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Date night conversation

James and I had a date night tonight, thanks to my aunt and uncle for babysitting Andrew. It was so cute – when I mentioned he was going to see his great aunt and uncle today, he was sooo excited! He kept saying the funny things that he and them say together (such as ‘geez louise!’) It was great that he wanted to go see them so badly. In fact, when he was having a freak out on the skytrain and started hitting me (never fun), I said, ‘If you don’t stop this, we’re turning around and going home and you won’t see them at all.’ He stopped right away. He got it! The scary part for me was knowing that if he DIDN’T respond to that as I hoped, I really would have had to turn around and take him home, and James and I would have had to forego our date. I know we will have things like that happen in the future, but I do think it’s important to follow through on those ‘threats.’ Otherwise, if he figures they’re just empty threats, it won’t ever be effective in getting him to change his b…

Is two really better than one?

To have a second child or to let Andrew be a singleton…that is the question!

I think deep down I really would like to have two kids. So there is a good chance we will be having a baby sometime next year *gulp!*

But it’s not for sure yet, as I’m sure you can tell I have perhaps a few reservations.

James is fine either way – he sometimes thinks it would be great to be done with just one as financially it’s obviously a lot cheaper, and we’ll ‘have our lives back’ so to speak a lot sooner!! Sometimes we’re both so exhausted and practically ripping our hair out with just one – the idea of throwing a baby into the mix sometimes overwhelms us. On the other hand, he, like me, loves the idea of having another baby…Having 2 kids…I mean, we did such an amazing job on the first one (read: perfection!!) so we sort of owe it to the world to have another one, don’t we?! Haha, I know, I’m obviously biased in saying that, but seriously, he’s such a delight!

I can’t imagine never having another p…

My hour is up!

It’s just about 8pm – James gave me an hour of ‘me time’ and I’m realizing how ridiculously fast it has passed by. Sucks! Not that I don’t want to go spend time with my boys but…I’m sooo tired tonight, totally just want to veg.

I haven’t been getting much sleep AT ALL lately and am seriously thinking it’s about time I took the plunge and start ‘forcing’ Andrew to sleep in his room at night.

I’m not looking forward to it.

It has been really hard for me because there is a big part of me that just loves knowing he’s close when we’re sleeping. I do enjoy his presence and cuddling up to him. BUT there is also that part of me that wishes I could actually get some decent rest at night, and that simply can’t happen when someone is either pulling my hair (it’s his security blanket, I’m not kidding), stealing my entire pillow, hogging the bed to the point if I moved over an inch further I’d be on the floor, and head butting me randomly (my lip was so badly injured from middle-of-the-night-h…

Let's be frank, shall we

And now for a more serious post…

2011 so far seems to be screaming out to me and my family that it’s the year of major change.

January 1st truly got the ball rolling with my dad having a heart attack. From there, my dad was forced to walk away from his work as he couldn’t perform manual labour the way he’d been doing previous to the attack. With zero income, it’s hard to keep afloat for long, and so my parents were basically forced to decide to change their lives in pretty much every way possible. They will be moving to the mainland within the next couple of months, tops, and my dad will be looking for work this side of the water. Not in the same type of position he was in before, it’s going to have to be something completely different. Not an easy feat when you’re close to the age most people are at when they’re retiring, but sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

I’m happy that my parents will be living closer – it will be such a relief not to do that super long trek to the fer…

Arts and crafts and even a cake!

Andrew is a go go go little man and needs constant entertainment. He can definitely amuse himself for periods of time and enjoys playing on his own (he’s getting more and more interactive with his toys these days, too!) But he gets restless, and it helps if I can come up with fun little projects and things to suggest to him when he starts to get antsy.

Since he loooves to work in the kitchen, today I suggested that we make a banana loaf. Of course, he was game. Instead of using the typical loaf pan, seeing as how we bought a bunt pan recently to make my dad’s birthday (angel food) cake, I thought why not bake it in there instead. It was so cute, as soon as I pulled the bunt pan out from the cupboard, Andrew smiled and said, ‘Papa’s birthday!’

