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I want a mother in law who loves me

Today we ventured downtown because James was having his work office moved and needed to be there to supervise it. Andrew and I tagged along because I wanted to pop in at my aunt and uncle’s to drop off my aunt’s bday gift. I also thought it would be nice to see the new office so I’d have a visual of it when he talked about it.

It was snowing when we left, and boy was it ever snowing when we came home! It all went fine (and Andrew and I had a great visit at my aunt and uncle’s) but I’ve got to say, I’m glad it’s James commuting every day and not me. Of course, it’s different when it’s just him than when it’s us with Andrew…I found the entire trip downtown I was doing everything I could to entertain the boy so he wouldn’t fuss. Not relaxing at all – whereas James can take a magazine or listen to music or whatever on his way to work. Essentially, he is getting close to 2 hours of ‘him time’ every day, because I certainly don’t get to zone out for those stretches of time 5 days a we…

Creepy crawlies and other stories

Last night I dreamt that we had a bed bug infestation and when I woke up from the dream I felt itchy and as if I was crawling in bugs. I hate dreams like that!

The other night I had a similar dream about spiders. I think now that we’re on the ground floor basically surrounded by forest, my sub-conscious (and conscious!) mind is fretting about the impending bug issue. It’s only natural that we’d get more bugs in here than we did in our last few places, because we were in high rises. I saw maybe 1 spider in our last place in the whole 3 years we were there! Whereas when we used to live in Burnaby before, we were on the 3rd floor but by forest so we still ended up with quite a few critters. Ugh, it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

At least we have 2 cats, one of which (cough, cough, MOORKA!) will really help with in terms of keeping bugs at bay, because she is a great stalker and enjoys a good bug snack. But it’s going to be interesting…I don’t want to teach Andrew to f…

Loving my afternoon fire!

I am sitting cozy on the couch with a glass of red wine, watching the flames lick the fireplace. How’s that for civilized?! It could be years again before I get another day to myself, so I’ve gotta ‘live it up’ while I’ve got the chance. Ha!

I went to the mall this morning and got 30lbs of fire logs (good thing I remembered by suitcase-like carrier thing, although it’s not meant to carry that much weight and nearly busted – but I made it home first!!) I also got a few other little things we needed, and picked up a sandwich for my lunch when I got home. Did it all on one bus transfer, yay me! Oh and I even got a pair of jeans hemmed, awesome!

I remembered the bus time for heading to the mall, left our place and within one minute of getting to the bus stop, it arrived. Everything just worked out perfectly!

When I got home I had my lunch and then got to work. Vacuumed (which I don’t really HAVE to do since there’s no carpet, but I thought it would be faster and ‘easier’ than swee…

She's at it again...

I have the whole entire day to myself. It’s a day that parentless people might call their ‘weekend’, or at least part of it - something I’m not really accustomed to having anymore! Sure I’ve had ‘me time’ but there have always been a million things I needed to get done during that ‘me time’ so it never was truly just a time to relax. I won’t totally relax today either, not for the whole day at least. I have a lot I still want to do to get the new place organized (which is work, but fun work!) and I want to hit up the mall for a few things we need that Andrew wouldn’t let me look around for when I took him there with me the other day!

I am happy to have this time to just do as I please (even though I’m already totally missing the boy, call me pathetic if you want to but I can’t help myself!)

There is just one little thing that is bugging at me that I need to vent about in order to then move on (as much as I can) and not let it affect me the whole entire day.

See, the way I am able …

On my way to where the air is sweet

James went and dealt with our old apartment on his lunch break today. I can’t even talk about it. I have to just take a deep breath and move on. Onward and upward, right?

All I know is that I feel soooo good about our new place and it feels like home and I just feel so happy and peaceful here. I know it’s new to us, and that’s part of it, but it’s also so much more.

So instead of dwelling on something that makes me want to punch the wall (only I wouldn’t do that because I wouldn’t want to damage the place – lol)…Here is a happy post about me and the boy’s little excursion this morning.

Actually, I’ll start off by saying that I had a terrible sleep last night, worse than my usual. I’m trying to get Andrew sleeping in his ‘big boy bedroom’ rather than habitually racing into our bed the first time he wakes up in the night. So last night I ended up sleeping in his room pretty much the whole night to get him to stay in there. Which in some ways seems like it’s not really helping – I…

The one and only snag

Our move felt seamless, it was just so (almost) perfect. The movers were professional, we thought we were going to have to make another trip with the car but they were more than accommodating and helpful so we were able to get everything out in one go. It was supposed to SNOW that day but was instead bright and beautifully sunny all day. I would be able to say that our move was absolutely PERFECT if it wasn’t for that one snag…

It was when it came time to do the walk-through of our apartment.

