More pictures to come...

I just realized it has been AGES since I posted pictures. Which is ridiculous, I mean I only take a few HUNDRED each week. (Which is actually nothing, compared to the hundreds I took each DAY not so long ago!!)

I haven't organized pictures on my computer for a while so I have some work to do before I can post much, but here are a few...

Andrew ready for Mardi Gras...or maybe the Gay Pride Parade?! Rocking out to none other than The Wiggles! (I think this was taken shortly before the Wiggles concert, or he'd be using his plush Murray-Wiggle guitar instead of the mini Guitar Hero one that I gave James for Xmas a few years back!)

Me and the boy before heading out to see my bro and s-i-l's new place (2 weeks ago). I was carrying him in the baby sling, which still works somewhat, at least it helps take a bit of his weight so my back doesn't feel like it's going to break QUITE as soon as without it! I hadn't used it for ages so he thought it was so fun that he got to be CARRIED all the way to the new condo. No stroller = one happy little guy!! And I love getting to carry him like a 'baby' because he's getting to be such a big boy now, I have to cherish these moments while I've still got them!
And this is where I'm hoping the boy will be headed in the next hour, given he didn't nap for one second today and was go go go from 8am forward...


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