So we baked the loaf in there, which I guess turns it into a cake rather than a loaf?! Anyway, I let Andrew sprinkle some chocolate chips on the top before putting it in the oven and I have to say that was a really nice addition! The cak…


Trista came up with the awesome idea of Snoopy Sundays – basically having readers leave questions in comments through the week and then one is picked at random and answered on Sundays. Since there are only a few of you readers out there who ever comment here, I don’t know how well this will take off, BUT since Trista asked me a question, and it’s still Sunday, I thought I’d get the ball rolling and get on board with SNOOPY SUNDAYS. So here goes!

Trista asked: What is the ONE absolute BEST thing about becoming a mama?

And my reply is…while of course there are many MANY wonderful things about becoming a mama…I’ve got to go with the answer that came to me immediately following reading the question.

Ultimately, the love I have for Andrew and the love he returns to me feels like the greatest gift on earth. All the love love LOVE! Loving Andrew and wanting what’s best for him has changed my outlook on the world in such a huge way. I make more of an effort to be positive in situat…

And another thing...

I’ve had the afternoon to myself and even though I’ve spent more than half of it doing chores, it has been glorious having some quiet time around here. I got a few groceries, swept/vacuumed/AND washed all the floors, cleaned the kitchen really well, did a load of laundry, tidied, and made a homemade Mediterranean pizza for supper when the boys get home.

Now I’ve got a mug of tea beside me, a fire log going and all I can hear is the light roar of that and an airplane flying a little distance away. Aaaahhhhh. I love how quiet it is here, I still haven’t gotten over that having put up with serious traffic and people noise for 5 years. Last night James and I were watching The King’s Speech (great movie, btw, we both loved it) and there was a group of rowdy teenagers (or at least they sounded like teenagers) hanging out outside near our place and I found my blood rising to boiling level listening to it. I admit, I don’t have a whole lot of patience for such behaviour, especially lat…

Not to generalize, but come on now!

I have a great husband who, when it comes right down to it, would do absolutely anything for me. We have a happy, loving relationship, and we’re best friends. I can’t complain much about him, and so usually I don’t. But for the love of gawd why is it that men sometimes (sorry to generalize here) seem completely incapable of multi-tasking?!

Seriously, I don’t get it. I sometimes wonder how it is that men think women manage to get everything done. Or, perhaps the problem is that they don’t really think about it and perhaps even take it for granted just a teensy bit?

I know I am a stay-at-home mom at this point in time, and I expect that part of being at home is maintaining the household. Although I must say that even when I was working full time outside of the home, I was the primary household maintainer! And I’m fine with that, I enjoy doing it, it comes more naturally to me (whether that be because of stereotypical gender roles or because truly I do enjoy cleaning, decorating, …

It's time for counting sheep

I feel like I’ve been doing a really poor job so far this year of properly documenting all the cute things Andrew is doing. Which is a shame, because I’m probably going to make a book about his life again at the end of the year and while everything he’s doing these days is fresh in my mind while it’s happening, I know in the coming months he’ll change and my brain won’t easily pinpoint what he was doing when back when he was doing it! Phew, how’s that for a run on sentence?!

So…what’s my boy up to these days…Let me think…

He’s obsessed with Toy Story, although he hasn’t been watching the movies much lately. He’s just obsessed with his toys. He’s got pretty much everything Toy Story that’s out there. OK, not everything, because you could pretty much furnish and decorate an entire HOUSE, and a big house at that, solely in Toy Story merchandise. It’s insane what’s out there. I’ve seen Toy Story eau de toilette for boys – I’m not even kidding – and NO Andrew does NOT have it!! LOL…

