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32 years young

In some ways it's hard to believe James is 32 years 'old'.  I met him when he was just a 'boy' at 19!  (On the other hand, I can't believe I've ONLY known him for 13 years!  How did I go about my life to that point oblivious that he was out there?!)

Anyway, I'm getting away from my point...which is that James is 32 years young, as of one week ago.  Nothing like waiting a week for the celebratory post of his birth-day anniversary!

(I may have posted already about how I'd built his birthday up in my mind only to have it somewhat dashed since he got home from work not feeling great, barely ate his dinner/dessert as a result, and it just didn't feel all that 'birthday-ish'...But in this post I am going to focus on the good parts of the day!

Andy and I decorated the mantle with James' prezzies, and I 'helped' Andrew make a 'Happy Birthday Daddy' sign...because I remembered when it was too late to go to the store that Andre…

Easter 2011

We had a great Easter dinner last night at my aunt and uncle’s house.  Also present were my bro and sil (who we have barely seen AT ALL in the past few months) and my cousins, so it was a great visit with everyone.  My cousin’s significant other LOVES children and has babysat Andrew for us before so she was pretty thrilled to spend time with him.  She offered up her babysitting services to us so I think we will be taking her up on that VERY soon ;)  Yay!
Andrew did really well, he hadn’t napped at all yesterday and had a big day of going to the fair at Lougheed Mall with his dad, and coming home to an Easter egg hunt (because the Easter bunny showed up while they were out having dad and boy time!)  He went on a Choo Choo train ride several times at the fair, and won a few prizes fishing for sharks (no sharks were harmed – haha).  I would have liked to have been at the fair with them, but I had to stay home…to let the Easter bunny in ;)  And also it’s nice for James to have some fun tim…

Caught off guard

I was completely on my own with the boy today, James went to his brother’s after work to watch the hockey game (too bad, since the Canucks sadly lost 5-0…)I wasn’t thrilled to be on my own day and night (as in for all of Andrew’s waking hours!) since I’m so beat as it is and really need some down time in the evenings.But, on the other hand, I know it’s only fair that James get to do other things once in a while.Besides, since he got the night to himself tonight, I should get a little extra me time this weekend ;)

I was caught off guard this morning by a call from my mil.I want my cell bill to be as cheap as possible, and I’ve currently got it down to just under $40 per month.I’d LOVE to have call display but I can’t justify the extra $8 per month when, honestly, sad as it sounds it’s VERY rare for me to get an incoming call!I really use my phone for texting I’d say 95% of the time.When someone does call it, 9 times out of 10 it’s James.
So I just figured it would be him and I answered …

Another photoless post...I want to change that!!

I always have the best of intentions for pictures to go along with my posts, and I used to be pretty good about it.  But it’s so hard to find the time to get my pictures onto the computer, sorted, and posted.  For example, I took a few cute ones of Andrew today at the fair at Lougheed Mall (it wasn’t open yet but they let us walk through it while they were setting things up) but I don’t feel like leaving the bedroom to get my camera etc to do it all.  Mainly because I need a break from The Boy so badly that I don’t even want to open up the door and have to deal with him.
That sounds harsh, but so will this: today is a day where I really question having a second child.  I honestly don’t know if I can handle it, the idea of being even more sleep deprived than I already am and having 2 kids to take care of?  And the potential for the behaviour he exhibited tonight (imagine a lot of hitting, kicking, pinching – me being the victim of it, obviously! – and tears…not fun…Even sending him to h…

It's HIS party but I'll cry if I want to!

Today was (and still is for a little over an hour!) James’ birthday.He is officially 32.
I really had his birthday hyped up in my mind, and I don’t know why that is.Well, of course it’s because I love him and his birthday is special to me.But…I had it all built up that our evening was going to go a particular way and, well, you can probably guess that it didn’t!
Not that it was totally bad, it just wasn’t exactly amazing.

I decided to ‘go all out’ and try a new recipe for his birthday dinner.He loves tacos and Mexican food in general so I decided to try making Enchiladas.As well as a black bean rice dish, although I admit that was made using a package, but it was sooo good that I don’t think it’s a bad thing to use it, in fact I will buy it again for sure!)The enchiladas…I won’t say they were difficult to make, just somewhat time consuming.So worth the effort though and I definitely will make them again – they’d be a perfect meal for having a few people over (if they don’t mind a little…