Now, back tracking a little bit, a few weeks before our move, one of the main managers (one of the two that we know, whereas there are about 5-6) was showing our suite while we were home. So while she was there, we asked her about a few of the things we were concerned about. For example, we obviously knew the carpet was going to be an issue. We figured they’d blame the terrible condition of the carpet on the fact that we had cats in a strict no pets building. But we pointed out to her that…

2nd full day in the new digs

Today my cousin’s significant other came over to look after Andrew while James and I got some stuff done in the new place. First we went out for lunch though (hey, we had to get our strength up for all the hard work we would be doing!) There isn’t a whole lot in our area in terms of restaurants and that sort of thing. In fact, I think the pub we went to is literally the only one within easy walking distance. It wasn’t very good. But oh well, we are hoping to save money by not eating out much anyway!

After our brunch/lunch we went for a short walk. It was verrry cold and I wasn’t wearing a heavy enough jacket for too much of a walk. Plus we were tired from all the unpacking and didn’t feel up to a big excursion! I was actually sick this morning and ended up having to take a Gravol in order to not keep getting sick. It helped stave off the nausea, but I was soooo groggy because I haven’t taken Gravol in quite a while now so my body wasn’t used to its effects. So frustrating …

We made it!!!!!

The big move happened yesterday, and I am happy to report that (for the most part) it all went swimmingly!

I will get to the (for the most part) part in a separate post. This one is just to say that first of all, the movers were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We’ve hired movers 3 times now, and I am going to say these guys were by far the most professional (there’s no comparison, really) and they took such care with our stuff that I seriously have so far not seen ANY damage whatsoever. It also ended up costing a little less than I’d predicted!

So yeah…it was stressful just getting that process done. I know we weren’t technically doing the work (although we still seemed to be doing a fair bit of running around, doing some last minute things) but I just found myself tense worrying that things wouldn’t go smoothly transitioning to the new place.

Andrew was set to be with his nana for the day. When she picked him up at 8:30, I gave him some hugs and kisses and reminded him that we were moving, so th…

The big move...

Tonight marks our last night of packing – so we can start unpacking it all tomorrow!!
I have to say, I’m shocked at how quickly this all happened – it was literally one month ago tomorrow that I found the listing for our new place, and we’re moving into it tomorrow.Time goes so fast.I’m going to miss our current place…but I’m so relieved that the packing and preparing for the move will be over and done with. Once we’re a bit settled in we can start exploring our new area and it will become ‘home’ faster than we probably think.
Hopefully Andrew transitions ok.I think he will, I just know it’ll tear at my heart strings when he inevitably says, ‘Home’ referring to this place and we’ll have to keep reminding him that we don’t have this place anymore.I bet he’ll forget pretty quickly though – all his/our stuff will be there, and he’ll have a new area to explore, too!It’s going to be exciting for all of us.
I doubt I’ll be online for a couple of days.Lots to do!I want to get us unpacked and se…

Just a few more days...

It’s Valentine’s Day but we didn’t do anything Valentine’s-y, which was fine by me.I did get Andy a little heart shaped box with his favourite Toy Story characters on it, filled with chocolate. When I gave it to him, he explaimed, ‘Ooooh!’ and was quite thrilled…till he unwrapped one of the chocolates and tasted it.He was totally disgusted that Momma cheaped out and bought him this little box of waxy, poor excuse for chocolate!LOLMy two year old knows what good chocolate tastes like!!We made a thing out of opening the chocolates, and therefore playing with the wrappers, before throwing the chocolates in the garbage.He actually gave me the idea to do that when he tasted the chocolate, spit it out in my hand, looked at the rest of the chocolate and then back at me and said, ‘Gimmage!’ (his word for garbage).It was truly awful, I couldn’t blame him for not being able to eat it.I’ve read that kids don’t care – chocolate is chocolate is chocolate.But this stuff shouldn’t even be on the she…

A new phase

I just finished stripping the border print off Andrew’s bedroom walls. That room has come full circle. It started off as our home office, became Andrew’s nursery, and now it has become what the room was originally advertised as: a storage space!
As I was taking the border print off (thank gawd it was fairly easy, only took about 45 minutes to do the whole room), I couldn’t help but think about the day we put it up. It was in August of 2008. We were so eager about the arrival of our baby that we decorated his or her room 4 months before their due date! We didn’t know if ‘baby’ would be a boy or a girl, so I picked a unisex theme. Though once we had our boy I saw how much blue was in the pattern, and wondered if sub-consciously I knew all along that it was Andrew growing in my belly =)

Here I am, preggo and setting up baby's room in August '08!
I remember how at first Andrew was oblivious to the border print, naturally, since he was just a little newborn babe. Then, as he …

Hangin' with his big sis Fiona

Andrew and Fiona get along pretty well.  Or, should I say - Fiona tolerates Andrew amazingly well!  Which is why it's Fiona and Andrew hanging out together, not Moorka and Andrew!!

