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Going with the flow

This morning I sold our dining table and chairs.We’re inheriting one of my parents’ dining sets – to arrive on Monday – because we figured it was time we got a proper ‘family’ table as opposed to the bar table and stools.I loved that set, we got it as my birthday present about 4 or so years ago.I remember obsessing over it till I got it!It really does make more sense to have a proper sit down table, especially for Andrew since while he’s gotten the hang of the stools over time, they’re really not that safe for a little one.And the table we’re getting is from Ikea and is awesome and will go great with our stuff.
I just get sentimental over every little thing!I thought about how that was Andrew’s ‘first’ dining table – I know, ridiculous, right?!But still, everything is special when I can somehow find a way to link it to Andrew!I can’t help it.But, I did fine with parting with the table, and it was awesome to get 150 smackers in exchange for it!Sweet!That pays for our new patio set and t…

Thinking about an old friend of mine

I don’t know what got me thinking about him, but tonight my mind drifted for a moment to a friend of mine who died in high school.
I was in grade 11 and he was in grade 12.His sister delivered the newspaper to our house, and somehow I got to know him through her.We lived a street or so away from each other, so once in a while he and I walked home from school together.I really barely knew him.We didn’t hang out together other than our occasional walk home, and we’d only just recently started doing that before he was gone.But it was enough of a friendship that I felt quite devastated when I heard the news that he had died.
He drowned in the Nanaimo River, in an area of the river where kids seem to drown every single year.Somehow, despite it happening year after year, it continues to be a horrific cycle that continues.At least one person dies there every summer.I’ll tell you one thing - there is absolutely no way you would ever in a million years find me swimming in that river!I don’t kno…

Television Smelevision

We’ve had cable for a week and I don’t even think I’ve watched one full episode of anything.  I feel like there is just no need for it.  The only reason we got it is because getting the ‘promotional offer’ meant adding cable to our bundle…taking $30 off our total bill each month.  I still don’t understand how that’s supposed to work…Does the company get it that they’re actually losing money?!  I mean, I’m thrilled to be paying less for more, I certainly wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth!  But they would have been getting $30 per month more from us each month for the next 6 months.  I guess their hope is that we’ll get hooked on cable again and after the promotion is up we’ll start paying an arm and a leg again.  But the reality is, I can guarantee we’re not going to get hooked and want to keep it. 
We already went close to 7 years without, we can do the same again and more!  The only reason we had cable there for about 2 years was because I liked having something to watch…

A new patio set

Today my mom looked after Andrew for a short while so my dad and I could go to Canadian Tire to pick up a patio set that James and I picked out when we were there getting Andrew’s bike seat yesterday.  We had no way of taking it with us, obviously, but my dad has a truck so we took advantage of that.  It was an awesome deal, we got the table and 3 chairs for under $100!  Which after doing some research on patio furniture, I’ve come to realize is an AMAZING deal.  And it looks really nice too.  Pictures to come, I haven’t taken any yet!  (Oh and I am certainly not meaning to promote Canadian Tire by name dropping the past few days that we’ve made purchases there.  I have to say, while the prices were right and that’s why we shopped there – the customer service at every single location I have ever been to, and I’ve been to many, is the absolute PITS and makes me want to never step foot inside any of their stores ever again!)
But anyway…
I was going to get just 2 chairs but then I thought …

A weekend of firsts for the boy

It felt like a weekend of firsts for Andrew! Not that they were spectacular ones, maybe, but they still seemed like special ones to me. Starting off with his first carousel ride yesterday, which has totally given him a taste for amusement parks, which is AWESOME!

Today was an even specialer (I know that’s not really a word, but it should be, don’t you think?!) one – he experienced his very first bike ride! He has a tricycle and can sort of ride that (although he still needs a bit of help because his feet barely hit the pedals!) but what I’m talking about is riding on the back of his Daddy’s bike in his very own child bike seat!

We went to Canadian Tire today and picked one up, because we’ve been talking about it for A YEAR and it was about time we made it a reality. We actually did buy one last year but it was for the front of the bike and it didn’t work with the bikes we have so we returned it and then got discouraged. But I’m so glad we decided to go on a little adventure today…

Let the creative juices flow

I’m working on writing a story, incorporating some aspects of my own life into a fictional ‘novel.’I say ‘novel’ because I’ve only written a few pages, and I can’t say yet if it’s actually going to go anywhere.But the point is, I’m working on something creative, and I’m feeling good about that just as a process.

