Love, love, LOVE my boy!

Andrew fell asleep holding stickers for his new Toy Story sticker book (the best $12.49 I ever spent, seriously!) and listening to me read him nursery rhymes from Mother Goose.

I enjoy some of the nursery rhymes, for example This is the House that Jack Built. LOVE that one! But some of the rhymes are ridiculously out of date, and it actually offends me that they were ever ‘politically correct.’ A lot of taking of wives and giving women away, slaughtering of animals and deaths of people. There was one rhyme all about this woman’s 3 sons and how they all died and that was the end of them. It was only a few lines long, yet so tragic it made me cringe! It’s strange because I read from these books as a child, as so many of us did, and yet I don’t remember any of the disturbing aspects to it. I realize children’s minds tend to interpret things differently. But all the same, it makes me wonder what effects these things have on our brains. It just doesn’t give me a good feeling to fill Andrew’s head with such horrific little ditties. I don’t want to over-censor things but where do I draw the line?!

I’m listening to the Best of Enya (Paint the Sky with Stars) as I write this. It gives me a total sense of calm and makes me feel so sentimental. I borrowed this cd from a friend I met in university, while living on campus, and I remember sitting in the rotunda studying and listening to this. It’s the kind of music you can listen to any time and it will relax you. I don’t listen to a whole lot of ‘relaxation’ music generally (aside from some of Andrew’s lullaby cd’s on occasion) and for that matter I don’t gravitate toward women’s voices in music for some reason, but I love Enya.

I need to do a post about the rest of our time in Tofino, my brother and s-i-l’s wedding (which was a non-wedding…but I’ll explain that later!) but I feel like just reflecting a bit in this post so I’ll get to that later.
What I want to say for now is that I am feeling a major surge of love for my little boy right now! I love Andrew SO much. I’m really finding this particular age to be a very fun one. We got past a few hurdles and while there are going to be many, MANY more to get through…he is just so cute and fun at this age. I think I’ve said that about every stage of the game since obviously he IS super adorable always! But there’s something about being almost-two that is incredibly sweet.

Last night we came home from the island and for the longest time now I’ve resisted taking him to the children’s play area because of his bullying. But he’s been SO good lately with other kids so I thought I’d give it another go, and I’m so glad I did! There were a few almost-issues but only 2 and given how long we were in there he did AMAZING. It’s just so funny because he’s always the smallest one in there, yet he seems to have the biggest personality. And I’m not just saying that because he’s mine – it’d probably be a lot easier for me, actually, if he didn’t have such a huge personality! But he just goes in there, waves and says hi to EVERYBODY, then proceeds to have all the bigger kids following him around and doing stuff for him. Part of that is because he’s littler, but seriously it’s the cutest thing watching him interact with other kids. He’s also big enough now that he can go up the stairs and down the slide on his own so I could just stand back – really my only need to be ready to jump out is not for his safety but in moments where I think he might lunge for some kid’s hair or something! Which didn’t really happen so…Phew!! It’s SO nice feeling more comfortable with him playing with others and being a good boy. I really enjoyed watching all the kids playing together.

Andrew is far from being self-sufficient, but I like that he can do a little more for himself, and he’s understanding more and more. Saying lots of words now, although still not forming them into sentences. Which is normal, I know girls tend to talk sooner than boys! But he’s doing really well, he knows probably most of what I say (which is kind of scary, I’ve really got to watch myself!! Not because I swear because I barely do, but just the things I say sometimes might not be appropriate). Oh, something he did on the ferry that I thought was so clever…He loves perusing the gift shop (always hopeful I’ll buy him something, but I didn’t get him anything this time, we were just looking for something to do!) Anyway, we were walking past the books and I wasn’t paying attention at all but he starts pointing and pointing at this one book saying, ‘Home! Home!’ I looked to see what it was, and it was a book called Three Cups of Tea and it just so happens to be sitting on James’ night table because he’s reading it! Andrew remembered seeing it at home and associated it with being ours. I thought that was pretty cool!

Anyway. I’m not doing justice to my feelings, I can’t put into words right now how wonderful I think my boy is. But suffice it to say, he’s a sweetheart, and I love how much he knows and how much he seems to learn each and every day. And I love how soothed he can be by the sound of my voice even though I think my singing is the absolute pits. His cuddles are the best out there, he is my little cuddle monkey and even after a long day where I’m kind of waiting for him to fall asleep because I’m exhausted and need a break, I don’t put him down for a while because I just love to hold him and feel him close and listen to him breathe.

I say to him, ‘Are you my bestest boy, Andrew?’ and he smiles, says, ‘Yeah!’ and burrows into me. Oh! And last weekend he started calling me ‘Mommy’ instead of Momma or Mom-Mom. He still calls me those names too, but more and more it’s ‘Mommy’ now and it sounds so grown up!

Andrew’s growing up fast, he’ll be two in less than 2 months, but he’s still my little baby boy (even with his big boy hair cut!)


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