The day flew by

So my ‘me day’ turned out to be quite successful.As far as I know, my boys are on their way home from downtown, but I still have a little bit of time till they walk through the door.
I went to Ikea – first time bussing there from our new place.I looked up the route and had things all mapped out, but then the bus ended up not going at all where it was supposed to according to the translink website (and I know I was on the right bus according to the directions given!)So I had to make a detour and walk a ways.Something got in my eye and I thought my contact was going to fall out and I was a little worried that my entire outing was going to be jinxed.But once I got inside the doors, everything went according to plan!
I decided to get some lunch there since it’s cheaper to eat at Ikea than if I made myself a meal at home!As it turned out, I had one of the best salads EVER and it was only $3.99.The exact same salad would go for over $10 at a restaurant for sure.It was SO delish – salad greens…

A day to myself

I have a ‘me day’ today.It’s bittersweet, since it’s the mil who’s looking after the boy, and we’re of course still having ‘issues.’(But we’ll always have issues, so who am I kidding…Right now just not speaking with her at all is probably the best way for us to (not)interact!)BUT I didn’t ask for her to be looking after him, James decided it, and so I go with the flow and take this time because I can have it guilt free.I didn’t ask anyone for it!(Most of the time people would agree that parents SHOULD ‘ask’ people to help them out, and normally that would be the case…no one else has ever let it come back to haunt me when I’ve asked them to help me with Andrew so I could have a bit of time. But the mil has!And even though I didn’t ask for this day to myself, I wouldn’t put it past her to make a jab at me for it!)
Anyway.Can you tell I’m forever bitter about the mil?!Old story, and boring at this point, so I’ll take a deep breath and say GOOD RIDDANCE.
I am heading out on the town soon.We…

No reward today

Today we told Andrew he could get a treat at the mall IF, and ONLY if, he played nicely at the kids play area.  He agreed.  He was super stoked, already thinking about what he wanted to get.  Of course, his one track mind immediately thought, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR but then we suggested he branch out to his other interests.  So he settled on Spiderman.  LOL  Such a little boy.
I know it sounds grossly (and I mean it, it’s GROSS!) consumerist and therefore disgusting.  We’re baiting our child with the ‘reward’ of us buying some toy or whatever (although in our defence it was a book he was wanting!  And books are good!  lol)  It’s not that we do this sort of thing all the time but…we’re really working on our anti-bullying campaign with him and sometimes you’ve just got to do these things.
I may as well fess up and let you know right off the bat – he failed the test and did not come home with any new book or toy.  BUT I will add that he did VERY well until eventually he just couldn’t control himse…

This is happening, this is real

So my parents’ house is sold.
They were over here last weekend, Andrew and I headed back to the island with them on Monday.  They were given an offer that night, accepted it just after 9pm, and signed the papers on Tuesday afternoon. 
Wow.  So my family home where I grew up is now owned by someone else. 

It’s a lot to digest.  I guess I feel a slew of emotions, somewhere deep inside.  But I’m also very busy just living in the moment of it and thinking about all that needs to be done, now, to prepare for my parents’ big move to the mainland.
If I think too hard about it all, it’s very overwhelming.  A lot is changing, and fast.  They have to be out before the end of next month.  So what’s that, 5 ½ weeks?!  That’s insane.  It’s like a part of my life – and the majority of theirs – is going to be completely uprooted.  A part of the past. 

My parents have only ever lived in detached houses.  They have never moved from the city they’re in now – born and raised, basically.  The one move we…

Mr Joe Cool

Mr Joe Cool takes a spring stroll to the park.

Yummy food and a side of...sleep?

I’ve been making an effort to cook new dishes and do more baking – and make things from scratch. There are times when I still use ‘convenience’ foods, such as frozen side dishes and that sort of thing, but for the most part I’m trying to do everything home made. It really doesn’t take THAT long to cook most things I find. And now that Andrew loves to ‘help’ so much in the kitchen, it’s not so much a chore to make meals as it is a time for us to get creative!

Tonight we were having leftover lasagna that I had made for our family dinner last night with James’ dad and brother (sil-2-b was a no show). So there was plenty enough for the 3 of us (Andy loves the lasagna I make!) and there was still some French bread to go with it…But I felt like it needed a side and I didn’t feel like scrounging a salad together…So I decided to try out the Italian Green Beans recipe that Smelly Danielly posted recently.