(As a side note, you can probably notice for yourself that Andrew has a current obsession with temporary tattoos!)

Still tolerating...
Her patience level is better than mine!!
Luckily she's pretty good about keeping her claws to herself, but Andrew wasn't too happy when she'd had enough and jumped off the couch!  Here he is saying, 'She She!' - which is his way of calling her 'Fifi'! Over all, he's getting better with the kitties these days.  He even gives them kisses sometimes, or pats them on the back.  It's pretty cute to see him interact with his big sisters  =D

The Hulk

When I was a little kid, I did this thing that I referred to as 'The Hulk.'  I would make fists and hold my breath and flex my muscles.  People thought it was funny.  Until when I was about 8, when on Christmas Day I did The Hulk at my nana's house and fainted from holding my breath for too long.  I fell, hit my eye on the foot of a chair, and went home with a black eye.  That was the last time I ever attempted The Hulk.
You'd never expect such a thing to be inheritable.  How Andrew took over the reigns as Hulk is beyond me!  I didn't teach it to him, and neither did anyone else.  But all of a sudden, several months ago, he started doing it.  And he thinks it's the funniest thing ever.
He has obviously heard me say that it scares me to watch him do this.  Because last night he was doing something entirely different and I said to him, 'Andrew, don't scare Mommy, ok?' and he immediately stopped what he was doing, did The Hulk, and then burst out laughin…

Less than 2 weeks...

I’m a mad packer! Not meaning that I’m angry with it, but that I’ve been madly packing things up in prep for moving in TEN days. I can’t believe it’s coming up so fast!

I know 10 days seems like a ton of time to get it all done in, but given I’ll be on the island for at least 3 of those days, I want to get as much done now as I can. I’ll just feel better if I come back on the weekend knowing there isn’t thaaaat much left to do.

So much drama involved in a move. I hate the anxiety of all the what ifs. Such as, what if there’s crazy traffic and it ends up costing us way more to get this move completed? Or, what if they break our stuff? Or, what if we absolutely hate the new place when we move into it and then we’re stuck there?

Of course, we’ve always had fairly ‘easy’ moves before – as easy as moving can be. No major hiccups to speak of. And at least in the beginning, I’ve always loved where we’ve chosen to live!

I think my only real concern is noise. What will the neighbou…

Thirty 1

My birthday ended up being a pretty good day. It already feels like it was ages and ages ago, even though it has only been 3 days! Ever since Jan 1 it feels like time is going at a completely different rate, it’s hard to explain. Or maybe so-called ‘important dates’ just aren’t seeming as important to me right now.

But it was still a good day over all. I was a bit weepy after I posted what I did early in the morning, so I guess maybe it was good that I got some tears out! I could have cried a lot more, actually, but I didn’t want to be all blubbery on my birthday. I was in a bit of a ‘mood’ for a while but finally it passed and we headed out for the day.

James’ mom took Andrew so we could go meet up with my bro and sil at The Kingston for brunch/lunch/drinks. We used to go out drinking with them from time to time and have had plenty of ‘house parties’ just the four of us over the years…Until I got preggers with Andrew and basically stopped drinking ever since. N is always tr…

Rock, paper, scissors

It’s 7am on Saturday, February 5th, 2011. My 31st birthday. (Come to think of it, it's quite fitting I am up so early, since I was born at 7:10 in the morning!)

I remember how excited I used to be when my birthday fell on a weekend. Mind you, my parents (mom especially) always made such a big deal about my birthday growing up that when it fell on a weekday, I never had to go to school!

This year, while I imagine the day will go well (it sounds like James has a few plans made), I don’t feel the excitement about it that I did growing up. I’m sure that’s natural, I mean it’s not like the number ‘31’ is a ‘big’ birthday anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and grateful to be alive for another year, to be here this day! But for one thing, Andrew’s birthday has kind of taken over (in a good way!) as being ‘the best day of the year’ for me, because his birthday IS my birthday, too! He is the best birthday present anyone could ever wish for.

And secondly, I just don’t feel much lik…