The day before

I wrote this post on Saturday, November 13th:

We’re in Tofino, tomorrow is the ‘blessed event’ of my brother and s-i-l’s wedding. Finally she actually will BE my s-i-l, despite that I’ve called her and thought of her as that already for some time.

Me, James, Andrew, and my parents are staying in a cabin together. It is sooo cute and quaint and perfect, complete with an ocean view. Aside from not enjoying the windy road to get here, I could live here in this house. It’s so cozy and we’re right near the beach, yet it feels so private. There is silence all around, except for the sound of waves crashing in. Beautiful. It’s so serene.

We arrived yesterday (Friday) and leave Monday morning. Such a nice little getaway. And Andrew’s first ever trip! He’s been to the island many times but always on trips to visit family, which doesn’t count quite the same since we were always staying at one of our parents houses. This is his first real trip away from home.

So far so good! He has been loving it. And meeting N’s family, who are all a delight I must say. He was comfortable around them right away and so playful. Racing around, running on the beach, having a blast, too, with the bulldogs who of course are also here.

Back tracking a little bit – on Thursday Andrew had his 3rd ever haircut…First ever BUZZ CUT!!! It looks so super cute, too. I was nervous at first when I saw how short it was (a quarter inch all over!) but I was actually amazingly calm all considered. I’ve always seen his hair as so precious, but it was getting to be a baby-mullet again and the thing is, he hates to get his hair cut. He freaks out and flails and it’s not pretty. So it would be difficult to get it properly trimmed all over to be a hair cut WITH HAIR STILL LEFT and actually looking like a neatly groomed hair cut. So I opted for buzzing. And it looks adorable. He looks so much older though, like such a big boy and totally bullyish, in an endearing way. LOL

Which, by the way, he really hasn’t been doing lately. The bullying I mean. He’s been playing really well with kids lately. A few near misses here and there but for the most part he either plays nicely with other kids or just ignores them and does his own thing. So PHEW there is hope, the bullying phase won’t last forever after all!!!!!

(A wedding day post and other tidbits to come!)


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