Doctor Nightmareland!

Today I had a dr’s appointment, although it wasn’t to go over my cardiology visit. Gawd, this makes me sound so unhealthy! But now that I know my heart is AWESOME I feel a renewed sense of health in my life so I’m not too concerned! It’s just that I’ve had this stupid cough for a month and a half and its really been getting me down. I can’t sleep much at night because it flairs up when I lay down and I even wake up sputtering and coughing and it just isn’t good. It turns out I have a low grade fever, and I suspect that I’ve had it for a while. I took my temp over a week ago and it was a bit high then, although I thought maybe I’d forgot what the ‘normal’ range is. So that totally explains why I have been SO tired, beyond my usual zombie-state of tired, and also VERY warm, as in sweating and needing the fan on all the time. It’s generally hot in our apartment so I didn’t think a whole lot of it. But anyway...the doctor suggested that rather than taking antibiotics, I try just using a nasal spray to unclog things and then the cough should go away…And I was happy to hear that because I’d really rather not take antibiotics if I don’t have to. Unfortunately, the nasal spray is a total no go for me. I have done it twice today and both times it made me throw up. That stuff is NASTY! I can’t ever do it again, it’s that horrible. So I guess I’ll just get used to have the cough (or perhaps a miracle will occur and just having done it twice will be all I needed to make it go away!)

Andrew wailed through the entire doctor’s appointment. Note to self: Don’t take a toddler to a dr’s appointment if it can be helped.

On a much better note – we had SO MUCH FUN tonight! We took Andrew to the Ghost Train in Stanley Park. It was a really sunny day and, while getting cooler, it felt like good weather for being outside so I thought why not go to the Ghost Train before the rain sets in and we lose our chance.

I’m SO glad we decided to go! It was a blast. James and I went to one about aliens a number of years ago when it was just the two of us and it was the lamest thing ever. So I wasn’t expecting much from this. But I loved it! Sure some things could have been different about it, but over all I was pretty impressed. I should mention the theme of it is ‘Alice in Nightmareland’ and it was awesomely spooky. I actually found some of the actors really quite frightening and I think if I was a child I would have been pretty freaked out by some of it. Other parts made it not so scary and I could hear some kids saying they were scared for a second but then realized it was soooo not scary LOL. But it was really well done. I also thought they had enough ‘free’ stuff happening that if you had kids and wanted them to at least get SOMETHING out of it, you could go without actually taking the train ride or checking out the farmyard (although, of course, those are the main attractions!)

The farmyard was cool too, although so so stinky. I usually love farmyards but this one in particular, for some reason I just find it stinks so bad, it’s almost not worth it. BUT they did have some cool ghoulish displays that were fun to look at, and then we went to pet the animals. Andrew was quite taken by the cows, one in particular started licking my hand and it was absolutely hilarious, Andy was going, ‘Oh!’ and then I stuck his hand out to be licked but he wasn’t too sure about that!

Sometimes I wondered what must be going through his little mind, because some of the creepy stuff we had him looking at must seem bizarre without being able to understand an explanation about it! Hopefully he won’t have nightmares about it! I don’t think he’s old enough yet to really be too spooked by that kind of stuff, and especially with us not acting scared, he had more fun with it than anything.

He actually fell asleep RIGHT at the end of the train ride, but we woke him up to go to the farmyard, which he seemed fine with. Then we went and got some popcorn and a drink and saw raccoons and even a skunk! The first skunk Andrew has ever seen.

He fell asleep almost as soon as we started walking home. I had him in his sling, although he doesn’t fit it too well these days and it ended up not really taking any of his weight for me so my back was sore when we got home. But even though my back was killing me, I absolutely adored carrying him like that, having him all cuddled into me asleep while we walked and enjoyed the peace and serenity of the sea wall. It’s rare that we’re out in the dark at night (I’m still getting used to how dark it is so early – it was only 9pm when we were walking home but it felt like midnight!) It was such a fun night. James had fun too, he was a little more skeptical than me about it maybe, but he still had fun.

I LOVE getting into these sorts of things because to me, it’s the stuff memories are made of. I still find it hard to believe that it’s unlikely Andrew will remember ANY of what we do these days, since first real memories don’t tend to start till 3 or 4 or even later. BUT we’ll have all these fun stories to tell him about all the cool things we did! And I just love seeing his reaction to things and experiencing these moments with him.

So glad we did the Ghost Train tonight. After a quick change when we got home, Andy was sound asleep in bed where he still is now. James and I watched a show, but then he put on a slideshow of old pictures, mostly from about 5-10 years ago when we were living in Burnaby. It was so fun reminiscing and seeing all our old furniture (some is still the same!) and old stuff we got rid of when we moved, and seeing all the silly things we got up to on walks and things. I love doing that from time to time, reflecting on the past and realizing how the things we do now (and photograph) are things we’ll look upon in the years to come.


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