A Sunday from Hell

Today we decided to take Andrew to Deer Lake.We hadn’t been there for quite a few years, I think the last time was for a Jack Johnson concert (which was awesome).We used to go there from time to time when we lived in Burnaby before.Anyway, I was super stoked thinking what a great day it would be.First day of spring, the sun was shining, a new park for Andrew to explore.I put together a little picnic lunch for us and we hopped on the bus.
And then my vision of what the day held began to crumble.Andrew was so fussy!He started having a tantrum right before we got on the bus actually, so I had to take him out of his stroller as soon as we got on – just to try to quiet him down for the sake of everyone around us.I think he hates being in a stroller now because when we’re just going short distances in the area (our usual days) we don’t use one anymore.We took the big stroller and he absolutely hated being in it!When we got to the park he was sort of okay for a bit but just wanted to keep th…

My time is not my own

Things have gone from bad to worse around here with the stuff that’s been going on. But I don’t care to elaborate on that…Suffice it to say, I’m stressed, but working through it the best I can.

That aside, I’m having a bit of a ‘me’ night tonight. James told me yesterday he was planning to go to his brother’s tonight, and I have to be honest, when he first told me I was a bit frustrated because with everything that’s happening right now, it just seemed like really poor timing to tell me I’d be on my own all day/night. But I went with it, because I know there has to be give and take. It was a really long day today, in particular because lately Andrew has shown signs of really needing naps in the afternoons…But then of course goes to bed at all hours of the night…So while I often give in and let him sleep (I think ultimately when a growing child needs to sleep, they should!), I made sure he didn’t nap today so he’d go to bed at a decent time. The idea being I’d have a little time t…

Is there any such thing as a simple life?

It’s not going to happen – we have no money, for starters! – but I feel like I’m in serious need of a vacation. The thing is, I think it’s just my mind’s way of saying I need a break from life entirely, which even a vacation couldn’t help with. I don’t mean I want to die and then come back to life, I don’t mean a vacation from ‘life’ altogether! I just wish I could get right out of my head for a little while.

I wish my life could be simple. It would sound to people that it is, I mean, ‘What do you do?’ and my reply is, ‘Stay at home mom.’ How hard can it be, right?! Which is not to say being a stay at home parent isn’t hard because it can be extremely challenging, and spending the entire day with a bouncing two year old with endless energy and eagerness to DO THINGS, well it’s not exactly a cake walk. But it SHOULD be able to be ‘simple’ in some sense of the word. I should be able to get up in the morning with him, sip a coffee while we watch his favourite show of the moment…

Naps and Buzz Lightyear

Andrew’s napping, which is a blessing because I’m so tired and also I was able to get a few things done that would have been more difficult with him bugging at me…But I feel like crying at the same time, because this nap is going to mean a really late night. Which means James and I will have zero time together just the two of us tonight. Maybe when he wakes up I’ll force myself to find the energy to take him outside, run him around and get him tuckered out again so he’ll still want to go to bed at a decent hour!

As I was writing that, he half fell off the couch, so I figured he’d wake up and that would be nap time over – but, no, even tho he was partially standing up with just his head still on the couch, he went back to sleep like that! LOL Oh, to sleep like a child!

Bit by bit I’m getting things organized how I want them, but it’s SO HARD finding just the right spot for things. I need TIME and ENERGY to get er done! I’ve been contemplating in my head this idea that maybe one w…

About our days

Andrew and I got back from the island on Friday night, and before heading home from downtown we met up with James and went to the Old Spaghetti Factory. Andrew loooves ‘sghetti’ and was sooo excited to go there! I didn’t enjoy my experience there when I went for lunch a few years back with my then co-workers, but this time made me totally want to go back. It’s a great family restaurant for sure.

Yesterday I got a few more things done around here and am slowly (or maybe quickly, since we’ve only lived here for 2 weeks and 2 days now!!) getting things organized to how I want them. It’s a time consuming process because I’ll put things in a certain place and then the more I look at it or think about its functionality, I realize it needs to be moved/changed and then I have to start over. But who am I kidding, I love the process of it! I just wish that absolutely EVERYTHING had a perfect place to be, I would love to have things perfectly organized at all times – but maybe that’s somet…