I sometimes hesitate to make something new, even if it seems ‘simple’ enough a …

A family dinner

I have a feeling this is going to be one of those posts about nothing really, just a post for the sake of posting.I’ve got a few minutes to spare before James gets home from work, tagged along by his dad, bro, and our sil-2-b.Andrew fell asleep at 5pm, which would be an absolute no go if not for the fact that we’re having people over.He’d be Mr. Grumpy Pants if I didn’t let him have some rest before they got here, so this way he’ll be Happy As A Clam instead!Hopefully he’ll still go to bed at a decent hour – only time will tell…
We went to the library today, exchanged the books we got last week for some new ones and also took out a bunch of dvd’s.I love the library – Andrew gets the sense of getting something ‘new’ but we don’t have to pay for it.Brilliant!!Although I did spend $11 at the dollar store getting him a few goodies along the way…
We had a crazy hail storm this morning.Just all of a sudden it was pelting down, I opened the back door to take a picture of it and it wasn’t pleas…

No sleep, no motivation

Sleep deprivation does nasty things.  I just hate the way I feel when I haven’t got nearly enough sleep.
Last night I’m going to estimate I got 3 hours in total.  NOT COOL. 
I couldn’t fall asleep till super late because I had a headache, then that finally subsided but I woke up when Andrew came to our bed before 2, and then I could hear the tv in our upstairs neighbours’ bedroom.  SO FRUSTRATING.  I love it here and over all can’t complain about much noise, but this is the 3rd time I’ve had a terrible night’s sleep in large part due to that particular noise.  I think I’d sleep through it if I was already asleep when it started, but waking up and hearing it makes it soooo hard for me to finally drift off again.  I did fall asleep for a little while, then woke up before 5 and didn’t fall back asleep till after 7.  Then James had to leave for work at 8 and Andrew wanted me to get up so…needless to say, it has been a major challenge to get going today.
BUT James is home now, it’s after din…

New friends

As I write this, Andrew is cuddled right up against my left side, watching Curious George. How cute is that?! He’s content to watch the show, but wants to be close to his Momma. I can’t complain!

Last night we had friends over, a really nice couple. James used to work with the guy and it just so happens that he and his wife are totally awesome. I was a bit nervous about having them over just because I’m not generally the super outgoing social type and what if we didn’t get along or have much in common? Well, as it turned out, the moment they walked in the door we were all talking with ease and totally got along. Andrew hit it off with them as well and they were really comfortable around him and thought he was cute and funny – so how could I not like them?!!

We don’t tend to have people over super often, every once in a while but hanging out last night made me realize how important it is to have these get togethers more often. We are actually in the beginning planning stages…


OK well my Snoopy Sunday question comes from Trista again! I think at this point she and I are playing Snoopy-Sunday-tag and that’s totally rad, but yeah, c’mon people – don’t be shy to ask questions!!

BTW it’s almost midnight so I don’t have much time to answer this question before it would have to be changed to Snoopy MONDAY and that just doesn’t have the same ring to it (almost, but not quite!) So it’ll be a quick answer for now…We had friends over for dinner, I had a touch too much wine perhaps and I think I need to go sleep it off before you-know-who is awake and raring to start another day!!

Zee question is:

What was your favourite game to play as a child? (Barbies, hide and seek, 'house', etc.)

I loved to play all of the above – Barbies (my favourite was my Skipper doll, she was the teenaged Barbie and I wanted to be as cool as her!!), hide and seek (always a classic!) and yes yes YES I LOVED to play House!! I had a friend who always made me be the ‘husband’ and I di…

All about the boy

This morning I was tidying up in the kitchen while Andrew watched his Buzz Lightyear cartoon. He called out, ‘Mommy!’ then, ‘Peanut butter sammich pease!’ How CUTE is that?! I know it’s such a simple thing, and if James asked me to make him a sandwich I would have no problem obliging but I certainly wouldn’t think it was ‘cute’ that he asked!! With Andrew though, it’s because he’s only just starting to ask for things like that and I find it absolutely ADORABLE that he’s thinking in his little head about what he’d like to have for lunch.

As for the sleeping arrangements, he’s still sleeping with us for the time being. BUT that will be changing soon! Let me explain…Given he’s been addicted to drinking YOP through the night, I realized that I can’t really get him sleeping in his own room all night if he’s needing a dose of YOP every so many hours…SO I decided first we’ll cut out the YOPping and THEN we’ll transition to big-boy-bed.

So far it’s going amazingly well! Just as he en…

It's not worth it

My mil is back in town. She’s been back for just over a week, all her stuff was shipped from Halifax and she is officially living in Vancouver. So watch out Vancouverites, you’ve got yourselves a live wire!! Thank goodness we have the buffer zone between us, so happy we moved out to the ‘burbs.

Although the fact that she never even apologized to me after she lied to me last time I saw her means that even if we lived 12 blocks from each other like we did there for a few months, I wouldn’t be seeing her much (read: AT ALL).

She apparently has decided that I should have called HER up to talk about what had happened if I had such a problem with it. The thing is, James urged me NOT to talk to her because he knew if I did she wouldn’t like what I would have to say. So I resisted (although I did write her a note about it, not that I actually sent it to her but just to get it off my chest…I will post it below). I know she knew right away that I was upset, though, because I was presen…