill only to realize I was going to have to go up several more…with the stroller and a giant backpack full of stuff, might I add.  No way could I have done it if I’d had Andrew without the stroller!

We did at least find an awesome park along the way where he played for another long while before we continued on.  I wish we’d kept a tally of all the parks our boy has been to, I bet it’s been an impressive number already!  He loves to discover a new park.  Today it gave him a chance to break in his new shoes!

Monday, July 25, 2011

An adventure with the boy

Despite Andrew waking me up a million times through the night last night, I felt relatively energetic this morning.  I knew that I wanted to take Andrew out on an adventure, and I wanted it to be outdoors since the weather looked fairly decent.  I thought it would be fun to go somewhere we’d never been before, but I wasn’t feeling sooo ambitious as to want to go on multiple transit rides. 

So we hopped on one bus and went to Sperling skytrain station.  There’s a huge overpass right by the station and James and I have always thought it would be fun to bike over it and check out the area on the other side of it.  I don’t have the bike seat for Andrew on my bike, so we walked over the overpass to check things out.  It basically goes to a path that leads to Burnaby Lake, and also the Burnaby Sports Complex where James played soccer last week.  Perhaps not the most exciting area (which is not to say I don’t enjoy Burnaby Lake because I do!) but it was a fun outing for us.  I carried Andrew on my shoulders a lot of the way so I was definitely getting a workout! 

He had a whole thing in his mind that The Joker was going to be there and he even picked a leaf that he was going to give to him!  So I had to go along with the story for the duration, which was fun, even though I knew in the end there would be no actual Joker sighting!

There was a playground across from the sports complex so I took Andrew to that and he was happily playing when a big group of kids at a camp came to play there.  They were all at least 3 times Andrew’s age.  Andy did NOT want to share the park with them, and wasn’t letting anyone go down the slide.  Then he started putting rocks in the kids shirts (or trying to) if they tried to get past him to go on the slide, so I coaxed him down and we left.  He agreed that he wasn’t playing nicely!  We went and found a little spot that looked like a little golf green in the middle of the field (random, I know) and had our little picnic lunch there.  Then we headed back to the skytrain station the same way we came, and luckily our bus was there within a few minutes. 

My plan was to just go home but along the way Andrew spotted a park we’d never been to before and yelled out on the bus, ‘PARK!  Mommy, look at it!  MOMMY, MOMMY, LOOOOOOK AAAAAAT IIIIIIIT!’  Someone happened to be getting out at the stop right by it so I grabbed Andrew up off the seat and we got off the bus a few stops early to check out this new park.

We ended up staying there for close to an hour, AND he played amazingly well with all the kids there!  One little girl was annoyed by him, but that’s because he was obsessing over her Dora shirt and shoes!  LOL  He kept pointing and saying, ‘Andrew have it, one day?’  He is too funny.

When we came home I was a little worried he might want to nap because we’d been out for 4 hours in the fresh air and he did a lot of running around.  I put Caillou on and he watched a few episodes while having various snacks (he is ALWAYS hungry, it’s practically a full time job JUST coming up with what he’s going to eat next!!) but he didn’t fall asleep, and when he looked like he might be close to drifting off, I’d talk to him about what was happening on the show or something and he’d perk up again.  Then he got his infamous second wind and it’s after supper and he and his Daddy have headed off to our usual park!  Phew!!  Thank goodness for his Daddy being more than happy to give me a break!  I actually did amazingly well today energy-wise, so I never got to a zombie stage surprisingly, but it’s still SO NICE to have just a little peace and quiet in the evening before it’s time to get the boy to sleep!

It felt good to get out today, and to go somewhere new.  I have a few ideas for other places I’d like to take him this week, too, if the weather holds up.  Here’s hoping it does, it would be nice to finally get some summery activities on the go!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally some sunshine

Yesterday we went to the spa after dropping Andrew off at his Gommy and Papa’s for the weekend.  Our spa experience was amazing.  We went to the Spa at the Century Plaza downtown as we’ve been there several times before and have always had a great experience there.  We had a couple’s massage (since it was our anniversary celebration) so it was nice being in the same room together for it.  I wish we could afford the luxury on a weekly basis!!!!!

Our plan afterwards was to hit up a restaurant called the Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown, because we heard it has a yummy cheese fondue.  We loooove fondue so we were looking forward to going there…But when we arrived we were disappointed to discover they close in between lunch and dinner =(  We ended up going to a Thai restaurant just down the way from it, and it was good, but it wasn’t what I’d been wanting.  You know when you have your mind set on a particular place with particular food?  But oh well, we still had a nice time out, and it probably ended up being a far cheaper meal the way we did it!

Then we came home and vegged.  We watched a few episodes of Damages season 3.  SUCH a good show, we love it.  It was so nice to just relax and hang out and have a quiet night to ourselves.  Although at one point I SWEAR TO GAWD I heard Andrew sigh, as he sometimes does in his sleep!  I was SURE of it!  But of course he wasn’t there.  So weird!