When I was in grade 2 we had to write stories as an assignment, and even learned how to make them into little books.We would have days where we’d invite parents to come and listen as we read our books aloud, and there was even a Reader’s Comments section at the back of the books, so people could jot down a few thoughts after hearing our stories.With one of the books, we had little bios put in to give insight into the ‘author’ and one of the questions we had to answer in it was what we wanted to be when we grew up.I was 7, and I remember sitting down and thinking about this for at least several minutes (which, at 7, is a long time to think about something like that!)I thought m…

Saturday at Burnaby Village

Even though it was raining this morning (damn you, rain!) we decided to go check out the Saturday Farmer’s Market at Deer Lake Park.  We (well, probably mostly I) miss going to the Saturday market in the West End, so we wanted to check out what this market has to offer.  There weren’t nearly as many vendors as the west end market, but it was still a pretty good selection of stuff.  We got strawberries, which are finally in season and ohmygawd are they ever delicious when they’re ripe, organic, and the way a strawberry truly should be!  We also got some hot mango salsa, a half dozen cookies, and…maybe that was all?!  It seemed like we got more but mostly we were just looking.  It’s so easy to end up spending a small fortune at a Farmer’s Market, I think that’s the only down side.  But on the other hand, it’s great to be supporting local products and to meet new people, since a lot of the vendors tend to be super friendly individuals!

 The absolute highlight wasn’t the Farmer’s Market,…

Rain, rain, go away

James and Andrew are on their way home.James called to let me know when they’d be here, and then he put Andy on the phone to say hi.It’s so cute talking to him on the phone!I asked him some questions to which he replied, ‘Yeah’ to everything.Then I told him I got Fudgsicles today and he said, ‘Treat?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, remember I got one when we went to Hume Park?’ and he said, ‘Fudgsicle?’He can’t wait to have one when he gets home!At the end of the conversation he said, ‘Of Mommy’ which means ‘love Mommy’ – awww =)
I did a grocery shop this morning and felt like I got quite a wake-up call during a conversation I had with someone at the store.Basically the woman was telling me about how she’s had 10 children, 6 of which have passed away, and how she literally didn’t have a single day to herself AT ALL for 23 years because of all her responsibilities and the fact that she didn’t have any family to help her out.It made me feel sad for her, since obviously she has come to see how detri…

The day is young

Andrew is off to his Nana’s for the day.Usually on a day to myself I would sleep in as late as I felt I could without wasting the whole entire day.But it still often felt like a fairly big waste because by the time I got myself ready to actually DO anything, it would be heading for afternoon.Then the hours would fly by and my time would be up!
So this morning I decided to get up early.Truth be told, I was having a hard time falling back to sleep, so it made sense to just get up.I have to be perfectly honest, I get some anxiety issues when Andrew is going to his Nana’s for the day, and for good reason.My mind drifts to things like how she left him on a trail by himself to go pee in the woods, or how she let him play at a school playground while the school kids were on their lunch break and the boys were trampling him but even that didn’t deter her from staying (isn’t it illegal, anyway, to be on school grounds like that when you don’t attend the school?!)…She does these sorts of things …

Such a life force

One of Andrew’s current ‘favourite things’ is building forts.  More specifically, having Mommy or Daddy build the fort for him to destroy.  Then he likes to ‘hunker down’ and have as many blankets and pillows as possible toppled over him, and then he escapes, laughs gleefully, and wants the whole thing repeated.  Preferably a hundred million times, times infinity.

It’s fun, and I love to see him having a good time with it.  But boy is it ever exhausting!  Today in between organizing his bedroom a little more (I’m working on making room for the ten million things that will be coming my way from storage in Nanaimo soon), I made forts and covered him in blankets for close to 2 hours straight!  It was a good work out, but whoa was I tired afterwards. He has been eating like it’s going out of style lately.  I think the thing I hear most throughout the day some days is, ‘Andrew hungy!’  I’ll say, ‘What would you like now?’ and he’ll say, ‘Ummm…’ like he’s thinking about it…and then something …

When there was still hope...