Imagine all the things I could do (if I wasn't so damn tired...)

One of the suckiest things about collecting on ‘me time’ (a luxury that no one should take for granted!) is how it so often gets collected when all the day’s energy is already washed-up.

I thought this morning about all the amazing things I would accomplish during my ‘me time’ today, but little did I know that by the time I’m getting it, now, at nearly 8pm, I am zombie-fied and therefore lack all gumption to do any of it.


Oh well. Best of intentions…Best laid plans…All of that. 'It will keep' is another saying that comes to mind!

Since my bro and s-i-l are moving next week, they needed to get rid of my brother’s old childhood desk (that they were storing for us in their storage unit). I thought it would be cute (and free, yay!) for Andrew to ‘inherit’ my bro’s old bedroom furniture – his desk, matching chair, and chest of drawers (the drawers are still at my parents’ house). Unlike me, who ruined practically everything, my brother kept all his things immaculate. This furniture is obviously not brand new (slightly dated in style) but it looks in pretty much perfect condition! I was planning on painting it from the darker wood colour to something more modern-looking, but now I’ve decided to wait till we’ve moved. Once we have the pieces together in Andrew’s little boy bedroom in our new place, I can decide if it should be a different colour or left as is.

As soon as my bro and s-i-l dropped the desk off today, I told Andrew it was Uncle M’s from when he was a little boy, but that now it was his. He grinned and pointed to the desk and said, ‘Mine!’ When he woke up from his nap tonight I reminded him of his new big boy desk and he smiled sleepily, remembering that it now belongs to him.

For the time being, with his bedroom being the size of a closet and already brimming full, the desk is in our bedroom. Which isn’t exactly how I’d want our room to look, but it actually fits PERFECTLY in the spot it’s in. And will be functional for us at the moment, since we don’t actually have room for a full-sized office type desk in here!

AND it has 3 big drawers and one little one, so – SCORE! – we have some storage space to fill!

Ahhh…cramming so much stuff into such a small space is fun. (Not really, but we don’t have any other choice!)

I dream of what I want our next place to be like but I can’t seem to see it in my mind. I definitely know it’s a lot more spacious. But beyond that I have to see it to know it’s ‘the one.’ I wish so much that we knew already where we’d be. Where’s our next move to? I don’t even know what city it will be in, let alone what it will look like. Gawd I’m going to miss this area SO MUCH when we leave it. So for that reason and that reason alone, I can put up with our cramped space a while longer. I’ve gotten pretty darn good at packing a lot into a small space without it looking totally crammed! (Although I don’t think I’ve got much more space left before it starts to burst at the seams, no matter how hard I try to organize!)


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