This morning we got up early and went for a bike ride to De Dutch Pancake House on Hastings.  We spent over a month in Holland in 2001, so we liked the idea of going to a Dutch Pancake House!  Although it’s funny, because neither of us ended up ordering any Dutch Pancakes!  LOL  Truth be told, I don’t even like them!!  I tried them when we were in Amsterdam, but I found them to be too thin and just kind of weird tasting.  I might like them now, as that was 10 years ago (I can’t believe that was 10 years ago…In fact – we were there RIGHT NOW 10 years ago!)  Anyway, I had a Hash n’ Eggs – and I am only just getting it now how funny that sounds coming from a Dutch restaurant…HASH, get it?!  LOL 

Anyway, it was really good, we sat out on the patio and enjoyed the sun – yes, that’s right, it’s SUNNY today, and…get this…HOT!!!  I know the rest of Canada is suffering a heat wave, but over here on the west coast it has been fairly cold.  The other morning when we were out doing some gardening, I COULD SEE MY BREATH, that’s how cold it was.  So we’ll take a sunny day, please and thank you.  Several in a row would be much appreciated.

After brekkie we hopped back on our bikes and went for a bit of a ride in that area, and discovered a new playground to take Andrew to sometime.  Then we rode home and after a cool shower, I watered the plants and we did a few chores and then sat outside with a glass of wine.  We’ve had a bit of a wasp problem but it seems to be getting better.  Then I saw a GIANT spider, and I’m not kidding, this sucker was HUGE and RIGHT BY OUR BACK DOOR.  I would have fainted except I wouldn’t want to be laying on the ground unconscious where there could be more spiders!  Terrifying.  Anyway, Mr. Giant Hairy Spider is no longer with us.  Here is his last picture (possibly also the first) ever taken:
And some much nicer pictures from the day!!!:

It was so nice and relaxing to just sit outside together and sip our wine.  We let the cats out and they do pretty well as mostly indoor/slightly outdoor kitties.  Fifi is surprisingly the one who ventures further.  Moorka is the one who will cry at the back door as if she is desperate to go outside every day, but when you actually let her out she doesn’t like to stray too far from the back door.  After a few minutes sniffing about, she comes inside and lays down just inside the door, but looks out!  I think it’s because she had a bit of a rough life from the sounds of it, outdoors fending for herself AND her litter of kittens before she ended up at the shelter and then at least one house before ours.  So she doesn’t like feeling vulnerable.  Whereas Fifi was probably outside all of a day if that before she was found and taken to the shelter, she doesn’t understand the harshness of ‘street life’!  So she doesn’t worry so much about checking things out.  We still don’t let her get very far though, as ultimately I don’t want anything to happen to them while they’re in the great outdoors.  Their adoption ‘contracts’ specify that they remain indoor cats, and I intend to stick by that!!

But it’s nice to have the back door open (despite my fear that giant hairy spiders could make their way into my home…oh, don’t even get me started) and be out enjoying our yard space.  I guess because we haven’t had much nicer weather to be out enjoying it, it feels like such a novelty still to be able to walk right outside and sit out there and enjoy our plants and flowers and whatnot.  It’s such a peaceful spot, I consider us very lucky to live where we do. 

My parents dropped Andrew off around 1:30.  We had placed a bucket of ‘new’ toys on the steps in the backyard and thought we’d wait and see how long it took him to notice them.  When we were bussing home yesterday, we noticed a box by the curb outside a house across the street.  It said, ‘FREE TOYS, TAKE WHOLE BOX!  We had a few minutes to spare before the bus would be coming so we popped over to check it out and there were tons of little toys in there, including an Avatar figurine, some Simpsons figurines, Dora and Diego, that sort of thing.  So I snapped up the whole box!  James thought it was hilarious but went along with it, because we both agreed that it’s nice to be able to give Andrew what he thinks of as a ‘present’ but it was free for us!  When we got the stuff home I picked out what I thought was decent and the rest James put by our dumpster so someone else might take it.  I washed all the toys we kept in bleach water and set them out to dry.  So as soon as Andy got to the back yard (my parents brought him around back when they arrived), I heard him go, ‘Ooooooooh!  Sanks you, sanks you, fo-pizes!’  (Which means Thank you, thank you, surprises!)  LOL  He is so funny!  There was even a Buzz Lightyear motorcycle in there, and right away he picked it out and knew exactly what it was, Buzz Lightyear and all!  Too cute.

He apparently was a good boy for his Gommy and Papa, except for when it came to sleeping.  He stayed up ALL NIGHT??!  Slept from 5am-10am.  Not sure what that’s all about, but I’ll tell you right now, if he thinks he’s going to pull a stunt like that one me, he’s got something else coming!!  No way am I putting up with that!!!

Now the boys have gone to the store and the park, so I have time to write this and get some things done around here.  I’m a bit sad that the weekend is almost over, because I’d love it if James could spend more days with us enjoying the weather (assuming it continues to be nice…)  I wish he could take some time off but alas he gets zero vacation days this summer due to just having started his job a few months ago and being on a 6 month contract =(  Booo.

Oh well, we’ll take what we can get – and this weekend has proved to be fantastic!

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