Lotions and soaps and sprays, oh my!

Last night while I was running a bath, I decided to do a little cleaning-out-of-the-cabinets in the bathroom. I know, I know, I am constantly talking about cleaning and organizing lately, ENOUGH ALREADY! But honestly, if you looked in the cabinet under the sink in our bathroom, and the little cabinet thing we have attached to the wall, you wouldn’t think I was any sort of neat freak. It’s clutter city in there.

Does anyone else have a problem with how much ‘stuff’ tends to get stocked up in a bathroom? I’m not talking rolls of toilet paper (although they do take up space for sure!), but all the lotions and soaps and then there’s the leftover sunscreen from last summer and oh yeah, did I mention the lotions and soaps?!

I love lotions and soaps, don’t get me wrong. But I tend to forget to put it on every single day. Let me start over, I don’t mean that I don’t use soap and wash myself! LOL I do! But a bar of soap can last a pretty long time. And I love pretty smelling lotions and body sprays and things, but they seem to last a lifetime. So while it’s great to have a plethora of scents available to one’s self at any particular time – you can choose your fragrance mood-depending – it can become overwhelming for a small cabinet to hold it all.

So while it’s still a mess of products in there, I scaled back and threw out things that have either been in there forever, or that I just know I’ll never get to because I like the other stuff better. And I slathered on a lot of stuff after my bath to start working through some of it! I’d really like to get it down to just a very modest amount of products. Mind you, I still think it would wind up looking cluttered, because it’s impossible to really organize that kind of stuff, and then there’s all the first aid type stuff, like hydrogen peroxide. Obviously I’m not going to douse myself in that to get rid of the bottle!

Which reminds me – Andrew found a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in my dad’s bathroom cabinet (don’t worry, he was being monitored, I was in there putting my contacts in and he was showing me all the stuff from under the sink!) and he immediately pointed to it and said, ‘Cat! Cat!’ Which is hilarious: he associates hydrogen peroxide with cats, because when he gets scratched or bitten by Moorka (and occasionally Fiona), we put some on to help stave off infection!

Anyhoo…All this talk of the yummy smelling lotions has me craving a bath. Time to go pour an extra capful of bubbles into the tubby!!


Chandra said…
I for some reason keep all the crazy lotions and potions that I get. Finally I am really just of the mentality chuck it... or pass it along to ANYONE that will use it. Sometimes I do the "well I spent so much on it" but I really try not to. I am a bulk tp buyer... that will never change. It's never any fun to run out in the middle of the night haha!

I will write more about this...

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